Best Matrimonial Verification Companies in India

To verify a potential marriage partner there is a need of a professional background screening company which can verify an individual's education, job, criminal history, previous marriage.

The Top Ten

1 IndiaVerify

IndiaVerify is an online verification service offering from AuthBridge that has been designed for the individual customer to Verify their marriage partner. They carryout all types of checks like Address Verification, Business Address Verification, Employer Verification, Highest Education, Indian Criminal Record Verification, Negative Database Check, Passport Verification etc - aditya

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2 JantaKhoj

Jantakhoj serves a large number of businesses, of every size, across different industry verticals, and from different parts of India. They also provide background check services for potential life partners. - aditya

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3 Faith Investigation Services Pvt. Ltd.

Faith Investigation Services Private Limited is a company located in Kochi, Kerala with a highly experienced team of investigators. But for doing a background verification the company works as a detective agency and not as a verification company - aditya

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4 Scanurmate

Scanurmate provides services like Pre matrimonial verifications for the Background checks. Apart from Background checks they also consult in Astrology and match making which doesn't make them specialize in a Verification service. - aditya

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5 Dcode Research

DCode Research Services provides matrimonial checks anywhere within India, The verification is done confidentially and discreetly so as to avoid any family misunderstandings later on. - aditya

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6 Crederity India

Crederity is a new service helping people and businesses easily establish trust on the Internet. Their primary focus in on Background screening and consider Matrimonial Verification as just another service they offer - aditya

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7 FactCertifier

They provide background check services for potential life partners. They have different services but are priced on a higher side - aditya

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8 Total Vishwas

TotalVishwas offers you a platform to check information of your potential marriage partner by taking it to the source of origin, verifying the same and giving you complete peace of mind - aditya

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9 VerifyDirect

They help prospective grooms, brides and their loved ones minimize risks associated with marriages, particularly arranged marriages, through premium quality background checks in a simple and easy manner but very highly priced - aditya

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India's Largest Marriage Verification agency situated at New Delhi India, handling Pre Matrimonial Investigation & Post Marital Investigations with PAN India Service.
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The Contenders


Impact Intelligence Services is India's leading private detective agency in Delhi. We have a team of trained detectives which expertise in conducting all kinds of inquiries like Pre Matrimonial Investigation, Post Matrimonial Investigation, Debugging, Under cover operations and corporate investigations.

12 LineageIndia Pvt Ltd

Lineage India is a professionally managed organization dedicated to providing management and consultancy services in Investigation, Security & Verification. They also provide the service of Matrimonial verification. - aditya

13 VVScore

An online platform that helps conduct various background checks like Education Check, Employment, Identity, Criminal check, Social Media etc to generate a report on individual. It is not at all costly, you can choose any combination of check you wish to go for. They also provide other much needed personal verifications, like tenant screening, domestic help screening and driver screening.

14 Knowy Background Verification

KNOWY - Background Verification Services & KNOWY - HR Services
We are headquartered in Gurgaon, Delhi, NCR, India and providing employee background verification services in Delhi, NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, Calcutta, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.

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