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21 Angels

One of my absolute favorites. When my boyfriend and I broke up, I had this song on repeat for three days straight because they lyrics are just so powerful.

This song is just, wow. It gives me chills and feels every time I listen to it. Wow. Do yourselves a favor, and give it a try. One of Mayday's bests!

"Cause talking is cheap and your lies were expensive" need I say more?! This song is amazing. One of the best from monsters in the closet

The most beautiful realyy emotional

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22 One Man Drinking Games

Mayday Parade have written many sad songs, but what I find makes this stand out is that it isn't just a morbid acoustic it's as if they are screaming out to be held. It's honest and the combination of vocals is insane, so good, upfront and real.

This song is absolutely amazing. Kinda sad, but amazing. I had thing song on replay for at least three days. This song tells it how it is, like 'man that's just life. ' but you go with it, because it's such an amazing song.

This song is really touched to my heart.. I always play this song everyday.. I LOVE MAYDAY PARADE because they taught me to accept emotions :')

Well, this is the first song to ever provoke my tears. "Let's drink to the memories we shared", brought me the ache of nostalgia. I felt the pain of losing someone.

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23 When You See My Friends

They always play this at concerts! One of their all time best songs. Always brings pyre nostalgia over me whenever I sing it. "Sign me up. No regrets. Make a man out of me. And I won't say a word, and I'll give all the things that you want, and I need. Just to give me some peace. At the bottom of the email ocean there's a place for you and me. Lead the way. Straight ahead. You gave me the time of my life. And it cut like a knife to the bone"

This song is perfect. Love the story of the song and the chorus is beautiful. You can feel the emotion. Love how the song has so many metaphors in it. If you haven't listened to it, you should. Its one of my favorite songs by them and the acoustic version is also beautiful.

How is this not number 1?! This song is absolutely amazing! Listen to it!

Possibly my favourite mayday parade song. I like the acoustic version better.

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24 Last Night for a Table for Two

I love how angry the song sounds at the start then it goes fast paced. Amazing song

This song is very under-rated.

25 Center of Attention

I love this song! So catchy and fun to sing along to! Tells such a good story.

26 If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?

This should be number 1 for sure, sick guitar, sick drums and sick vocals, this song really has a rock sound to it and should be number 1, it deserves to be on the hot 100 charts this song is their best song, better than miserable at best!

This song is unbelievably catchy you can't just not scream your heart out while listening to this song! Exquisite rhythm and their voice so powerful which adds much more meaning to the song

First song I've ever heard from Mayday Parade, easily one of the best songs I know. This should have been number one it just makes you want to scream your heart out!

This song deserves to be in the top 10. The lyrics just hits me so bad, and the way it is rock it synchronizes with my emotions(i'm a fan of rock)

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27 Ghosts

Not the first song that I heard by them but it's the first one that I wanted to sing all the time. It's so amazing

Jake and Derek's voice go so well in this song! Love every second of it!

This song is unbelievably amazing!

Because it was so cool and I love so much this song

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28 The Memory

What the heck?! It should be at least at the top 5.. Listen people

After my girlfriend and I broke up, I was putting up a tough front... But then this song came on and I broke. It's so touching and explained my situation perfectly, and in all honesty, this song deserves to be number 1.

A lot of people have never heard this song, assumingly because it was a bonus track. It's really a beautiful song. Deserves to be higher on the list. This song and Terrible Things are the band's most touching and emotional songs.

Eh! I'm so shocked that it isn't in the top 5 :( seriously guys this song is awesome, the melody the lyrics the feels everything!

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29 Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic

I can't believe I had to scroll so much to find this song. I honestly love it. My first Mayday Parade song. And it's one of my most played songs on my iPod. I love this.

Why is this 28? This is the best song in the whole world. Seriously, EVERYBODY VOTE FOR IT! GIVE IT THE PLACE IT DESERVES #1

Lol! Can't believe its here! It has to be at least in the top 10! You gotta vote for it people.

Chorus is amazing

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30 Black Cat

The lyrics are amazing and the beat is so catchy. Although it's one of Mayday Parade's less popular songs, it still deserves a ranking for its originality, chords, and lyrics! Definitely showcases what Mayday is capable of!

It's not the best, but it's super catchy and it should be a lot higher, good song So everyone should download it because it's great!

This is one of there best songs! 1) Kids In Love 2) Black Cat 3) Miserable at Best... What is wrong w// this list?


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31 Ocean and Atlantic
32 Sorry, Not Sorry

This song was just as good as any of the ones above. The desperation in the first verse until it came to the chorus where he felt self pity. Such a wonderful song. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

"And I'd lay down my coat, so you could walk all over it, just like you do me". Best part of the song by far. This song has a great unique sound to it that I just love

This song is so catchy, definitely deserves to be in top ten!

One of my favorites off of Monsters In The Closet

33 Save Your Heart

Such a beautiful and touching song I can relate to, must listen! The vocals are amazing, the lyrics are perfect! Should be higher!

"Save your heart for someone who leaves you breathless and I know that you're scared seems like someone said you had it in you. All along you said you knew this was wrong but still worth dying for" amazing song about knowing your own worth.

This and The End are my favorite Mayday Parade songs, they should both be in the top five, not overrated Terrible Things.

This is an overall amazing song, but the bridge fills me with so much hope for the future.

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34 Everything's An Illusion

"A mother shouldn't witness her son die at 24. I will hold my tongue for the rest of my life. I can't keep this up anymore. Sleep well my friend, there will be another moment we'll meet again, just let it go"

This is such a deep, meaningful song. It's really powerful and I love it so much

This song is so deep, powerful and all-around fabulous. It's one of my favorite songs ever.

Should be listed a lot higher. Amazing meaning.

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35 Nothing You Can Live Without, Nothing You Can Do About

This song has given me hope. In myself, that is. Sometimes I just need to move on, but there's going to be setbacks, and the things I can live without.

36 Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven't Ended Yet

The music to this song is so beautiful. It should definitely be way higher up on this list.

This song means the world to me! This needs to be much higher on the list!

Why is this no where near the top 10 :(
The guitar solo is just.. Wow you gotta listen to it

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37 Still Breathing

It's scary how for down the list this is. The intro tears at my heart, and the song in its entirety is just simply gorgeous. MOVE IT TO THE TOP!

This is like the best motivational song for a boy who is proving the odds to be a man in his life!

This song is amazing! Can't believe it's number 34! Are you crazy?!

One of the best songs I've ever heard. Needs to be number 1

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38 In My Head
39 Without the Bitter the Sweet Isn't As Sweet

Instrumental and lyrical perfection.

I love this song dearly and it deserves to be higher!

How is this number 39?! It deserves to at least be top ten.

Great meaningful lyrics... Should be a top 10

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40 So Far Away

The title of this song describes its place in this countdown.

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