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Mayhem is a Norwegian Black Metal band and regarded as one of the pioneers of the influential Norwegian Black Metal Scene.

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1 Freezing Moon

This is the best one in my opinion because it has the most classic intro riff pretty much in black metal history

This is certainly my favourite and I think it should be number one!

Norway's national anthem.

Lyric was totally bull

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2 Funeral Fog
3 Deathcrush

I think this should be after Freezing Moon, deserves to be. - GREYBOYY

4 De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas

In My Opinion this is Better Than "Deathcrush" and "Funeral Fog" - Fenriz

Without a dought one of their greatest - Lucretia

This song is super creepy

5 Chainsaw Gutsf***

This is dedication to all who bullied me in school :((((((

This song is voted most gruesome lyrics of all time that says something

Oh man, the lyrics... - GREYBOYY

Not sure if people actually like the song or just the lyrics...

6 Pagan Fears

The evil riffs of pure darkness

7 Life Eternal

How beautiful life is now that my time has come


This one is awesome! Attlia is more like an animal than a human! But freezing moon is the best I think.. - nooreldeen

Exscuse me dead's not on this album.

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8 Necrolust

Extremely fast guitars. Great lyrics. Pretty fast to

Pretty violent lyrics


9 Pure F***ing Armageddon
10 Illuminate Eliminate

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? Chimera

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11 Carnage
12 Psywar
13 Trinity
14 From the Dark Past
15 Cursed in Eternity
16 Completion in Science of Agony
17 Buried by Time and Dust
18 My Death
19 Ghoul
20 Whore
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1. Illuminate Eliminate
2. Freezing Moon
3. Funeral Fog
1. Freezing Moon
2. Funeral Fog
3. Deathcrush
1. Psywar
2. Chainsaw Gutsf***
3. Deathcrush

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