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41 Silence is a Scary Sound Silence is a Scary Sound

This is a brilliant song, Dougie wrote this one way before he joined McFly. Its quite an underrated song but I love it! Every proper fan should know this song!

My favourite and the only unrecorded McFly song which makes it even more remarkable. The fact that it has only been performed live increases the emphasis and how much it relates to so many people (who've had trouble in relationships) and voicing the things that they cannot voice themselves. Truly the work of geniuses!

Amazing song dougie should sing more

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42 Memory Lane Memory Lane

Such a special song! I love it.

43 Friday Night Friday Night

Literally my favourite song, so underrated and I just love it and know all the words! Rate it its such a good song from our boys and it should definitely be higher!

44 Do Watcha

I love this. Completely. I've replayed it almost 100 times on my iPod already, and I've only had it a month or two! If the rest of their new album is like this, then I seriosuly cannot wait! Wow.

45 Do Ya Do Ya

48? You're kidding me! This is their greatest song to date. Should be 1st!

46 The End The End
47 Saturday Night Saturday Night
48 It's All About You
49 The Last Song The Last Song
50 Please, Please Please, Please

A song that was made as a joke but got used and is a huge hit

Oh come on this song is amazing

51 Home Is Where the Heart Is Home Is Where the Heart Is

Powerful melody, beautiful lyrics, come together to make the perfection that is this song. Should be in the top 15.

52 Lola

I love this song and it features busted! So bonus! Xxx

53 She Left Me She Left Me
54 Grapevine
55 Just My Luck Just My Luck
56 Easy Way Out
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