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21 Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
22 Not a Dry Eye In the House
23 Blind as a Bat
24 Alive
25 Read 'em and Weep
26 I'll Kill You If You Don't Come Back

This song was in my head for an two months after a girl went to montreal leaving me with out a date for my grade 12 prom. This song will always have a special connection to me, she is " the one girl ill never forget".

I just thought it should at least be mentioned

27 Cry Over Me

This is the best song from Bat Out of Hell I. The last minute is powerful enough to give you chills.

28 Bad Attitude
29 Blind Before I Stop
30 Couldn't Have Said It Better

How isn't it on this list in my opinion it's one of the best songs Meatloaf has ever sung. It's not as hardcore as some of his songs but it has a lot of meaning to it.

31 Hot Patootie / Bless My Soul

Does no one remember him bursting through the wall on a motorcycle with a saxophone strapped to his back?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show [Original Soundtrack]

32 It's All Coming Back to Me Now

My favorite Meat song of all time. Marion Raven does an amazing job. This song was made for Meat Loaf. As well as Pandora's Box and Dion do, Jim Steinman wrote this with Meat in mind. Great emotional pull too.

Great song. One of the best duets ever.

33 It Just Won't Quit

Should be higher up the list! Powerful song

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34 Love You Out Loud
35 Midnight at the Lost and Found

Great song. So emotional.
Truly one of my favorite songs ever!
Deserves to be higher.

36 Elvis In Vegas

Truly amazing song, gets even better when you combine it with the story around the Hang Cool album. Meat's vocals are at the best they've been since Bat II. Composition is sublime, everything fits together beautifully. I was lucky enough to see both KISS and Journey, my two favorite bands, this summer. both times, I thought of this song. My dreams truly did come to life.

Next to I'd Do Anything for Love, Elvis in Vegas is the greatest Meat Loaf song of all time. It is powerful and awesome.

37 Rock & Roll Mercenaries What a voice

38 Fallen Angel
39 Home by Now / No Matter What
40 Nowhere Fast
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