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21 Chicago Hope V 3 Comments
22 Nurse Jackie

Very deep show with intriguing themes - gagebastian

One of the best shows ever...sad to see it cancelled

23 Chicago Med

Chicago med is about doctors and nurses saving people lives thanks to dr. andrew dennis the medical advisor for Chicago med make this show so successful their next step should be family practice make sure they are doing right then they are ready to do it in real life for the next 10 years

I love the cross overs with the other chicago series (chicago fire and chicago PD). It's a good show with lots of deep characters.


24 Off The Map

Loved this one and the differences between medicine here and medicine in those kinds of conditions... Should have not been canceled.

This is kind of like Private Practise just a bit older I liked private practise more

Sad to see such an interest show go out. It with the characters was a very good show.

25 The Knick
26 Medical Center
27 The Night Shift

Character driven exciting and addictive. This is the best show I've watched since the ER

It is a really awesome show. My favourite after saving hope.

The adrenaline is god! Unbelievable and of course the hot doctor

Great show

V 1 Comment
28 Angels

This drama about nursing students aired in late 70s and 80s. It was my inspiration to go into nursing whitch I did for 20 years. Why isn't it repeated on T.V. any more if it was it could go a long way to help boost the nursing shortage in britain.

Keep this show commingit is great

29 Miami Medical

Great great great show!

30 Critical V 2 Comments
31 Doctor Stranger (K-Drama)
32 General Hospital

All the procedures look real... I like it very much.. Best drama ever

I remember when GENERAL HOSPITAL started in the late 60's in black and white.

V 1 Comment
33 Royal Pains

Better than all the medical dramas I've watched so far. Way to go Dr. Hank Lawson!

34 A Gifted Man

Great cast and really engaging what more could you ask for in a medical drama

35 Bodies
36 Emergency!
37 Nightingales
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