Top 10 Best Medical Schools In the Philippines


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41 San Pedro College

Excellent teaching fascilities
Top 9 performing school in the Philippines (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science)
Has a good teaching style.


42 Davao Doctors College

It really stands out when it comes to Radiologic Technology. Though their facilities and machines are not something to brag about but the quality of education and learnings which their staffs shared to students really abundant.. With their strict rules when it comes to academic matter you can really assure that all of the graduates are competent enough to step up.

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43 University of San Carlos
44 Universidad de Zamboanga
45 Lorma Colleges

Teachers at Lorma College makes their students very intelligent that's why most of them passed their board exams

When I was younger I planned to study there but... luck or not...I wasn't able to... base on real talks...efective and efficient school boards are so generous not to have me there. :) pilot testing ask miss moreno, scarlet... trained connections Manila based...

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46 Kidapawan Doctors College, Incorporated
47 Northwestern University
48 Saint Mary's University V 1 Comment
49 University of Mindanao - Davao City
50 Palawan State University School of Medical Sciences

Palawan is very very green full land in philipines. Best medicine school in phillipines

51 Pines City Colleges

Teachers have genuine interest in their students

52 Chinese General Hospital Colleges
53 University of the Eastern Philippines

Catarman Northern Samar best school for Nursing students in Catarman and whole Northern Samar, the only university.

54 Misamis University V 1 Comment
55 University of the Immaculate Conception

One of the best school in mindanao who produce topnotchers and competitive graduates especially in Medical laboratory science, pharmacy and other medical related courses

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56 Holy Name University V 2 Comments
57 University of Baguio

It's really great to study at University of Baguio good facilities best teachers everything is best in UB

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58 Calayan Educational Foundation
59 Mindanao State University College of Medicine

Libre lang. Just need to pass all your grades.

The best medicine in the field of medicine even it so cheaply for tuition the research for medicinal information enough as a good physician...

I just wish THAT I WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THIS very privileged institute.. There admission is so HARD...

The best balance human brains to carry medicine come from here

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60 University of Perpetual Help System DALTA

Huge campus and excellent teaching facilitates

I want to study here.

I really want to study here pretty nice

Really good school for international students

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