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Cinderpelt A medicine cat from the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter. She heals other cats in her Clan, ThunderClan, and is reincarnated into Cinderheart. She started out as a Warrior apprentice, but was forced to train to be a Medicine Cat instead after getting her leg inijured by a car.

Cinderpelt is so kind and caring, and although she knew Leafpool loves Crowfeather she still lets her 'follow her heart' and used her life to save Sorreltail's kits. She never gave up when at the darkest time (including when her leg... STARCLAN CURSE TIGERCLAW AND THAT MONSTER WHO uh BROKE HER LEG *Sobs*). I felt really happy when she was given her second life as Cinderheart which finally gave her the chance to be a warrior - one that she always dreamed of before she became a med cat.

I absolutely love Cinderpelt because she was so loyal to ThunderClan, she helped Littlecloud and his Clanmate when they really needed it and she never gave up even when her life was ruined because of her crippled leg. I am so glad she got a second chance in life (she really deserved it).

Yeah. I agree with whoever it was that told starclan to curse tigerclaw and that mean monster that injured her leg. She also let Leafpool follow her heart, and she died such a courageous death. She will always be my one and only fave med cat.
- #SagepetalWarriorsFan

Cinderpelt was a kind medicine cat who had to put up with a twisted leg. Her dream was to become a warrior running through the forest, but she fell into Tigerclaw/stars trap!

Spottedleaf Spottedleaf is a tortoiseshell she-cat in the series "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. She first appears in book 1, Into The Wild.

I totally agree! Spottedleaf if not only the best medicine cat, but the best in general! I was really sad when she died, some people say she had murderous feelings for sandstorm, but if that was true, why would she sacrifice her life in StarClan for sandstorm? I love Spottedleaf.

I think Spottedleaf was a great medicine cat. She helped others, and even Leafpool even though she was Firestar's daughter. She gave her life to her clan by stopping Clawface from taking Frostfur's kits, and then died again, saving Sandstorm from Mapleshade. Even though she really loved Firestar, she is truly a medicine cat at heart.

She is so gentle and caring to the cats that are hurt. She is even pretty. I think that if I was a tom, I would love her with all my heart and don't care about the medicine cat code. Because of her I sort of want to be come a medicine cat now...!

I love spottedleaf that's why my scratch name on scratch is -SpottedLeaf--
I have an idea if you WERE able to bring her back, how? Well that's my idea how about, since she has payed to much in respect of her clan she gets one more life, if you were to make another book, that's a request and it should be called "SpottedLeaf's Return" ;3 I just hope someday that SpottedLeaf will come back because I keep reading the book where she died and it makes me so sad that I can't read the rest of the books without her!

by the way: I actually DID cry when she died and when firestar said that he loved SANSTORM! That really got me set off I mean it was PERFECT! If SpottedLeaf di't die! Then it would be PURRFECT! They're a perfect couple and I wish that that stuiped CLAWFACE would've STAYED OUTTA THE WAY!

I ship it and no ...more

Leafpool Leafpool is a character in the Warrior Cats series. She's the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm, sister of Squirrelflight, mate of Crowfeather, and mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf

I loved her and her relationship with Crowfeather! Crowpool is the best ship ever. If you think about her life, it was a very sad life. She always wanted to feel love, but when her wish came true she lived it but then ditched it. She then had to see her own kits growing up as someone else' kits. If you watch Wolf, the Leafpool and Crowfeather map, the you will know first hand how hard it was to be her. When I watched it I cried because of all of the things going on, her life went haywire. I recommend you watch the Crowfeather and Leafpool map very strongly, you see her life and you see how bad it truly is. When I found out that she had died, I cried because she had a rough life but then death, that was sad. ={

Thank StarClan Leafpool is top! She deserves it. She gives up everything! I don't like the way people are calling Crowfeather a coward, but yes, he didn't deserve her. She is so peaceful and loving, always ready to give, and won't accept anything for herself. I mean, she gave away all she had! Her mate, her kits, her position as a medicine cat, her life, even - she didn't have to do those things, yet she was so selfless. All she ever did was try to help cats! She lied to protect her Clan. If she had become a warrior because her Clan had known she had had kits, ThunderClan would not have had a medicine cat. Who knows how many more cats would have died then? Yet Leafpool cared for her Clan above herself, so she remained a medicine cat. And now people criticise her for lying, when what she did was best for her Clan. Then Hollyleaf, the cat that would never have been born if it wasn't for Leafpool, gives away her secret and Leafpool has the thing that she has hung on for for so long taken ...more

She is the best medicine cat by far. I know, I know, she abandoned her Clan for her love, but what did she do then? She came right back! And then she blames herself for the fact that her mentor is dead! I know people say that Spottedleaf is so great, she's amazing, but actually SHE was the reason for Cinderpelt's death, not Leafpool. Maybe if she hadn't told Leafpool to follow her heart, Cinderpelt would still be alive! And even if Cinderpelt died anyway, at least she wouldn't blame herself. So, let's get this straight: Leafpool loses her mentor, leaves herb mate, and now she realises she's expecting kits. So she gives them up too. Why? Because she is so loyal and caring that couldn't bear to see her Clan go on without a medicine cat. And then what? She watches her own sister bring up her kits! Can't you just feel her heartbreak? She loves them dearly, yet can never say it! So then, her kits grow up. She has given up ALL SHE HAS for StarClan, ThunderClan, and her position as a ...more

The best medicine cat. She had such a difficult history, and people hate her because of it. But she paid for it. She gave up everything she loved most: her mate; her kits (she handed them over to Squirrelflight); and her place as medicine cat of ThunderClan. Why does she need to suffer even more? It's unfair on her! I think that she was so brave, to follow her heart over her head. It led to the Clans' survival, because if Jayfeather and Lionblaze hadn't been born, who would have been there to save everyone? I hate to have to mention Leafpool's kits, because it's like taking the glory away from her. But Leafpool was always so calm and patient. Who could blame her for falling in love, especially after the sacrifices she makes!

Yellowfang Yellowfang was a ThunderClan medicine cat in the original series of Warriors. She initially was a medicine cat from ShadowClan, but she was banished by her son, Brokenstar. She was then found by Firestar, who was then Firepaw, and brought into ThunderClan.

Although Yellowfang was really grumpy, she showed courage and loyalty when fire raged in Thunderclan she took her life trying to save the cats that were left behind. She watched her son grow into a tyrant, and from the moment Raggedstar set his eyes on his son he forgot everything about Yellowfang.
Just saying, I haven't read Yellowfang's Secret, not yet.

Evan tho Yellowfang had a bad temper she was still a really good medicine cat.
I feel sorry for her watch her mate flirt with other cats, her son becoming evil she didn't have a good life...

I love her! Maybe spottedleaf and Leafpool was better medicine cats BUT she is so great and have the best grumpy personality!

I love Yellowfang! But why the heck is Jayfeather here? Why am I surprised? He's so crabby for no reason- Yellowfang actually lost her kits, her mate Raggedstar was the worst mate alive (flirting to Foxheart in front of Yellowfang) and she watched her song grow up into a killer. Jayfeather just has a prophecy that Lionblaze and Dovewing can handle just fine. I don't get why there are so many Jayfeather fangirls- Yellowfang has so much more meaning to her!

Jayfeather Jayfeather is a character in the Warrior Cats series. He is part of The Three, along with Lionblaze and Dovewing, and has the power to read other cats' minds and walk into other cats dreams. He is blind.

He is the most interesting character in the books, one day he is a grumpy medicine cat and the next he feels sympathy or praises a cat. He is one of the best cats in this series.

He is one of the best. He is a really skilled medicine cat, intelligent and serious. I think one of the best things about him, that also makes the books more interesting, is that he is an ironic character because he isn’t the medicine cat that you would expect. Most med cats are caring and compassionate, but he is not that type of cat and this leads to some really funny moments: “I’m here to HEAL you. If you want sympathy, then go to the nursery!”

Jayfeather deserves to be number one. If you don't agree here is why.
1. He is an interesting character
2. He is one of the few cats in the series that was born with a disability
3. He is a good med cat
4. He had super powers for crying out loud
5. He is AMAZING!
I haven't read the books with him in them for a little while so I'm running out of reasons why he should be number one but he should be

1. He has super-powers.
2. He's blind, so it is interesting to see the world from his perspective.
3. He's really cute.
4. He has a unique personality.

Mothwing Mothwing is a fictional character created by Erin Hunter for the book series named Warrior cats. She is a dappled-golden with ember eyes. She's one of Riverclan's current medicine cats, more.

I definitely love Mothwing! Although she always denied StarClan even after The Great Battle with Dark Forest, it was for a reason! Reason: She didn't believe, firstly, because her mother was Sasha, who was not a Clan cat and didn't really believe in how the Clans acted with their Warrior code and all that. Even though she had all that evidence around her, she just denied it all! Mothwing's purpose was not just for healing. She had to see a different way of things to convince Jayfeather to do it too! She is sweet and stubborn, kind and caring, but most hate her because of her beliefs. They are just different from theirs! Why are those haters so rude? She has to carry the weight of being Tigerstar (1)'s daughter, and a rouge's too. Sasha always loved her, even in the darkest times. Mothwing knows she might not become part of StarClan because she doesn't believe in it, but who knows? What if she has secret feelings?

She's, like, the worst medicine cat. The omen to make her a medicine cat was actually fake, and she endangers her Clan by not believing in StarClan so she doesn't get omens about important things! Go be a warrior, Mothwing!

She is a very beautiful and interesting she-cat as she might be the only medicine-cat that doesn't believe in StarClan, which gives her a unique character because she is so different from all the other cats. Even though she is so different, her healing abilities are perfect!

I really like Mothwing. She doesn't believe in StarClan, and her being a medicine cat gives her a really strong personality. I find she was amazing, managing to hide her secret for so long.


He was great and served long and hard. I don't get why Leafpool is at the top.
She was a bad MedicineCat. She let cat's lives go like Honeyfern and Cinderpelt. She is selfish for leaving with Crowfeather honestly.

I love littlecloud when she was training as a warrior and she had the sickness she was facinated by cinderpelts skills and became a medicine cat. I also feel so bad for her she lost her apprentice :(

Poor him, I actually feel sorry for what he went through and how he died!

I like little cloud he was so cute


She was a great medicine cat and mentor to Mudfur. She was also an amazing friend to crooked/kit/jaw/star. She also knew how to put cats in their place(Rainflower) she was kind, compassionate, smart, social, and faithful to her clan. I love bramble berry.

One of my favorites! She helped my favorite leader heal his jaw better, and she's one of the few rare medicine cats who haven't broken the warrior code.

A great and caring friend to have when you are lonely, especially Crookedstar, well done Brambleberry!

Pretty, and so caring and loving! I think she fell in love with Crookedstar, at least, that is my theory!


She's meh. BUT I LOVE HER! I know that kind of contradicts what I just said but the first sentence was the truth, the second was my opinion. So yeah.

She was so lovely, and to think she used to be a kittypet! It seems impossible, thinking of how far she came.

I love echosong! She has a beautiful name and is very talented.

Best medicine cat ever! She was a kittypet and then a warrior but she never doubted herself ever! - Morningshine


Runningnose was Yellowfangs first apprentice and he had to put up with her snappy personality. He was a brilliant mentor to little cloud

Runningnose is a very efficient medicine cat and has saved the lives of many cats from many of the clans throughout several books and has proved a good mentor too.

Nothing on Runningnose? Well I think Runningnose was a great medicine cat. He held his Clan together when Nightstar and Cinderfur were sick. And he had to deal with his battle-hungry brother and sister.

Runningnose taught us that sometimes medicine cat's can't cure everything

The Newcomers

? Alderheart

He should be in love with Needletail.
She’d move to ThunderClan and they’d have kits named Echokit (white and silver she-kit) and Stormkit (pale ginger, white and gray spotted she-cat) - Morningshine.

Now here is a good and loyal medicine cat in a vision of shadows, he was one of my favorite characters.

Alderheart was good at his job

I love Alder! Alderheart ROCKS! (Like Stonefur :P)

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Wow. Willowshine is the perfect medicine cat. Mothwing was lucky to have her as an apprentice.

She is sweet and gentle.

Such smooth ways...

She is so SWEET! ( I Think They Need a Super edition Named Willowshine's Destiny)


He was actually Really cool and he is underrated! He liked Bluestar and every cat in Thunderclan was so glad and happy to have him as medicine cat!

I wish Featherwhisker weren't so underrated. I have loved this character from the moment I met him in Bluestar's prophecy. How could you not love this cat?

I have loved Featherwhisker from the start. He I said terribly underrated and barely known. I wish head a higher spot on this list. He deserves it

Medicine cat after Goosefeather, and mentor to Spottedleaf. Wise, smart, and witty. Great cat!


She is just such a great cat and I love her so much go mudfur!

Nothing on Mudfur either? I honestly feel he’s one of the best RiverClan med cats. He began a med cat to stop the violence he made when he was a warrior, and after losing his mate.

Stopped his warrior duties after his solo battle with adderfang.

He deserves more


Extemely underrated considering how long he lived, 153 moons (12.75 years) at death.

that's a LONG time. Heres also a line from Barkface in the books:

"Betrayal could come from anywhere. You must stand alone, knowing your ancestors walk with you, and you alone."
— Barkface to Kestrelflight in Night Whispers, page 154

No one has nothing to say? Well then I think Barkface was a wonderful medicine cat. He cared about Tallstar when he was dying, he cared about the other clans ( and his clan ), and he cared about Mudfur so much! He may not been as swag as Yellowfang, as funny as Jayfeather, or as smart as Leafpool ( I think I did that wrong lol ) but he is a great medicine cat that should be top 5

Ok windclan fans, if you do not like barkface, your crazy. He was tallstars bff! He was also a very good cat, a kind and Gentle one to

He never really has much of a personality


She was Yellowfang's mentor and a kind, glorious cat. I love her.

Sagewhisker was in fact a medicine cat

She was Yellowfang's apprentice, duh. -Leafwish

She is a med cat, Sedgewhisker is NOT.


It's not his fault he killed Moonflower(Well, I guess it is...), but she was trying to protect his clan. I mean, if you were a medicine cat and another cat broke into your den and destroyed all the herbs, wouldn't you be mad as well? True, he shouldn't have killed, but still

Seriously... He was a good cat, even if he did kill Moonflower. I liked him in all the editions.

Medicine cats are meant to heal, not kill. He had no right to do that. I HATE Hawkheart.

Hawkheart has slight anger issues, but is still a good medicine cat


!Cinderpelt or Spottedleaf than healing at better way is he and smart and nice really is he but dumb he's think People

Dumb but nice I liked him


Cloudberry was a good ThunderClan medicine cat. She was sweet, and you can read about her is Goosefeather's Curse.


Although he was still a young cat, he still devoted his life to his clan. He wanted to help his clanmates, that's why he joined the rouges. He never had anyone he could look up to, considering Leafpool is a ThunderClan medicine cat.

I feel sorry for him...

Poor Puddleshine...


Haunted by the past, the only one that could see the ghosts that lived among the clans, visions of everything that would happen in the future, as well as every prophecy. Sometimes it was a gift, and other times a curse. He carried this burden until death, and never told a soul, just to protect them. Everyone thought he was crazy, and in the end, he did become a little insane, but who can blame him? He also had a vast knowledge of herbs, and was described to be “goofy and different from all the other cats” by Bluekit. He was smart, loyal, wise, kind, and funny! What’s not to love?

Goose feather is awesome! It was NOT his fault Moonflower died! He said that Thunderclan should be cautious of Windclan and the WARRIORS suggested battle.

Why is he so down. I yptally fell in love with him after reading Goosefeather's Curse.

He knew quite really much, even if he was considered crazy...


There are some cats I really dislike, Flametail's one of them, seriously, does no one care that Russetfur murdered Firestar once too? And they call Lionblaze a murderer?

Same, I love Flametail, he was my favorite, and yes, it was a shame that he never became a full time med cat after Littlecloud :< It always sucks to see an app die before it's mentor does.

I don't know why, but I love this character so is very sad that he never became an official medicine cat

Poor, poor thing. I feel bad for him -Morningshine


he is the literal best.


Poor Ravenwing. He was murdered by mapleshade which was kinda his fault for telling oakstar on her, and now he can't even live up to Oatspeckle plus the whole clan under his lone care? Dang

A thunderclan medicine cat before ravenwing. We didn't know her but she seemed like a good med because ravenwing was stressed out trying to live up to his mentor. She died and that was sad because ravenwing had no one after that...


Heckity heck I love her. Shes so immature and cheerful, and carried on being a medicine cat even after Micah's death and her kits being taken to all the different clans. Bless her.

The first windclan medicine cat is so sweet and kind. I feel bad for her she has so much sad thing happen to her

She was the first WindClan medicine cat, and found others in the remaining clans

She is the, best medicine cat ever! Maybe second place!

Cloud Spots

Cloud Spot’s was the first medicine cat of Thunderclan. He had a bit of sharp tongue sometimes, but his heart was in the right place. He knew so much about herbs, and he discovered the Blazing Star, and figured out what it could do. Great cat, and a great medicine cat!

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