Best Medieval Sports

Some olden sports are still played today. Which do you think are still the most fun after decades?

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1 Archery Archery Archery is the sport, practice or skill of using a bow to propel arrows. The word comes from the Latin arcus.

The feeling of shooting the arrow through the air feels great. - sarahdomino

Also it has become a pro sport and it was the main weapon of its time it was one of the things that could fire long ranged and was only operated by one man. Kill a man quick!

Archery Is Number One Because It Is The Most Efficient Weapon And In The Battle Of Crecy in 1346, the French army was decimated. It is estimated that nearly 2000 French knights and soldiers were killed by the longbow arrows. The English lost just 50 men.

Archery is fun and I really love playing it especially at places like centre parks and places

2 Fencing

Fencing is the best sport in the world I know they started in the 14 hundreds but it is very dangerous I own a fencing court my parents are millionaires I own 15 fencing swords

You learn a new way to walk and challenge others. Of course hitting someone feels good. Why shouldn't it? Its not something you are born able to do so it really is unique. - sarahdomino

Fencing is great. It builds strength, muscle, stamina, agility, concentration, and coordination. It also works the cardiovascular system.

I love playing fencing, I know that people start playing fencing in the 14th century!

3 Jousting

Jousting is lit

Jousting was created in medieval time as a form of entertainment

I like the games of jousting!

I love watching them do it

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4 Horseback Riding Horseback Riding Horseback riding (or Equestrian) is one of the most intense sports known to man. Not only because it's physically challenging, but it takes more than athleticism. Horseback riding takes commitment, time, patience, and most importantly building a bond with your horse. If you don't have a good relationship more.

I think horseback Riding was the best because I love horses and I lone one now and its name is called Hippo and I love Riding for the fun of it jokes I just love Horses

Very Cool, The first time I went horseback Riding is when I was 5 Years old, It was so much fun!

Well all you horse lovers most love this. - sarahdomino

It was so much fun!

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5 Wrestling Wrestling Wrestling is a combat sport involving grappling type techniques such as clinch fighting, throws and takedowns, joint locks, pins and other grappling holds.

Well I know tons of people do this in High School. - sarahdomino

STUPIDDD your just gonna get hurt

6 Hammer-throwing

Its really fun'

Its an Olympic sport now so it must be good. - sarahdomino

I think hammer throwing would be quite fun cause you can see how far you can throw it

You just have to Let the Hammer Fall. (I'll leave now, thank you.) - Merilille

7 Bat and Ball

Ok listen bat and ball is the bomb

I enjoy bat and ball

I love this because it is a bit like cricket


8 Bowling

Bowling is such a fun game

I loovee bowing its so cool I think it shound be a lesson in school

9 Haggis Hurl

It's awesome and I enjoy chewing haggis! WOO!

10 Horseshoes

Well maybe its not much of a sport but you still can compete. - sarahdomino

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11 Cricket Cricket Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a cricket field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard-long pitch with a wicket, a set of three wooden stumps sited at each end.

Cricket an amazing game that is fun for the whole family. Go crickets they taste mighty yummy.

12 Bear-Baiting

Terrible sport...for bears!

13 Hurling


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