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1 Rust in Peace Rust in Peace Product Image

The album starts with the killer riffs of Holy Wars,
Followed by the fast yet brilliant, 11 solo, Hangar 18.
Take No Prisoners follows, a good song but not up with the first 2. Then the 5 minute brilliance that is called 5 Magics. Now comes Poison is the Cure, 2:56 long song, short, awesome, WHY NOT LONGER!? Just when this album is looking good, it gets awesome with Lucretia, the most epically awesome epic song on RIP. What could possibly live up to that? Tornado of Souls just did. The best Megadeth solo ever written. Then comes Dawn Patrol, the 1:51 bass riff with a chilling voice. Then album ends on Rust in Peace... Polaris. In my opinion the worst song on Rust in Piece, however, ITS STILL AWESOME! 10/10

The only album good enough for me to buy the Vinyl, the CD, the T-shirt and the Guitar. This album is pure thrash perfection, a lot better than the Black Album that surpassed it. This album has a voice; Holy Wars... The Punishment due is about religion and the violence it causes, Hangar 18 about government conspiracies, Take No Prisoners about Political Corruption, Five Magics is about Interpretation itself, Poison was the cure is about Drug Abuse, Lucretia is about personal demons, Tornado of Souls is about lost love, Dawn Patrol is about the future we create and Rust in Peace... Polaris is about the end of it all. This album escalates like no other album, almost as if going in chronological order (with a few exceptions) from the ancient times to the end of the world. Anyway, I could go on about how much I love this album and I'm going to say this. This is their Magnum Opus.

The word "classic" is used too often. Sometimes when somebody really likes an album they call it "classic". But in my opinion that word should only be used sparingly to refer to not only THE best albums of a particular genre but the ones that are just as engaging and impressive and meaningful as when they were released... And sometimes even more so. "Rust in Peace" is one of those precious few albums that truly must be called a classic.

If the album was an EP consisting only of "Holy Wars" and "Hangar 18" it should have been considered a masterpiece. But when taken as a whole, with all the songs included, it easily qualifies as a classic.

I enjoy all kinds of music, so I have in my head a list of "classic albums" that are so much better than other great albums that they're almost freaks of nature. "Brain Salad Surgery" by ELP, "Eden" by Sarah Brightman, "Who's Next", "Paranoid", "Take Me To Your Leader" by Newsboys, "Night at the Opera" by Queen, "Scheherazade & Other ...more

I came here mainly for recommendations. I am a huge Metallica fan and I wanted to give Megadeth another try (every time Mustaine's vocals would put me off) So I downloaded this album (with proper sound quality) and... Holy ... This is pure Thrash. Fast, hard hitting, just the right amount of complexity (I hate it when songs become over complicated, the feeling of thrash goes away) and unbelievably fun. While in my opinion Metallica has better songwriting, there is no denying that Mustaine makes absolutely killer riffs.

2 Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? Product Image

To me, Rust in Peace is not as solid as Peace Sells is

Holy Wars, Hangar 18 and Tornado of Souls are the best and biggeat Megadeth songs, no doubt.
Lucretia, Five Magics and Poison Was the Cure are very solid and intersting songs too
I like these 6 songs for making Megadeth more melodic and more lively than they've been before
But Take No Prisoners, Dawn Patrol and Polaris sound like such a filler to me!
At least they are not nearly as interesting as the other 6
But Peace Sells?
My God, such a solid set of songs
So many interesting riffs, so many innovative solos
Although Mustaine's drug and alcohol abuse made album sound so depressive

Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?
Ah good ol' mighty Peace Sells.
An album that made me change my view on many things in thrash metal about how a song must feel and sound.
I don't want to spoil anything for anyone that hasn't listen to this album...yet.
Just go and buy it, download it, steal it, I don't care...just do it.
I will only ask you to listen to this at full blast and to be ready to get hooked by every song in this Masterpiece.
Megadeth's best work is right here.

Songs to listen to:
Wake Up Dead
The Conjuring
Peace Sells
Devils Island
Good Mourning/Black Friday
My Last Words


Perfect album. I'd say this to be their best, and then Rust in Peace. The album starts off with Wake Up Dead, a song 3:37 seconds long, and has great progression. The 2nd track is called The Conjuring, a very evil and wicked but yet amazing song, and the hardest on this album. The 3rd song is everybody's favorite, and with the most memorable metal intros, and simply just awesome song- PEACE SELLS! The 4th song is Devils Island, a very catchy and yet again awesome song, then you know you can not avoid head banging to. Which song could easily compete with the awesomeness of Devils Island? Good Mourning/Black Friday just did, AKA the 5th song on this album. Then comes Bad Omen, for the 6th track, probably, I hate to say my least favorite song on this album, how ever it is still awesome! Number 7 is a great remake of a classic Blues song- I Ain't Superstitious. The last track, AKA 8, is My Last Words, just simply an awesome song with amazing an amazing guitar and bass riff.

RIP is good but peace sells is thrashier and more darker/heavier.
ALL TRACKS ARE STANDOUT TRACKS. It starts out w/ the killer intro of wake up dead (which has great solos too). the conjuring is a bit slow but very deadly. The title track is great. devils island is very catchy song. Good Mourning/Black Friday starts slow... But becomes EXTREMELY FAST and thrashy. Bad Omen (An underrated song. Don't know why) is just like Good Mourning/Black Friday, speed keeps on increasing and when you reach halfway, it will drive you CRAZY. I Ain't Superstitious is a fun song and is just as good as the others. My last words is a bit melodious and very enjoyable.

Simply put, the album is the greatest. 11/10

3 Countdown to Extinction Countdown to Extinction Product Image

Dave Mustaine has a gift. No other metal artist has produced so many great songs with such reliability. This album is evidence--track after track of amazement. When Metallica relaxed its sound with the "Black Album", Megadeth answered with this tight, powerful, supremely tailored masterwork. Unlike the frenetic compositions of the masterpiece "Rust in Peace", this album is controlled and focused like the strikes of a prize fighter, and with familiar, comfortable arrangements for the musically timid.

It's a shame because people who think "Black Album" was so great probably can't even name three tracks off the cuff. Fans of Countdown can name almost every track, because Mustaine made every one unique while maintaining stylistic similarity, while Marty punctuated each composition with face-melting leads. Nick Menza slammed his kit so hard Lars felt it miles away, and David Ellefson does what he does best: smoke the fretboard like the virtuoso he is.

Flawless victory.

Just great musical masterpiece. My favorite because it fits my style the best. There is such tension between so many Megadeth and Metallica fans, and people like to get on the Black album in favor of this, or vice versa, but they are both great, and both bands were in their peaks here. Symphony of Destruction has become synonymous with Megadeth. Sweating Bullets and Skin O' My Teeth are great as well.

And to the person who says that people can't name three tracks off of Black Album: Enter Sandman, Sad But True, Wherever I May Roam, Nothing Else Matters, and The Unforgiven are all huge hits.

Dave mustaine has given us the gift of good metal time and time again unlike some bands *cough cough Metallica cough*, but this album is what got me into them rust in peace and peace sells are awesome but this album has skin o my teeth, symphony of destruction, foreclosure of a dream, sweating bullets, and psychotron. For me those songs are the best by megadeth by far but that's just me.

Best Megadeth years - Rust, Countdown, Youthanasia. I even like the Risk album very much. However Countdown is for me far the best. All songs here are just perfect. The album is melodic, wild and everything together. Absolute balance. One of the best metal albums ever.

4 So Far, So Good...So What! So Far, So Good...So What! Product Image

This album is so underrated. The opener, 'Into the lungs of hell' is a prime example of this album's strengths; namely supreme technicality, blistering speed, and attitude. The debut had the speed, Peace Sells and Rust In Peace had the technicality, but none of those albums had attitude. 'Set The World Afire' and 'Anarchy in the UK' are prime examples of this album's political edge, which was to become a Megadeth staple in later years. The eerie 'Mary Jane' and the suicidal 'In My Darkest Hour' is proof that this album is diverse- Mary Jane is the eeriest thing Dave ever wrote, and In My Darkest Hour is truly depressing. '502' is the weakest track here, yet is an example of straight thrash, harkening back to 'Killing is My Business...'. Also, kudos for that cool stereo effect. 'Liar' and 'Hook In Mouth' demonstrate the extreme venom of this album, unmatched by any thrash outfit of the time. Liar is the furious rant directed at Chris Poland, and Hook In Mouth is the blunderbuss that ...more

Why is this album so underrated? There are so many amazing songs on this album. It may not be the best, but it is way better than Endgame and Youthanasia. "Into the Lungs of Hell" is one of the best instrumentals ever. It feels like you are going into hell. Mary Jane is just epic. 502 is really fast and awesome. My Darkest Hour is touching and I like how it is dedicated to Cliff Burton (R.I.P. ). The other tracks aren't quite as good, but there are no songs on this album that I would not call good.

We all know that Rust in Peace/Peace Sells are the best. With that said, this album defines the word underrated. Set the World Afire, Mary Jane, In My Darkest Hour, and Hook in Mouth are essential Megadeth tracks. I never could wrap my mind around all of the low ratings and reviews that this has gotten in the past. I know the cover art is rather cheesy and that Anarchy in the UK is an unnecessarily bad cover; but other than that, what can you possibly dislike about this album?

The raw spirit of Megadeth. It was to forever be overshadowed by the more technical and polished Peace Sells and Rust In Peace. However, that inferiority in technicality and production means this album really is a kick in the nuts, as opposed to the slap in the face of Peace Sells or the sterility of Rust in Peace. It has heaps of attitude, like the debut, but is teamed with experience.

5 Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good! Product Image

This is one of, if not the very best debut of all time! This album is so raw and thrashy that it is unbelievable! Imagine listening to this when it first came out. This was the fastest music around. Last Rites/Loved to Deth has such an awesome scream at the beginning, and the riffs are amazing. Killing is My Business... And Business is Good has one of the coolest choruses ever. The Skull Beneath the Skin is a really cool slower song. These Boots is a really funny and upbeat cover of the stupid Nancy Sinatra song, but probably the worst on the album. Rattlehead is just so awesome and iconic. "RATTLE YOUR damn HEAD! " Chosen Ones is probably my least favorite of the original songs, but it is still great. Looking Down the Cross has a chilling intro, and it's a great song. The Mechanix was an awesome song that Dave wrote before he was even in Metallica, and this version, Mechanix, with the sped-up tempo is one of Megadeth's best songs of all time. Amazing album all around.

My obsolete favorite Megadeth album, I mean people this is the first thing they ever put out and they only spent 8 thousand dollars in production, well 4 thousand since half of the 8 went straight into their bodies. So raw, so unfiltered, if you are looking for pure speed in your face thrash domination look no further. Yes Rust in peace is more polished, and countdown has more "hit singles", I'm not saying that people who love countdown the most are false or poser Megadeth fans, alls I'm saying is there is a few different kinds of Megadeth, they evolved more or less and this and So Far are the most brutal by far, and if you are a speed metal fan this has to be in your top three. Pure go yourself thrash. I don't care if they were high or not, if they spend a lot of money or not they put their outstanding talent on display and dollars to donuts this far surpasses Metallica as far as their fast original thrash goes. Before MTV or the radio it was underground fans who passed tapes to ...more

Well, I don't like Dave's voice in this album too much, he sounds rare... I don't know how to explain it. In my opinion, his best work was during the period of Rust In Peace to Youthanasia, his worst after Endgame. Hear Super Collider and you doud if the vocals are of the same guy that made Peace Sells. And to end my comment, I'm going to say that The Four Horsemen is a way better than Mechanix, just what I think so don't get angry.
Yes I'm a big fan of Megadeth and Metallica, I'm still waiting for their new albums for 2015!

Oh man, the album that started it all, after the departure of Dave Mustaine from Metallica.
Maybe the most, raw thrash/speed album from Megadeth.
Many hate it because of the low production, but I guarantee that by the time the first song will start to play, you are gonna be blown away and your neck will break from all that furious headbanging you will going to do.

Songs to listen to:
Last Rites/Loved to Death
The Skull Beneath the Skin
Looking Down the Cross


6 Endgame Endgame Product Image

This album is a masterpiece. The solos are A level thanks to Chris Broderick especially. It’s better then boring countdown with dumb songs like sweeting bullets. Endgame is my second favorite Megadeth album and one of my favorite albums of all time in general. I could keep going on this...

Come on! This has to be in the top 3 at least! There's not a single 'okay' song. With absolute masterpieces like Head Crusher, 44 Minutes, How The Story Ends, Bodies, Bite The Hand, The Hardest Part..., The Right To Go Insane, Endgame... (literally the entire album) you really can't ignore the fact that this is easily one of the best metal albums of the decade. Give the ENTIRE album a listen before voting you will see it automatically rising to the top (at least top 3). If this album was released in 1986, it would be as well-respected as PSBWB currently is and you will know that this is not a joke after you give it a shot.

This is my second favorite Megadeth album behind Peace Sells. In the 80's and early 90's the Deth couldn't really put a foot wrong but the end of the 90's brought some below par releases. Fast forward to 2009 and Megadeth put themselves back on the map with this album. Fast and ferocious from the start arguably their heaviest album ever. Listen to Dialetic Chaos, This day we fight, Headcrusher and 1320 to see what I mean. At this time in their career questions were being asked by critics whether Megadeth were still relevant 25 years on? On this evidence ABSOLUTELY!

am I the only one who is not super crazy about "so far, so good"? I mean, can it outclass "endgame"? or even "killing is my business" is a step ahead of that album. maybe I have not listened to it enough...

7 Youthanasia Youthanasia Product Image

In my opinion, far better than CtE. It has better writing and more accessible and enjoyable songs. Sure, it does not have energy and speed known from RiP, but neither does CtE.

One of their finest and most melodic albums, the one that made me a Megadeth fan. Highlights: Elysian Fields, Addicted to Chaos, Train of Consequences, Victory and Youthanasia.

So many great songs, amazingly melodic and powerful, and not a dull moment. This is definitely their best album, followed closely by Countdown to Extinction. I love Rust in Peace and Peace Sells... (my next favorites, respectively) but this album is Megadeth at their finest.

There are some great songs in this album its sorta underrated, A tout le monde, expresses feelings and is a heavy metal song that's combined. Addicted to Chaos is excellent and The Killing road and youthanasia and reckoning day. all those songs is what make this album epic!

8 Dystopia Dystopia Product Image

I loved 6 songs right off the bat but Dystopia took a few listens to like Death from Within &
Bullet to the Brain (mostly because I didn't like the choruses). Conquer or Die & Lying in State are modern Megadeth masterpieces. I'd rank Dystopia as follows:

1. Rust In Peace
2. Peace Sells
3. Countdown To Extinction
4. System Has Failed
5. Youthanasia
6. Killing Is My Business
7. Endgame
8. Dystopia
9. So Far, So Good, So What
10. Thirteen
11. Hidden Treasures
12. United Abominations
13. Cryptic Writings
14. The World Needs A Hero
15. Risk
16. Super Collider

Amazing album that shows Mustaine still possesses his gift for songwriting. Chris and Kiko sound incredible. This album is heavier and darker--like Endgame. I preordered it last year. Was I blown away when I heard it--worth the wait! It could very well be their masterwork in the Winter of Megadeth.

Since we're offering ratings:
1. RIP
2. Countdown
3. Peace Sells
4. Dystopia
5. Youthanasia
6. So Far, So Good (So underrated! )
7. Endgame (Shawn, Chris and James really kicked ass)
8. United Abominations
9. Cryptic Writings
10. Killing

Definitely dark like End Game, but heavy and punchy like no other release. Chris A. is a machine on his kit, and Kiko is without a doubt the Brazilian Marty.

I was apprehensive about this release, but I was blown away from the first track. Amazing work! Mustaine is an unbelievable talent, and Megadeth is a force of nature. You might not like Mustaine's politics, but he laid it down and showed up the rest of the trashers. Watch them step up their game with their next releases.

Fatal Illusion was a great song that sounded like it came from the soundtrack from a dark, horror movie. The Threat Is Real had a great intro, but slowly started to get less good, but still, with a few solos, which includes the really good one at the near end, both are about as good.

So far this looks like its going to be the best album since Youthanasia.

9 The System Has Failed The System Has Failed Product Image

The most underrated of their records. People are simply unaware that Mustaine did not run out of ideas.
This album is the true return of the band and it's my top 3, only behind RiP and Peace Sells.

Just as perfect as countdown or rust in peace. If you want to see mustaine's full potential as a songwriter and a guitarist then you should give this album a listen. It's certainly shows off Dave's classically influenced guitar playing and his diversity as a musician. Highlights: Back in the day, Die dead enough, kick the chair, of mice and men, the scorpion, and blackmail the universe.

Rust in Peace it is Megadeth's best album, but this one it is far better than Endgame. It is the best album of the new century, amd much better than a few ones from last century. Now, dystopia sounds awesome as of Fatal Illusion, so let's wait and see, for now The system has failed earns the title of best album of the 21st century.

What an amazing underrated album although not my favourite because Countdown To Extinction (doesn't mean I don't like this album it's in my top 5) is but this album needs to be higher up. It's a solid album and doesn't lack anything. It is a masterpiece.

10 United Abominations United Abominations Product Image

My favorite. Megadeth album of the 00s next to endgame it begind with sleepwalker a very funny lyric song but ausome riffs and solos then Washington is next a very heavy song then never walk alone with good chorus and riffs the best song united abominations is a war song it has my favorite riffs in the beggining and end gears of war is sort of like it the rest are good then the final song burnt ice in my opinion a better solo than tornado oc souls
Rank 9.5 /10
You got to listen to it
My top 10 megadeth album
10 the system failed
9 13
8 so far so good
7 crypic writings
6 youthasmania
5 united abominations
4 endgame
3 peace sells
2 rust in peace
1 countdown 2 extinction


This is their best album. All the songs are incredible, combining their classic metal style of Countdown to Extinction and their thrash style of Rust in Peace to make something really really good. All the songs have something great to offer, and this album does include some of the bands best songs ever (Amerikhastan, Burnt Ice, the title track, Washington Is Next! ). There are lots of awesome solos that make you uncontrollably headbang. There's also plenty of moments that will let you stop and breathe for a second (key word: a second) which show depth and make the album more incredible for all sides of Megadeth. Plus the lyrics are also really good, very political and very good. Pumping bass, pounding drums, shredding guitars, awesome album. 11/10 from me.

This is my 2nd favorite album and it really shows what is happening with our twisted government. Sleepwalker and Washington is next are awesome.

The female vocals of ms nobody, doesn't mean these alboom has to be good be intelligent in your comments please! Wearw talking if speed metal / thrash metal not some vocals here and there!

The Contenders
11 Cryptic Writings Cryptic Writings Product Image

How come United Abominations and Thirteen are before this amasing masterpiece..? Obviously is different but all songs are great.. I think Dave really put all his creativity in the music of this album is really easy to listen, lets be honest after a while of listening loud noises liked trash metal your ears get tired, don't get me wrong I love trash metal but is not the type of music you want to listen all day.. I listen all kinds of music depending on the mood, but this album is more melodic and still heavy. My favorite is Vortex.

Its Very very underrated album. I think this album one of the best Megadeth albums like rust in peace, youthanasia, countdown to extinction, so far so good, killing is my business, system has failed, peace sells, endgame and other their albums) More commercial than others, but this album is worthy of respect. Melodic riffs and solos are great. Advice to novice fans of this thrash metal band to listen songs like she-wolf, masterind, secret place, vortex, trust, almost honest.

One of their more underrated albums, the intro & build-up in "Trust" is killer, one of the best intros of all time, with Menza's amazing drum rhythms to back it up; other good songs include "She-Wolf", "A Secret Place", "I'll Get Even", "Mastermind" & "Almost Honest". More commercial, I know, but still a respectable album in their discography.

As radio friendly as this album is, I would rate it much higher than #11. Mustaine is a master song writer, and this album showcases his talent. Everyone is die hard RIP & PSBWB (which I am as well), but this album replaces thrash with depth.

12 Th1rt3en Th1rt3en Product Image

Yeah, most good things on this album were composed earlier, but I'm glad that we got them all on an album nonetheless.
Sudden Death is a masterpiece.

I got this one too... And it's just... Great, for everything
Just listen to Millenium of the Blind, Sudden Death, what the hell inspired Dave in this song? awesome,
Then what... Black swan, new world order, whose life, deadly nightshade, we the people, fast lane, 13, public enemy N°1
This album should be top 4
clashing with RIP, Countdown and Youthanasia! Dave Mustaine rules, one of the greatest in metal history lml

Seriously, what is wrong with the internet generation!? This is almost certainly one of the best records the band have ever released, 13 is as epic as a tout le monde and public enemy number 1 is stunning... This needs to move up the list... A lot!

My favorite so far by megadeth. This album shows a great come back from a great band. This album showed megadeth is still going and can still kick ass. I think its highly underrated. For its worth.

13 Greatest Hits: Back to the Start Greatest Hits: Back to the Start Product Image

It's a good compilation, but nothing special. They literally just took all their singles, and left out some awesome tracks. Like Tornado of Souls.

All their greatest hits, surely this is better than anything else.

This is not right it's the GREATEST HITS!

14 Hidden Treasures Hidden Treasures Product Image

Should be above Abominations, Collider, 13, System in fact any album after Cryptic Writings. Awesome album-compilation.

Definitely worth to be in top 5, even if it's not a real album, more of compilation of movie soundtracks, b-sides and covers.Will blew your mind!

Why THIS ONE is so low? Should be about lie 6-7 positions higher. Contains so many classics!

Contains many great lesser known songs, way better than any post Cryptics albums.

15 Rude Awakening Rude Awakening Product Image

I love Rude Awakening! My favorite song is Angry Again!

16 Breadline Breadline Product Image
17 Anthology: Set the World Afire Anthology: Set the World Afire Product Image
18 Cake Cake is an American alternative rock band from Sacramento, California. Consisting of singer John McCrea, trumpeter Vince DiFiore, guitarist Xan McCurdy, bassist Gabe Nelson and drummer Paulo Baldi, the band has been noted for McCrea's sarcastic lyrics and monotone vocals, DiFiore's trumpet parts, and more.

why tf is this on here lmao

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19 Risk Risk Product Image

I was skeptical at first, back in the day when I bought this album, simply because of ths name "Risk". I was instantly intrigued by the sound. This is a top 5 album for Megadeth in my own personal opinion. It's not what fans were expecting and obviously the band knew this was going to be the case so they threw in a "No Risk Disc" with 6 previous hits on it just to appease those who would be dissatisfied with the new material. Just listen to Dave's voice! He sounds like someone who is finally at peace with himself and content with who he has become. This for me is an excellent album from start to finish and I've only grew to love it more and more as time goes on! My recommendation is that you give it another listen and see if you aren't pleasantly surprised!

The black sheep of Megadeth's discography. The hated album. Which, I get, yet I don't get. Sure, it is a departure from their style, but they had already been gradually moving away from thrash since Countdown to Extinction. This album reflects a lot of different styles and is much softer - and a lot more beautiful that most Megadeth albums. The production is killer as well - vocals are upfront, guitars sound great, the drums provide nice support, bass is a little buried, but is good.

Overall a great album. Fantastic, experimental songs that flow well.

Frankly, despite the animosity most Megadeth fans feel towards this album, it's probably their best. The song are consistently solid and experimental, and the band sounds lively and energized. Friedman delivered a wonderfully cool performance; Mustaine actually learned how to sing and doesn't sound like some gruff, slurring drug addict; Ellefson and DeGrasso provide a solid foundation of rhythm.

It might be the black sheep of Megadeth's discography, but it was both just what they needed and a really good album.

This album is a lot softer than what Megadeth usually produces but it shows the different types of styles this band is capable of. Insomnia, Breadline, Ecstasy and Crush 'Em are classic songs with meaningful lyrics which need to be heard over and over again to understand what they are trying to get across.
For easy listening, this album is on the lighter side of Megadeth's abilities and is a classic.

Personal favourites: Breadline, Ecstasy & I'll Be There.

20 The World Needs a Hero The World Needs a Hero Product Image

First album after marty's departure. Really brings out Mustaine's guitar work a lot and the album as an overall is real diverse. Disconnect is one of the best Megadeth songs with Return To Hangar and Promises.

This album needs way more credit for its amazing tracks, there are a few tracks that aren't that good but beside that it is awesome. The actual song The World Needs a Hero is right on!

Extremely underrated album, a few unappreciated gems on here like Disconnect, 1000 Times Goodbye, Return to Hangar, Promises and Dread and the Fugitive Mind.

Their most underrated album! "Dread And The Fugitive Mind", "Disconnect", "Moto Psycho", "Return To Hangar", "Recipe For Hate... Warhorse"... All great songs, should be higher.

21 Capital Punishment
22 Still Alive... And Well? Still Alive... And Well? Product Image

This is a raw thrashy album! Must be 4-5 positions higher!

23 Super Collider Super Collider Product Image

This album gets way more hate than it deserves, there's not a bad song on this album and it's fairly diverse, it had the right amount of experimentation while Risk had a little too much experimentation. I've even seen complaints about the banjo in The Blackest Crow, really? What's wrong with a banjo intro? Nothing in my opinion

This just released and critic from fans and reviews are very negative, Maybe not their best, but this album is not bad at all. There are some parts in this album that can consider as good and you haven't heard it yet

I've listened to this album and it is actually not as bad as critics say it is; Kingmaker, Built for War, Dance in the rain, are pretty good. Not the best album but still has kick-ass songs.

This album has a lot of variation to show. It's almost as if it is trying to show the timeline of megadeth of the years. Recommended tracks- the whole album

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