Rust in Peace - Megadeth: Random Album Review

What about something everyone already did and now I do to.

And what could I better start off with, than Septembers Album of the Month:
Rust in Peace - Megadeth, one of my all-time favorite Metal Albums and Albums overall. So what are waiting for, start the review! What's first?

Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
NOW WE'RE TALKING! Holy Wars is pretty much one of my all-time favorite songs ever created. It starts off with one of the most kick@$$ riffs in history, screaming in your face TRASH METAL!!! And when you don't expect it the song shifts from said riff to the second heavier half, with the theme of antihero "Punisher".
Probably the greatest first track on an album!

Hangar 18
I always found Hangar 18 to be the second catchiest song on the album. The riff got me from the beginning and like in other Megadeth songs, you have your signature guitar solo.

Take No Prisoners
This song litteraly takes no prisoners. What can I say, it has it's own awesome guitar riff and I always tend to sing along it. The drum work is also noticably good.

Five Magics
This song starts off with an drum and guitar riff, just to become overall very light. 2 minutes in and beomes insane trash metal. 3 minutes in and vocals kick in. In the end the song ends with one hell of a solo, I title the second best on the album!

Poison Was The Cure
Like Five Magics it needs a bit start up time to get to the heavy part and the vocals. But that did'nt disappoint as well. Again we have fantastic vocals and our solo! The only bad thing is how it lasts only 3 minutes.

Maybe the weakest song on the album. Again we have great work on drums and guitar. It is'nt as fast-paced as most other songs on the album. Also guitar solo!

Tornado of Souls
That's the track we 've all been waiting for! This is by far the catchiest song on the album. The lyrics are insanely catchy, I always tend to sing along them! But you know why this is such an amazing song. THE SOLO, my god, THE SOLO! After One and Stairway to Heaven it's one of my favorite ones, because it itself feels like a tornado!

Dawn Patrol
Together with Lucretia so far one of the slowest songs. Maybe it is Dave Mustaine's deep voice to the very slow drumming and rifg that got me on this song.

Rust in Peace... Solaris
The closing track of the album and kicks so much @$$ ! Again we have the an awesome riff in the beginning. I also love the vocals, which have something about them. I can't point on what, but maybe it's the overly deep voice, that plays in.

So overall Rust in Peace has some of the greatest Megadeth songs. These are their ratings by myself.
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due: 10/10
Hangar 18: 9/10
Take No Prisoners: 8,5/10
Five Magics: 8,5/10
Poison Was The Cure: 8/10
Lucretia: 7,5/10
Tornado of Souls: 9,5/10
Dawn Patrol: 8,5/10
Rust in Peace... Polaris: 9/10

The album has four outstanding tracks and some of the greatest work of Megadeth. That's why it deserves a
10/10 with the adjective "Perfection"
If you are a Metalhead and haven't heard this album, you are so missing out. It is without any doubt one of Metal's greatest albums!


I might listen to a megadeth song tonight. - RockStarr

Ya know, I've never really listened to them. Mad - EvilAngel