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This just released and critic from fans and reviews are very negative, Maybe not their best, but this album is not bad at all. There are some parts in this album that can consider as good and you haven't heard it yet

Definitely not the best Megadeth album around. But This is still better than that Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration album (Lulu).

This album gets way more hate than it deserves, there's not a bad song on this album and it's fairly diverse, it had the right amount of experimentation while Risk had a little too much experimentation. I've even seen complaints about the banjo in The Blackest Crow, really? What's wrong with a banjo intro? Nothing in my opinion - Derrick_Fox

This album gets a lot of hate. Sure it's not Megadeth's best (by a long shot) but it still has some good songs on it.

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1. Rust in Peace
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