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21 Risk

The black sheep of Megadeth's discography. The hated album. Which, I get, yet I don't get. Sure, it is a departure from their style, but they had already been gradually moving away from thrash since Countdown to Extinction. This album reflects a lot of different styles and is much softer - and a lot more beautiful that most Megadeth albums. The production is killer as well - vocals are upfront, guitars sound great, the drums provide nice support, bass is a little buried, but is good.

Overall a great album. Fantastic, experimental songs that flow well.

This album is underrated
People don't like it because it's a megadeth album and they expect them to play heavier music but what's wrong with doing a softer album as long as it sounds good
If it was an album of another rock band it would be looked as a good album, but because of the fact that it's a megadeth album, an album of a thrash band, people think it's bad just because it's not as heavy as their earlier work

What's wrong with people. I've been a Megadeth fan for almost two decades and let me tell ya I knows Megadeth and even though my favorite Megadeth albums are Peace Sells and Youthanasia Risk doesn't get near the recognition it deserves just listen to songs like Time:The Beginning, Breadfan, and I'll Be There enough said.

Even though this album isn't my favorite, I think it deserves to be higher. I think the majority of the album is somewhat boring but I like Insomnia, Prince of Darkness, Wanderlust and Crush Em (despite the cheesy lyrics).

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