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1 Braveheart

"They make take our lives, but they'll never take OUR freedom. " One of the best quotes of one of the best movies ever. - J-Ten

WTF! how can signs be ahead of this movie! this movie makes me proud to be scottish - hergibob

My favourite movie of all time it makes me proud to be Scottish, For Scotland!

My best movie I ever watch

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2 Signs
3 Apocalypto

This movie is so epic there's like an hour long chase scene


4 Lethal Weapon

This movie is a true glimpse of inspiration

5 The Road Warrior

One of my favorite films of all time! Love absolutely everything about it. Seen it countless times and never get tired of it. Consistently exciting, suspenseful and entertaining.

6 The Patriot

For the most part accurate of the Revolutionary war. Mel gave an outstanding performance. Heath Ledger did a wonderful job for his first film. I believe it was filmed in the accurate territories. The movie was just one of the finest and is one of my favorites.

The Patriot is an underrated masterpiece. Excellent performances, great soundtrack by John Williams and beautiful cinematography. Exciting, suspenseful, gripping and emotional. It's just one of the greatest.

Don't forget Heath Ledger's role - Raptork

7 Ransom

Number 1

8 Mad Max
9 Forever Young
10 Lethal Weapon 3

Lethal Weapon 3 is my favorite movie of all time

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11 Hacksaw Ridge

This should be in the top 3

12 The Passion of the Christ

Best biblical movie I've seen out there. Props to Mel Gibson.

Its a shame that this isn't number 1 - Shynash21

It's the best realistic movie

This is a great movie

13 Conspiracy Theory

The best movie concerning assassination has got to be in the top five

14 Bird on a Wire
15 We Were Soldiers

We Were soldiers should be above signs are you kidding me. It should be 1. Braveheart, 2. Patriot, 3. We Were Soldiers and the rest can be whatever

An amazing movie that made me forget how much of an anti-semite Mel Gibson is

16 Maverick
17 The Man Without a Face
18 The Year of Living Dangerously

Mel Gibson Sigourney Weaver - La Bomb! - Irina2932

19 Edge of Darkness
20 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
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1. Braveheart
2. Apocalypto
3. Signs
1. Braveheart
2. Ransom
3. Forever Young
1. The Road Warrior
2. Braveheart
3. Mad Max



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