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101 Ne Obliviscaris Ne Obliviscaris Ne Obliviscaris (Latin for "forget not") are an extreme progressive metal band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2003.

These guys are my favorite band right now. Listen to their albums from start to finish. True masterpieces.

These guys have really amazing violin parts.

102 Thousand Eyes Thousand Eyes

Members of Thousand Leaves made a new band, which sounds very good

103 Feared V 1 Comment
104 Miseria

They are the one of the best death metal ban

105 In Dread Response

Awesome kiwi metal band - give "Cannons at Dawn" a listen!

106 Dimension Zero
107 Beyond the Embrace

Master of puppets Matallica meets Colony era In Flames. GREAT music. It's a shame they aren't well known, they would have gone far if they were.

Check out the songs "Mourning in Magenta" and "Bastard Screams" off of their debut album Against the Elements. m/ Good stuff!

108 Final Breath
109 Across the Rain

I just love their song "Fallen". Maybe they're not the top 10, but if you like melodeath, just check them out :).

110 Unanimated Unanimated Unanimated are a Swedish Melodic Death Metal band. They were founded in 1989 in Stockholm and dissolved in 1996. They have 7 current complete members.

Very cool mix of melodic death and black metal - Lemoon

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111 Blind Stare
112 Dawn of Tears
113 The Duskfall

This is classic melodic death metal done right. Beautiful, catchy, angry.

114 MergingMoon

From Japan, some of the most intelligent percussion I've ever heard. Haunting riffs, true musicians.

115 Dark The Suns

All ends in silence album-a masterpiece! Every piece of there! Just go and listen. bad thing is they are spliting:(

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116 Abysmal Dawn Abysmal Dawn Abysmal Dawn is an American death metal band from Los Angeles, California. Their latest album, Obsolescence, was released in October 2014.

This is very technical death metal, with some good melodies mixed in.

117 Euphoreon

Great upcoming melodic death metal band from New Zealand! They have been compared to Wintersun, CoB and Kalmah with epic melodic death metal, as well as a little hint of folk, black and even extreme power metal. I highly recommend you check this band out and support them so they can become as big as they deserve!

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118 Cryogen

Under rated melodic death metal band from the US.

119 Darkest Horizon
120 Elzevir
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