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121 Dark The Suns

All ends in silence album-a masterpiece! Every piece of there! Just go and listen. bad thing is they are spliting:(

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122 Abysmal Dawn Abysmal Dawn Abysmal Dawn is an American death metal band from Los Angeles, California. Their latest album, Obsolescence, was released in October 2014.

This is very technical death metal, with some good melodies mixed in.

123 Euphoreon

Great upcoming melodic death metal band from New Zealand! They have been compared to Wintersun, CoB and Kalmah with epic melodic death metal, as well as a little hint of folk, black and even extreme power metal. I highly recommend you check this band out and support them so they can become as big as they deserve!

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124 Cryogen

Under rated melodic death metal band from the US.

125 Darkest Horizon
126 Elzevir
127 Kambrium
128 Harasai
129 Solerrain

Great melodies, and reminiscent of COB

130 Halahkuh
131 MyGrain

Come on guys, what about MyGrain?
Try MyGrain - Darkbound if you haven't heard them before.

132 Catamenia Catamenia
133 Prey For Nothing
134 5 Star Grave

Really cool band from Italy, nice melodic sounds with some brutality in it. Check out the song "Core Dead" if you need convincing.

135 Light This City
136 Descending
137 Brymir
138 Sylosis

Good band. Older stuff has some Fear Factory singing bits thrown in.

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139 Hell Scorched Earth
140 Enimor
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