Best Melodic Slipknot Songs

The best Slipknot songs where Corey Taylor's vocals are more melodic or songs that contain some melodic parts.

The Top Ten

1 Snuff

It is such a beautiful song, conveying an extremely strong message about caring and loving, but not feeling that same affection from that one person you care about the most.

This type of message is extremely relatable to a lot of people including me.

Currently going through this so hearing this really makes me express who I really am

This song explains almost exactly how I feel at the moment, can't help but cry every time I hear it. Such a masterpiece,

Snuff is a beautiful song, I don't just hear what Corey's saying, I feel it. This song has such deep meaning and soul that it had to be top of the list. The line "it took the death of hope to let you go" gets me every time. - JessicaRose

2 Vermilion, Pt. 2

The way they stripped Vermillion down to a more melodic acoustic sound makes part 2 quite touching, especially the lines "She isn't real, I can't make her real". - JessicaRose

Played this song on my wedding. I love every note of it. Haunting and depressing.

I love this song

3 Danger - Keep Away

Slipknot are better known for their heavy stuff, but it's their softer stuff that makes me love them even more! They are all in my opinion way more haunting and emotional and they just creep under your skin. This is my favorite song by Slipknot after Psychosocial and Duality.

This will sound weird but, this song was once in dream I had and I've always loved it ever since. I think the simplicity of this song is interesting as most Slipknot songs have several layers and are complex. - JessicaRose

Just feels great, I remember some distant places which I have never visited, great song though, liked it the first time I heard it

"We, do, feel alone". That is enough to make this song top 3.

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4 Sulfur

This song really gets too you listen to the lyrics or look them up and listen too it great vocals listen to it live or whatever it's just great! And the drumming from joey is just great!

This song isn't melodic all the way through but, Corey's vocals in the chorus are killer, you really feel it. - JessicaRose

5 Dead Memories

The meaning behind this song is what I really love about it most but, its on this list because I also love the melodic vocals mixed with Slipknot's signature heavy sound. - JessicaRose

6 Prelude 3.0

This song is very under appreciated and melodic. It’s a great song to start off Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses.

A lot of Slipknot fans don't really like this one, I personally like the melodic vocals mixed that dark, slow, eery sound that Slipknot can pull off well. - JessicaRose

7 Scissors

Again, this isn't melodic the whole way through but, the part that always sticks out to me is the part where Corey is repeatedly singing "biding my time until the time is right". I don't what it is, it's kinda creepy but, I love it! - JessicaRose

8 Circle

Top 5 "calm" and "melocid" MUST include this

A haunting ballad that crawls its way into your mind as the song progresses. In my opinion, no other Slipknot song does such a perfect job at combining the darkness that characterizes Slipknot with the melodic emotion of a ballad.

This is their best experimental song, nothing else.

Calmest song I have listened to

9 Iowa

This song was an interesting way to finish off the Iowa album. The whole album is very heavy and then suddenly, it slows right down for this one, it's not slow all the way through though. It's 15 minutes of slow, heavy, going nuts, and slowing back down again. - JessicaRose

10 XIX

Perfect lyrics for those who are dead inside...

This is a way underrated song. Simple amazing, and I can't help but to listen to it on repeat. Incredible vocals, lyrics, and performance. Its one of those songs where you wish it wouldn't end!

Perfect way to start the.5: The Gray Chapter and tribute to Paul. Just enough rasp in the voice to keep it strong

The Contenders

11 Goodbye

One of the best slipknot songs of all time, more melodic, more sadness

Saying goodbye to a dear friend... To think this isn't top 10 is extremely sad of the Slipknot community

The Gray Chapter was a big tribute album to Paul. Biggest evidence of it is Goodbye.

Really love this song

12 Child of Burning Time

This is such an awesome song. The build-up to the chorus is so amazing. It's by the way the only SlipKnot song I got my girlfriend to listen to voluntarily.

13 Killpop

Killpop is very underrated. Not obnoxiously heavy, not too soft. A little bit of everything. You can feel any emotion listening this. Hatred, loneliness, unrequited love... Everything. So die and love this song

All of it until corey says DIE AND LOVE!

14 Till We Die

The song they made for Paul Gray when he passed away is so beautiful it made me cry the first time I heard it and it still makes me cry. There is no line in this song that jumps out the entire song is just so good.


15 Wait and Bleed

I’m sleeping

16 If Rain Is What You Want

One of my favorite songs from the album. The kind of song that I like to listen to before I go to sleep or when I'm coming home from school on a rainy day.

One of my favorite songs from Slipknot, simply awesome!

17 The Devil In I
18 Psychosocial

The mood of this song has more of an angry, "you ruined everything," feel to it rather than the secretly (and blatantly) sadder moods of the other entries; however the melodic chorus of it is so euphoric that is deserves a place. It builds up a fire in you until you feel like you're gonna explode and then the chorus gives you that relief that just washes over you. Gives me chills.

Sorry not sad to be honest

19 Duality
20 Gehenna

The experience of a love hate relationship, title literally translates to hell

21 Purity
22 Gently
23 Eyeless
24 Through Glass

I'm glad it's here

Through Glass is a Stone Sour song though. Why is it in here?

25 Metabolic


26 Skeptic

This song, though more fast paced and whatnot, still says "the world will never know another man as amazing as you" talking of course about Paul Gray. His death sparked the entire album Gray Chapter and this song should really be on the list seeing as it is a pure tribute to how much the band members loved Gray and what they will do to honor his memory including their decision to quit drugs

27 Prosthetics

This is captivating.
“I decided I want you, now I know... I need.”
“You will be mine.”

28 AOV

AOV is just melodic during the chorus but has a great heavy feeling during the rest of the song. The only way I can explain the sonic is like getting punched in the gut the getting rewarded for it after. - GeminiSyndromeFan

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