Best Memphis May Fire Songs

Top 10 songs by post-hardcore / metalcore / southern rock band Memphis May Fire.

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21 A Giant In a Giant's World

I love this song even though they plagiarize classic bobby frost

22 Stay the Course
23 Carry On

This is one of my favorite songs on the new album, means a lot to me because I had problems with people who wanted to mold me into a person that I didn't wanted to be. And when I listen to this song I remember how strong I was to don't let them win. And I feel really good about that.

24 Losing Sight
25 Grenade

A cover of Bruno Mar's Grenade.

Way better than the original!

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26 Jezebel
27 Sleepless Nights
28 The Commanded

What the hell! WHY YOU're guys forgot about this?

29 Generation: Hate

Coming from someone who has been Attacked like this before, This song gave me hope to keep fighting

30 Action/Adventure
31 The Unfaithful

Definitely should be contesting the top spot along with Miles Away. The lyrics are chilling throughout the whole song "How am I to blame for all your mistakes? You gave up the second you looked away. I really hope you got what you wanted, now wash your hands clean of me. Won't you wash your hands clean of me? " Anyone who has ever been cheated on can relate and the way he sings "I forgive you, I just want you to leave. For better or for worse, it never meant a thing." at the end contests with Of Mice and Men's Second and Sebring for the deepest song I have heard! Should be top spot in my opinion!

Don't understand how it isn't top 3 to be honest. First song I liked and still my favourite after like 3 years. Plenty of great songs but this is very close to their best

"I forgive you, I just want you to leave. For better or for worse, It never meant a thing." AHH

32 Been There, Done That

Really good beat an sick guitar riffs. Matty's voice is amazing as usual and the lyrics are nevertheless meaningful.

33 The Answer
34 This Light I Hold

Great song with Jacoby Shaddix handling some screaming and extra vocals. The album as a whole is criminally under rated

Best song yet in my opinion. The instruments are just amazing in this one.

35 Divinity
36 Red In Tooth & Claw

It is my favorite MMF song and I don't think it gets enough recognition. It's about something I'm sure a lot of people can relate to.

37 My Generation

This song has the most unique souding screams at the beginning but honestly the whole deluxe album of unconditional is awesome

38 Better Things
39 Live It Well
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