Best Men Playing Women Movies


The Top Ten

1 Tootsie

Great masterpiece with Dustin Hoffman - Alexandr

2 Some Like It Hot

"Sexy" trio of girls Haha Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon were brilliant - Alexandr

3 A Busy Day

One of Charlie Chaplin's earliest short films, 1914's "A Busy Day" stars Chaplin as the doomed wife of a wayward husband, played by Mack Swain. - Alexandr

4 St. Trinian's
5 Back to the Future Part II

It's only a tiny snippet of a scene, but Michael J. Fox as his future daughter in "Back To The Future Part 2" is one of the prettiest gender-bending attempts we've seen. - Alexandr

6 Kind Hearts and Coronets

This British dark comedy from the late forties stars Alec Guinness as all eight members of an aristocratic family picked off by a madman, including the family's feminist matriarch, Lady Agatha D'Ascoyne. - Alexandr

7 Hairspray
8 Norbit

Kill me for that but I do love this movie - very funny. At least, for me - Alexandr

9 White Chicks
10 Orlando

The Contenders

11 The Nutty Professor (1996)

Eddie Murphy plays Sherman Klump and his entire family except for the little fat boy.

12 Girls Will Be Girls
13 Mrs. Doubtfire
14 The Rocky Horror Picture Show
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