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1 Overkill

This is a really good song - mneilan

This is a great song love the sax in this song - mneilan

Classic The Sax in This Song - mneilan


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2 Down Under

Are you kidding me?!
How the hell is "Who can it be now" above Down Under?!?!
This is easily their most famous song, and BY FAR their best. Come on guys... This is common knowledge.

Who can it be now is a good song, but really Down Under is the single most popular men at work song, I'm shocked its not number 1

I did some research, and I'm actually pretty convinced this is there most popular song. I love men at work in general, but this is their best work.

¡A land down under!

3 Who Can It Be Now?

This song is really good the sax in this is amazing Everyone knows this one - mneilan

This song is their best this one should be number 1

Classic one of the best - mneilan

Love the saxophone in the song! - Ajkloth

4 Be Good Johnny

A Great Song good guitar - mneilan

Great Song Great Beat - mneilan

5 It's a Mistake

Great Tune love it - mneilan

Too low

6 High Wire
7 Maria
8 Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive

This song is banging to be honest

Best song by maw ever.

9 Hard Luck Story
10 Underground

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11 Upstairs In My House
12 Still Life
13 Everything I Need
14 Catch a Star

Such a great, calm tune

15 Helpless Automaton
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1. Overkill
2. Be Good Johnny
3. Who Can It Be Now?
1. Maria
2. High Wire
3. Overkill
1. Who Can It Be Now?
2. Down Under
3. It's a Mistake



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