Best Men at Work Songs


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1 Overkill

So good.

This is a really good song - mneilan

This is a great song love the sax in this song - mneilan

Classic The Sax in This Song - mneilan

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2 Who Can It Be Now?

That Saxophone makes me wanna go to New York

This song is really good the sax in this is amazing Everyone knows this one - mneilan

This song is their best this one should be number 1

Classic one of the best - mneilan

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3 Down Under

Iconic song

Their number one song for sure!

107.77 The Mix - Gehenna

They had 2 good songs: "Who can it be now" and this, which this is better

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4 Be Good Johnny

A Great Song good guitar - mneilan

Great Song Great Beat - mneilan

5 It's a Mistake

Great Tune love it - mneilan

Too low

6 Maria
7 High Wire
8 Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive

A great all around song - mneilan

Best song by maw ever.

This song is banging to be honest

9 Hard Luck Story
10 Underground

The Contenders

11 Upstairs In My House
12 Still Life
13 Everything I Need
14 Catch a Star

Such a great, calm tune

15 No Sign of Yesterday

A long, ghostly track. Frankly a terrific use of synth.

16 Helpless Automaton
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