Best Meryl Streep Movies of the '00s

The Top Ten

1 Doubt

Amazing movie. All the performances wee superb.

No doubt... The best.

2 Mamma Mia!

I love this cheesy movie so much it's unbelievable. - MontyPython

Meryl is amazing she has no limits even at 59

3 Dark Matter
4 The Devil Wears Prada

This movie showed that meryl streep could take on any role you throw at her

Wahoo go meryl streep

5 The Hours

Ditto.. They are all superb in this movie.

They're all amazing in this movie.

Amazing movie meryl is amazing well duh

6 The Manchurian Candidate
7 A Prairie Home Companion
8 Julie & Julia

Such a good movie

9 Angels In America
10 Adaptation

The beginning of this movie is creepy Nicholas cage sucks in this movie but he is great in knowing but meryl of course is so amazing

The Contenders

11 Rendition
12 The Ant Bully
13 Prime
14 Lions for Lambs
15 Evening
16 Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
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