Best Meryl Streep Movies of the '90s

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1 Death Becomes Her

Love this movie. For all of them.

This was a hoot.

God meryl is amazing

2 Postcards from the Edge

Really really really good movie

3 One True Thing

I have to watch this movie she is so amazing I'm reading the book now

4 The Bridges of Madison County

First meryl streep movie, I watched and I instantly fell in love with her

You can feel her doubts about life. What choice she will make? - torth

She is so amazing duh

5 Before and After
6 Marvin's Room

Loved her in this. A different role for her

7 Music of the Heart

Amazing movie one of the best duh

8 The River Wild

One of my favourite movies love meryl Streep duh

9 The House of the Spirits

This movie is so amazing meryl is amazing in it duh

10 Defending Your Life

This movie is amazing Albert Brooks is a weirdo by meryl is AMAZING duh

How is meryl so pretty in all her films unfair

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11 Dancing at Lughnasa
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