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1 Sophie's Choice Sophie's Choice

So beautiful..
Meryl and her interpretation is SO beautiful

The accent, the pain, the depth. Out of this world

Outstanding and she did this amazing role... Justice.

Amazing stunning bloody awesome

2 The Deer Hunter The Deer Hunter

Winner of 5 Academy Awards including best picture and starring the greatest actor of all time Robert De Niro and the best Women Actor Meryl Streep, a stunning story about the terrible effects of Vietnam - roblist

3 Kramer vs. Kramer Kramer vs. Kramer

Just watch the courtroom speech she delivers. Amazing acting - and Meryl Streep wrote/improvised the whole thing herself!

Fantastic Streep film. She does an excellent job portraying a realistic character and she won an Oscar for it.

4 Into the Woods Into the Woods
5 August: Osage County August: Osage County
6 The Devil Wears Prada The Devil Wears Prada
7 Holocaust Holocaust
8 Julie & Julia Julie & Julia

I think it's exagerrated to put this movie at # 7 as a best Meryl Streep movie. If the movie was a succes it's mainly because of the wonderful acting of Amy Adams.

9 Out of Africa Out of Africa
10 The Hours The Hours

Meryl is so good in this movie

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11 The Iron Lady The Iron Lady
12 Silkwood Silkwood
13 Doubt Doubt
14 The Bridges Of Madison County The Bridges Of Madison County
15 Marvin's Room Marvin's Room
16 Death Becomes Her Death Becomes Her
17 Adaptation Adaptation
18 Angels In America Angels In America
19 She-Devil She-Devil
20 Ironweed Ironweed
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