Best Meshuggah Songs

A list of the best songs from Sweeden's masters of mind-bending, polyrhythmic progressive death metal.

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41 Sum

Epic epic epic epic

42 Spasm

This song is flawless! Definitely my favorite song of theirs - THEPAINTRAIN

43 Pitch Black
44 Neurotica
45 Monstrocity

This will be a top 5 meshuggah song before all is said and done.

46 Humiliative
47 This Spiteful Snake

Whoah this song deserves way higher the slow chugging or palm muting in this song definitely sets it apart in terms of rhythm and melody and is very unique in terms of its instrumentation and time signature. And yeah it's definitely different in terms of how it's displayed and he lyrics of course are always a masterpiece when it comes to meshuggah. - Solthor

48 The Exquisite Machinery of Torture
49 Violent Sleep of Reason
50 By the Ton
51 Dehumanization

One of the heaviest things known to man. - Spineapple

52 The Paradoxical Spiral
53 Acrid Placidity

True... I love this side of the band. Songs like this one, Choirs of Devastation, Internal Evidence, etc. are sadly a thing of the past... not sure if they are ashamed of their older style, but they shouldn't be... it was amazing work and honestly their only sound that I liked...

Who knew the brutal djent maestros had a softer side! I particularly love this song for being so darn different!

54 Beneath
55 Glints Collide
56 Concatenation

Listen from 2:12-3:05 trust me, you'll thank me.

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