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161 Insurrection - Gamma Ray
162 I Believe - Helloween
163 Death - Judas Priest
164 Breathe Into Me - Red
165 Orion - Metallica

If To Live Is To Die counts as a ballad, then Orion does too. This song is a pure masterpiece. Every time the mid part of the song kicks in, I feel like I'm floating through space. I love to listen to the song before I go to sleep. It's beautiful.

166 Rock And Roll Angel - Jorn
167 Forsaken - Dream Theater
168 Down Where I Am - Demons & Wizards
169 Love's Tragedy - Demons & Wizards V 1 Comment
170 Uudestisyntynyt (Reborn) - Teräsbetoni
171 A Tale That Wasn't Right – Helloween

There are 2 versions of this song, the original one with Hansen is much more darker than the later one recorded with Kiske. I like both, but prefer Kiske's. The picture in the thumbnail here is for the Kiske's version, by the way. - abyx

Oh I forgot, to tell how awesome and epic this song is, it really is! - abyx

I confused the song with title with another called Victim of Fate, how could I?!... And there is no way to delete or edit posts here, sucha a shame :( - abyx

172 The Man (That I Don't Know) - Primal Fear

Great music and lyrics with deep meaning, and one of the best vocal performances in metal. - Metal_Treasure

173 A Room With a View - Death Angel

Good acoustic solo in the middle, nice electric super short solo at the end, but the chorus is terrible in my opinion. - abyx

V 1 Comment
174 Greater Darkness - Moonspell

I try to listen to Moonspell in the past, an album called Wolfheart, but I could not get into it. But this ballad is surely a nice find to treasure... and the ending is great - abyx

175 How The Gods Kill - Danzig
176 Handful of Rain - Savatage

I like Savatage, but can this song be really classified as a ballad? Sure it has some peaceful moments but, not sure... - abyx

177 Hold Me in Your Arms - Helloween

I agree, a very emotional song, with such a beautiful sing-along chorus, with piano and orchestral background that makes it sound very full. the lyrics may be a bit cheesy yes, and the verse not so impressive as the chorus and the instrumental parts, but I like it a lot. As we know Helloween have really good ballads, and this one does not disappoint. - abyx

Beautiful acoustic guitar and orchestral elements, with touching if somewhat cheesy lyrics - petrucci75hammet

178 Everytime It Rains - Primal Fear
179 Diabolus - Primal Fear V 1 Comment
180 The Ministry of Lost Souls - Dream Theater
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