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Stephen Percy "Steve" Harris is an English musician and songwriter, known as the bassist, occasional keyboardist, backing vocalist, primary songwriter and founder of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.


Metal is a genre where unfortunately many bassists go unappreciated because the rip roaring guitars take center stage. Not so with Steve Harris. You will feel his presence in every Iron Maiden song and rest assured, he makes them better. Responsible for the iconic "Maiden Gallop" often used throughout metal and also about half the writing of the band's songs, Steve is unquestionably the best.

I understand people going for Cliff burton, he was the master of the craft but I think Steve Harris has a little edge over him. Cliff burton hands down has better technique but music is not about just technique, its just one of the aspects. Steve has written majority of Maiden's music which speaks for itself as how successful Maiden is, also longevity is a factor, Steve Harris has disappointed over his long span of career, Not saying Cliff would but we will not know that answer. So, all in all, Steve Harris for me. Up the Irons. /m/

Harris plays the bass like a lead guitar, and does it all with his fingers. Not only does he play it like a lead guitar with his fingers but he does it with surgical accuracy. He is the most inventive bass player in history of metal music, and the man responsible for pulling that instrument out from the shadow of guitars!

Not only was Steve Harris an extremely talented bass player with a distinctive style of his own, he was also the composer to some of the most successful and influential songs in metal history. With his ability to change pace and time signature at a moments notice, Harris uses his four strings to add a great depth to every song he performs.

Kick ass player if you ask me. Definitely one of heavy metal's best. He is the reason why I listen to maiden. Steve, hope you live long enough to kick more ass. I hope he does a solo at any of their live shows. He considers them to be so boring, but I would love to hear him do one.

Looking at the name of Geezer Butler just below, I wondered if I should vote for him. And further down the list Lemmy's name caught my attention as well. But when it comes to metal bassist, I can't help but to vote for Steve Harris in the end. I think his basslines sticks out from the band's sound than those of Geezer do in Sabbath. And no matter Lemmy's the sonic center of Motorhead, and his band is highly influential, still I don't think not they but Iron Maiden epitomizes metal much better.

Initially, the guitarist or the lead singer is the face and leader of a band, but with Maiden it's Steve, the bassist because of his killer, thudding bass lines and being a master at songwriting, plus starting Maiden off in the early days and still keeping them together even at the hardest times. Up the irons!

Maiden wouldn't be what it is without Steve's outstanding basslines. Especially in the 80s he was an absolute beast. What I like about him is that he plays independently of what the guitarists play. And that's what makes the playing of many bassists so boring. They just play the same thing as the guitarists. But Steve is way to creative and talented for doing that. No other metal bassist stands out like him and that's why he is the best.

Steve Harris influenced Cliff Burton. He played incredibly difficult bass lines and wrote half of maiden's catalog by himself.

Cliff Burton either A) played straight up lead bass, or followed the guitars. The guitars followed Steve Harris' bass, while he remained in the pocket.

I'm a huge Cliff Burton, John Myung, Geezer Butler, Dave Ellefson, and Justin Chancellor fan, but this guy is SUPER TALENTED! His lyrics are also awesome too! And his bass playing goes along very well with Bruce's singing, Murray's guitar playing, and Nicko's drums! Up the irons! M/

He truly is the best bassist ever for his unique techniques and also his motivation is the reason we have the great IRON MAIDEN now (the band always admit that he is the BAND) combination of his playing, song writing and energy makes him one of the best musician of all time.

If you've seen him play, then there's no need for an explanation. Listen to run to the hills, Phantom Of the Opera, the Clairvoyant, Wrath child and countless others. Burton is good too, but doesn't stand out too much like 'Arry does.

Steve Harris is the man! He has composed the majority of Maiden songs masterpiece by masterpiece. Just by Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son he does deserve to be at the first place! - Maidenepiclover

Just watched the infinite dreams live video. He seems to be playing the bass as if it is just a part of his body. Definitely should be number 1 with John Myung in a close second. Burton is overrated and should be at number 3. Just my humble opinion.

Steve Harris deserves the top spot, not only because he is an amazing bassist, but because he is responsible for writing almost all of Iron Maiden's songs. I've yet to find a bass player that can do everything he does. Truly a legend!

Steve Harris is just the best! He never stops! He plays the bass better than some guitarist can play the guitar and bass is harder to play! Not to mention his writing skills which are just THE BEST! BEST BAND EVER! BEST BASSIST EVER!

steve harris creator of one of the first prominent metal bands that inspired all after, most bassists play quietly behind the guitarists whereas with steve you can hear the distinct bass in every maiden song. amazing

It's literally like pulling teeth trying to decide the better bassist between Cliff and Steve! Steve is undoubtedly the heart and soul of IRON MAIDEN and the world suffered a great loss the day we lost Cliff! Rock In Peace!

Steve Harris should be number one, he is an amazing bassist, and he is the best songwriter in metal history. And if it wasn't for Steve, there would be no Iron Maiden, and Iron Maiden was a HUGE influence on many, many bands.

Steve Harris IS Iron Maiden. His bass playing separated Iron maiden from all the other bands. Run to The Hills, Sanctuary, The Number Of The Beast -EPICS!

Phantom of the opera? Wrathchild? Run to the Hills? To Tame a land? Powerslave? 2 Minutes to midnight? Stranger in a strange land? The clayrvoyant? need more epic bass songs?

For me the intro to Killers, after learning it I thought, "Why couldn't I have written that? " The same with Wrathchild and numerous others.

With Steve EVERY note is in there (and no more) because it adds to the song, not just because he wants to be 'flash' or show off.

I personally think the guy is head and shoulders above the rest, but I'm a Brit so mght be biased :-)

there would be no maiden without harris there be no "beast", no blood brothers, also he has a signature bass nuff said he is a bass god. best bassist period.

He is a genius! Never seem no one play as fast and as skilled as him, I know Cliff Burton is very (very) good too (just listen to "orion"), but Steve is better

The best heavy metal bassist of all time no doubt, just listen to The Trooper for proof. Hallowed be thy name. Rime of The Ancient Mariner. Run To The Hills. Say no more!