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Metal Church was an American heavy metal band from Aberdeen, Washington, USA. They were formed as Shrapnel in1980 at the San Fransisco Bay Area by band lead guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof.

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1 Metal Church

One of the most underrated metal songs ever - wolphert

2 Watch the Children Pray

This is my first comment on this site, but I would like to say that in my opinion, this song is amazing! I wish that more people would listen to this awesome band. Since I discovered this song, I listen to it all the time now. The ending really just takes the song to a whole new level. - Element119

Great riff! Why Metal Church is so unterrated band?...

3 Beyond the Black

The intro is one of the best in thrash metal history

4 Gods of Wrath


5 Badlands

I love the intro! It's amazing! And the rest of the song just blows my mind! - LostDream258

It's just... SO good! I can't describe it in words - Songsta41

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6 Merciless Onslaught
7 Battalions
8 Dead City
9 Fake Healer
10 The Final Word

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11 Start the Fire
12 Highway Star
13 Hitman

Very dynamic, variative song with nice melody

14 Ton of Bricks
15 In Harm's Way
16 Western Alliance
17 Burial at Sea
18 In Mourning
19 Suiciety
20 Anthem to the Estranged
21 The Spell Can't Be Broken
22 Waiting for a Savior
23 Perfect Crime
24 In the Blood
25 The Human Factor
26 (My Favorite) Nightmare
27 Method to Your Madness
28 The Dark
29 Psycho
30 Conductor
31 In the Company of Sorrow
32 Beyond All Reason

One of the best intense intro song of all time

33 Line of Death
34 In Due Time
35 Gods of Second Chance
36 Down to the River
37 Sleeps With Thunder
38 Kiss for the Dead
39 Faster Than Life
40 All Your Sorrows
41 Leave Them Behind
42 Generation Nothing
43 Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)
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1. Badlands
2. Dead City
3. Watch the Children Pray
1. Watch the Children Pray
2. Battalions
3. Merciless Onslaught
1. Metal Church
2. Watch the Children Pray
3. Gods of Wrath

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