Best Metal Covers of Non-metal Songs

Songs that sound better in the metal genre than in the original.

The Top Ten

1 Dream On - Dio & Yngwie

Dio & Yngwie covering Aerosmith's most iconic song - a brilliant cover. - Metal_Treasure

2 Kashmir - Paul Di'Anno
3 Toccata and Fugue

Emerson, Lake and Palmer version... Yes! - BobG

4 Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica
5 F-Zero - Mute City
6 Bloody Tears - ToxicxEternity
7 Smooth Criminal
8 It's a Sin - Gamma Ray

Pet Shop Boys cover - more than awesome! Gallop and double bass - fine! - Metal_Treasure

9 Don't Bring Me Down - Northern Kings

One of the best metal covers I've ever heard. Great new metal arrangement and awesome vocals. - Metal_Treasure

Electric Light Orchestra cover.
Vocals: Jarkko Ahola - amazing singer. - Metal_Treasure

10 Saturday Night's Alright - Flotsam & Jetsam

An Elton John thrash cover by Jason Newsted's first band. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 You are a Pirate - Alestorm

Originally on the show LazyTown

12 Oops!...I Did It Again - Children of Bodom

This cover always puts a smile on my face - Alexi Laiho is such a badass (he spits, clears his throat … )

I had to do some research to find out what exactly Alexi says.
"Perkele! " - a Finnish word for the Devil/Satan used as a swear / curse word. - Metal_Treasure

13 I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Coroner

The best Beatles cover ever (from a thrash band).

14 Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson

NOT A METAL COVER, but pretty decent.

15 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! - Yngwie

Nothing's more Swedish than this cover - Yngwie covering ABBA! It's a great cover.
Vox: Mark Boals. - Metal_Treasure

16 Rock Me Amadeus - Edguy

I listened to this. It might be one of the most badass songs ever. - BeatlesFan1964

BeatlesFan1964, this is really one of the most badass songs ever! (Falco cover) - Metal_Treasure

17 Canon Rock - Jerry C
18 Immigrant Song - Demons & Wizards

The best Led Zep cover ever. - Metal_Treasure

19 Surfin' USA - Blind Guardian
20 Surfin' Bird - Sodom

Somebody needs to send a tape of this to Seth MacFarlane.

21 Maniac - Firewind
22 Poker Face - Leo Moracchioli
23 Wild Thing - Chimaira
24 We Don't Need Another Hero - Northern Kings

A Tina Turner cover (symphonic metal style) - exemplary cover. - Metal_Treasure

25 Hangover - Alestorm

Original by Tao Cruz

26 All My Friends are Dead - Carpathian Forest

A cover of the classic punk song by Turbonegro - ryanrimmel

27 Whole Lotta Rosie - Bullet for My Valentine

Also not a Metal cover... and it sucks regardless.

28 Word Up! - Korn
29 Larger Than Life - Paragon

Backstreet Boys are tolerable with this cover! - Metal_Treasure

30 Lay All Your Love on Me - Avantasia

ABBA goes heavy metal. - Metal_Treasure

31 S.O.S. - at Vance

ABBA cover - Metal_Treasure

32 Like a Virgin - Shock Treatment
33 Kiss from a Rose - Northern Kings

A Seal cover (symphonic metal style) - Metal_Treasure

34 Loverman - Metallica

Original: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Metal_Treasure

35 White Room - Demons & Wizards
36 Rasputin - Ten Masked Men

Boney M death metal cover - Metal_Treasure

37 Stayin' Alive - Ten Masked Men

Bee Gees death metal cover - Metal_Treasure

38 Ghostbusters - Xentrix

Ray Parker, Jr. cover (Ghostbusters OST) - Metal_Treasure

39 Toxic - TrollfesT

A Britney Spears cover. The funniest cover and video ever. - Metal_Treasure

40 Turn the Page - Metallica
41 Any Given Day - Diamonds
42 The Wizard - Blind Guardian
43 Barbara Ann - Blind Guardian
44 Hallelujah - Blind Guardian
45 Toxic - Finntroll
46 Land of Confusion - Disturbed
47 Dream a Little Dream of Me - Blind Guardian

An Ozzie Nelson cover - Metal_Treasure

48 Someone Like You - Ice Nine Kills
49 I.F.Y. - Vader
50 Wicked - Korn

Calling Korn metal is debatable... even Jonathan Davis said they're not metal.

Ironically, Korn is metal.

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1. Dream On - Dio & Yngwie
2. You are a Pirate - Alestorm
3. I Want You (She's So Heavy) - Coroner
1. Kashmir - Paul Di'Anno
2. Toccata and Fugue
3. F-Zero - Mute City
1. Dream On - Dio & Yngwie
2. Don't Bring Me Down - Northern Kings
3. It's a Sin - Gamma Ray


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