Best Metal Dragons In Dragon City


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1 King Dragon

Awesome best their is without a doubt

Flame metal levl 40

2 Platinum Dragon

He mis my favorite I always beat poeple by him his life is long and strong dragon breed him now

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3 Armadillo Dragon

Armadillo is so strong that I always use it in battles

Yes rust is cool tumble weed good ninja star exelent astriod burey cannon balls Aits so amazing

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4 Gold Dragon

I think gold dragon is the best cause it's firepower on nail rail is op

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5 Pearl Dragon
6 Pure Metal Dragon

The Metal Dragon with no weaknesses.

7 Mercury Dragon
8 Robot Dragon
9 Jade Dragon
10 Queen Dragon

The Contenders

11 Dragonfly Dragon
12 Zombie Dragon
13 Treasure Dragon
14 Metal Dragon
15 Amazone Dragon

This is by far the best Metal Element dragon. She comes with a crit attack right off the bat, and her trainable attacks are great.

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1. Pure Metal Dragon
2. Armadillo Dragon
3. King Dragon
1. King Dragon
2. Platinum Dragon
3. Gold Dragon


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