Jimmy The Rev Sullivan (Avenged Sevenfold)


James Owen Sullivan: gods drummer in heaven that destroy the demon in the hell including biebers fan. 2009 god need a drummer so he took THE REV cause he knows that when he made THE REV in 1981, he himself cried caused he made an entertainer of the world that can never be replaced. Thank you god for creating THE REV. I am very proud to say that I rather become his son than become a billionaire. Love THE REV FOREVER. By the way JOEY JORDISON, LARS ULRICH, CHRIS ADLER, DAVE LOMBARDO is also great drummers. They also will become gods drummer one day, but not that hentai punkass.

Listen to any song from City of Evil, Chapter Four, the drum solo in Darkness Surrounding (recorded on a FOUR piece kit), or even some stuff from Diamonds in the Rough. Plus he had an incredible voice. I bet Joey Jordison would sound like a little bitch if he sang. I mean seriously guys, Jordison isn't that good, his fills are just randomly hitting some toms on top of some double kick as fast as he can go. Jimmy was so original, and a great singer and songwriter. Jordison to my knowledge doesn't write and he's the least original drummer in the world. Always does the same thing. Vote Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and may his memory live on foREVer

Jimmy is a phenomenal drummer and I don't really care what a lot of you think of him and how you think he's only being considered for number 1 because he passed away, but let me tell you something. When people like Mike Portnoy or Vinnie Paul consider The Rev to be an amazing drummer there's no arguing that he's epic, Just listen to his Double Ride technique in the song Almost Easy (the part where he uses the ride cymbals and right after he uses his double bass with extreme speed)

the rev he was good was as in no more danny carrey of tool by far blows this dude out of the water I hate people that say this dude is the greatest he's not. Over rated drummer by far and for anybody that knows just music in general knows carrey has been doing it consistently for over 20 years and with each new tool album he puts out something that I thought could never be played on the drums. Literally gives me the chills when I hear his. And I just think Avenged Sevenfold is a band with a singer who sounds whiny.

I admit that being a drummer everyone is good in all their own ways (drummer that are mention here in the list) but REV.. ! HE IS AWESOME..
When I listen to song I never care about drum beats because everyone sounds similar, but when I heard A7X song (beast and the harlot) for the first time, the drum part were different from any others.. so I thought he might be playing in the same manner in all a7x songs and I try to listen more like bat country, unholy confession, blinded in chains and many more.. he play in a unique ways in every songs.. their what I realise was that their is an awesome drummer at least in the world, but sadly I was after I came to know about his drum skills and tried to take more information about him then I found that he is already death.. that was so so bad that happen to him..R.I. P JIMMY.. a7x is never complete without you

Sympathy? Come on, guys. The Rev is HUGE. Inspiration, master, god, you name it. If you can drum, sure. You have pure talent. Ok. Now try this. Drumming AND singing. The Rev could do it all. Not only was he a drummer and a vocalist for A7X (Avenged Sevenfold), but he was a pianoist and a song writer, too. If it wasn't for The Rev, A7X would not be anywhere NEAR what it is today. So please, I don't think The Rev is number 1 for "sympathy votes". If you want an excuse as to why he's number one, it's because of his fans, his talent, and his music. You don't get to number one by sympathy. You just don't. So stop with that sympathy BS, because it's just a pathetic excuse - PickleMonster21

He is definitely the best! I wish he was here to see this! He is the best drummer in the world! I play drums because he inspired me to play. I have a deathbat on my bass of course. I am called by my nickname because I act a lot like him. People might even say I'm like him exactly. My band acts like the other members! We love avenged! I listen to fiction almost every night. I wrote "Rev" "promise me you'll never be afraid" "stallion duck! " and "this is just my part time school, I go to Avenged Sevenfold university. " on my school agenda. He is so funny. I learned afterlife on my fifth drum lesson. We all love him deep down inside. -mini REV

It's not his extremely well known songs that make him a beast on the kit; while Beast and the Harlot, Chapter Four, Unholy Confessions, Streets, and Critical Acclaim are all fantastic the less common ones are where he shined. Brompton Cocktail, Almost Easy, Unbound (The Wild Ride), We Come Out at Night. The thing that made him great though, was his stage presence. I had the honor of seeing him play in 2008. Unforgettable. RIP Jimmy.

Sympathy vote my ass. He is topping the list because he is genuinely a very talented drummer. He recorded the entirety of their first album, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, in one take! Listen to the beginning of Forgotten Faces, if you don't think he's fast. Joey is good, but all I hear from him is speed. The Rev has speed and complex uniqueness. Not to mention The Rev is one of the most musically talented people of our generation, in general.

The first time I hear this guy play I knew that The REV is no ordinary drummer, he has the skills that tops every drummer on this list even at his young age, words cannot express his greatness his simply one of the greatest drummers ever lived period. It's sad that he had to go early but his legacy will remain for those who knew, watched and heard him play, The REV's talent will not be forgotten... FoREVer!

Listen to Blinded In Chains. The drumming is insane. I will admit I was somebody who said that the REV was getting sympathy votes, until I heard him sing on Critical Acclaim, and the drumming on Blinded In Chains. Mike Portnoy is the second best, and Joey from Slipknot is third, John Dolayman from System of a Down is fourth, and David Silveria from Korn is fifth.

Everyone voting for him because he provided occasional vocals as well as drummed, the drummer from Atreyu is one of the lead vocalists as well. Does that make him an amazing drummer? Not really. The rev was a good drummer, but definitely not the beat. Nicko McBrain, Mike Portnoy, Dave Lombardo etc are all better than him, Nicko even plays with one bass pedal! (Listen to Where Eagles Dare, he plays with one bass drum so fast! )

Alright! Finally someone is recognizing the man, as he deserves to be recognized. The Rev is the best, and can never be ousted from his throne in a fair competition. His passion on stage, and off, will ensure that he can never be beaten. RIP Rev, we love you and miss you...

The Reverend had the most creative and flawless fills out of all the drummers in his genre. He was acknowledged as one of the greatest BEFORE HE EVEN PASSED so anyone saying sympathy votes can gtfo. Chapter 4, Second Heartbeat, the breakdown on Unholy Confessions live, his vocals on various tracks, his skills in the piano, he was just so talented all around. RIP brotha hopefully I'll meet you one day up there.

Because he was an example of life is complete education live in a laundry that washed their clothes only 3 times if I'm not mistaken, a drummer with good coordination of different rhythms in dishes tones bulbs and box at the same time which was perfect with the rhythm of the music with a singing tone that ruffled anyone not to mention the music he wrote Almost Easy to get perfect. Well that's it I hope you liked

He's a great drummer, insane beats, crazy drum fills and lethal solos in songs. He's way better than Joey, wow he can play faster than jimmy but it sounds terrible and speed doesn't mean your a good drummer. Jimmy wrote entire songs for the band and created beats for the songs showing he's also a better musician than joey! And I think Bat Country is the funnest song to play on the drums.

I don't know why people calling the rev that he is dead that's why he is in the top 10 list, come on guy's joey is just faster but you can see who is more technical obviously the rev cause he can play any kind of drumming his skill's are more technical not that fast but faster then average his beat's cannot be beaten he was a GOD at drumming. Joey is good but no where to the level of the rev...!

The Rev is the best and will always be, the best, and he sure as hell isn't at the top of the list because he's dead. He's he because he has super fast double kick speed, he wrote 3 songs before he died that were on the nightmare album 2 of which, he sings in, and he wrote the basic drum parts for every song on the album. That's why he is at the top, not because he is dead.

Jimmy The Rev Owen Sullivan, the greatest drummer ever. Not to mention could put a smile on anyone's face. If anyone disagrees with Jimmy being the best, then take some time just to listen when the voices are screaming much to loud, oh wait. Those are song lyrics, anyway. Listen to the music Jimmy wrote, his drumming, and singing.

Perfect blend. The power of Nicko McBrain and Danny Carey, the melody of Brann Dailor, the speed of Gene Hoglan. A complete original and irreplaceable.

BTW: Putting Ulrich at the top is like putting Hammett on the top of a guitarists list. Every drummer on this list is better. Also, Gartdrummm from Three should also be on this list. - audiobyrne

He may not be on this earth anymore but that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve the title as best metal drummer. His speed his incredible, his rolls are so clean, his vocals are magnificent. He's the reason why I started playing the drums. If you think that the REV is just getting sympathy votes because he is dead you better turn yourself around and walk on home boy. R.I. P Jimmy "the REV" Sullivan. FoREVer

Although the Rev may now longer be with us, his legacy will foRever live on. His work with Avenged Sevenfold and Pinkly Smooth has inspired me to become a better drummer. He was a God on the drums, Amazing at singing and one of the funniest men that ever walked the Earth. We miss you brother, R.I. P Rev.

Jimmy was not as fast as joey or portnoy but his creativity and sound, technique and the fact that his drum tracks can be considered a song in their own right make him my personal favourite drummer. If he lived he would have become even better. I am aware my opinion may be swayed slightly by his death but I don't think I would change my opinion even if he was alive today. - SynInMyBlood

People who think that Joey Jordison should be first is wrong because if you listen to the drum track with Avenged Sevenfold and then listen to the drumtrack to Slipknot you will notice that Joeys drums are 85% double bass as Jimmys is about 65% so. It takes more talent to play every drum well and can sing at the same time rather than just move your feet.

If he doesn't go down in history, I don't know who will. He is legendary, and nothing will ever match his superiority in drums. Thank you, Jimmy- for teaching me all you did while you graced this planet. Always in my mind, always in my heart and of course, always blaring through my speakers. You were and always will be a force to be reckoned with.