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181 Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses)

Great guy awesome drummer

182 Justin Foley (Killswitch Engage)
183 John Fred Young (Black Stone Cherry)
184 Dasa Zebta
185 Eno Gitara
186 Sebas Sampieri (Artema)
187 Sujk (Deluhi, Arkhelism, Undivide)

I think, he is the best drummer from JAPAN after Yoshiki (X-JAPAN). You must watch and listen his show!

188 Robb Reiner Robb Reiner

I've seen many of the drummers on this list live. Bill Ward, Vinnie Paul, Mickey Dee, Nicko McBrain, Neil Peart, Scott Travis, Igor Cavalera, Vinnie Appice, Tommy Aldridge etc. They are all amazing! But my vote goes to Rob Reiner. Nobody plays like him in Metal. He has so much going on in every Anvil song. Some might say he's playing too much. I keep coming back for more. Rob is a true drumming inspiration!

He is one of the best metal drummers in the history.

Best Metal drummer since 1981 till today

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189 Donald Tardy (Obituary)
190 Trey Williams (Dying Fetus)
191 Peter Criss Peter Criss George Peter John Criscuola, better known by his stage name Peter Criss, is an American musician and actor, best known as a co-founder, the original drummer, and an occasional vocalist of the hard rock band Kiss.

Was the monster drummer on the best selling live album ever "Alive"

192 Eric Singer Eric Singer Eric Singer is an American hard rock and heavy metal drummer, best known as a member of Kiss, portraying The Catman originally played by Peter Criss.

Drummer for Black Sabbath, Alice Cooper, Lita Ford, now Kiss. Not so much an originator as a highly adaptable one.

193 Fredrik Andersson (Amon Amarth)

Really good drummer, though I never had oportunity to hear him in other styles than "Extreme" metal. It was fantastic to see improvement through years with AA, and see him live couple of times.

This man rocks. One of the best drummers in the whole metal world and the best I've ever seen live.

The best drummer I ever seen!...In Amon Amarth and in This Ending/ A Canorous Quintett too! Thank you Fredrik for your play! :) m/ keep the best drummer...

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194 Chris Fehn (Slipknot)

In slipknot he's playing percussion not drummer

195 Doug Court (Sirens and Sailors)

Probably one of the most advanced drummers I've heard in a very long time, maybe ever. This guy makes Matt Greiner look bad. I'm not kidding look up Sirens and Sailors- The Chosen One. He even has a cover of the song himself, it's incredible

196 Aries Forkan (Flag Pole Damage)
197 Kai Hahto

Kai's versatility has enabled him to play in a variety of genres: death metal, doom metal, grindcore, ambient, melodic death, as well as whatever Wintersun is. An example of his genius can be heard in Wintersun's song Sons of Winter and Stars, where he can be heard playing multiple time signatures simultaneously.

Is everyone ok? Kai definitely need to be in the top 5, he's technique and speed are impeccable and his talent out if this world. By the way he's in Wintersun and the new nightwish drummer (until Jukka feels better).

A very, very talented drummer. He has speed but even more versatility. His drums are not only about rhythm but even melody.

In my opinion a very skilled else could you play WIntersun?!

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198 Mark Mironov - Betraying the Martyrs
199 Trym (Emperor,Zyklon)
200 Daniel Wilding
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