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Skullkid755 So, here's a story about yesterday to get us started. I had to go to the con artist I MEAN DENTIST for teeth related reasons. Since my mom didn't know how long we'd be there, she decided to let me not go to school yesterday. I used my free time yesterday to finish Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D on my 3DS and I really enjoyed the game most of the time. It defied my expectations, except there were some problems to be had. Well, you know, since I was just telling a story about playing a game, how about a story about a game series. Once upon a time, video game combat revolved around getting rid of enemies. Um, I forgot what I was gonna say. Um, let me try something. Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, Konami created Metal Gear, which was decent for it's time but then Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake came out and improved on everything about it, and then Metal Gear Solid made the series awesome and well known. I played the first two games using DOSBox, and they were okay, but I have come to the conclusion that Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D is way better. Now, here's some more history. Kojima and his development team eventually left Konami. So, they, Konami, decided to create, well, that thing down there below this sentence.

If you don't know that was suppose to be the Metal Gear Survive Trailer. That was the history of me playing Metal Gear Snake Eater and the history of the franchise. It has now become a Left 4 Dead's new try hard instead of Splinter Cell's old role model. It may be good if it is a good spin off, not if they decide to rename it to Metal Gear Solid 6 : Generic Zombie Game. I will now review a great remake of a great game, and I hope this review is very Solid and not so Snake. Get it? Yep, I know, the pun sucked badly. Well, I'm not here for puns, I'm here to review this game right now!

First of all, I'll review the graphics. The graphics look great, better than the original game, and it came out just a few months after the 3ds was released. The graphics are very detailed, the jungle setting works well for the 3d also. Plus, the cut scenes are good if you consider they are shown mostly on a screen that it less than half the size of the average laptop screen. I think the graphics look better than the first game, and are some good graphics on the Nintendo 3DS, Monster Hunter 4 has the best graphics to me though, but we aint talking about Monster Hunter, we're talking about Snake Eater. The graphics are good, that's all I'm trying to say.

Now, I'll review the sound track. The sound track is great. The boss battle theme with Volgin is good, then there is the song for when you get killed, and the song "Snake Eater" is great. I like the sound track and think it's pretty good. I like the songs and the choice of when they were played.

Here in this paragraph, I'll review the characters. Naked Snake/John is a great and badass character who doesn't crack under pressure easily and is dedicated to protecting his country. The Boss was a character who would get hated by anyone who didn't know what truly happened and why it happened. I don't want to spoil anything so that was just a hint at what happened to her in the plot. Volgin was a great Villain and it took multiple battles to kill him. He was evil, powerful, and I failed to fight him and came back after over a month to defeat him yesterday, and was proud when I defeated him in my first battle against him. EVE though, she was a mixed bag for me. Driving a motorcycle while getting chased by a giant robot tank was awesome, watching as she tried to get f*cked by Snake though and not skipping the cut scene out of fear of missing something important to the story on the other hand wasn't. Then she kept losing stamina really really fast after I fed her in my least favorite part of the game, in which I had to keep her from dying and had to get to my destination, with her, while feeding her when she got low on stamina. Her and Snake were both injured at that time and Snake did way more moving and still maintained the same amount of stamina as her for ten times the amount of time. The characters were good mostly, but EVE was a mixed bag for me. Overall, good characters, not a perfect bunch, but still a good bunch.

Now, for the game play. It was great, most of the time. You get a good variety of weapons to fight with, but it's best to save your ammo for boss battles. The boss battles were all hard but fun, even The End since his boss battle was about endurance and stealth. Whenever I was knocked out in the boss battle after I was sent back after being knocked out, I decided to save in the arena and then reload the save file so I wouldn't have to walk back to it. You can hide in boxes, interrogate enemies, slit their throats, snipe them, stun them, and do more stuff to them. Plus go under a building and shoot enemies without them being able to get to you since most of the time they wouldn't go under buildings. A lot of times though, you don't have to be stealthy, you could just pull out a machine gun or shot gun, and clear out the area of enemies. The game was fun to play and had good action along with lots of stealth with parts that didn't need stealth to do good, which was a problem for me since I was hoping to not find myself using my shot gun on enemies that weren't bosses.

Now, finally, I'll review the story line. The thing the Metal Gear game series is famous for most besides it's stealthy game play, but also it's complex story line with a timeline of games more confusing than the Zelda timeline, since Zelda doesn't want you to play one game to play another to get the best experience. The overarching goal was to destroy the Shagohad, a walking tank that could launch nuclear missiles by going down a runway very very fast. The plot twist at the end, was very unexpected and it made me find out that The Boss was a great person, who was dedicated to their country. The story line was awesome and complex with a great twist in the end that changed my view on a character.

Now, for the conclusion. This is a great stealth-action game that got me into the Metal Gear Solid franchise. It has a good cast of characters with one mixed bag, plus game play that could have had more stealth, and the ABXY camera that worked pretty well the same way Kid Icarus Uprising pulled off touch-screen aiming. There were also awesome boss battles, my favorite being either the Fury, the Pain, or maybe the Fear. The story-line was one of the best things about the game, and made you change your opinion on The Boss in the end due to a plot twist. So, in conclusion, even though the game has faults like a mixed character and missing stealth it should have had, it is still video games as a form of art, and after you play this, you will be ashamed of never taking video games seriously in the first place. It is an amazing game I suggest to those looking for a good plot with very few bad characters along with awesome mostly stealthy game play, and it gets a 96/100 due to how the pros and cons forged my opinion about this game. I hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope you thought it was very "solid". This game will probably "sneak past" the You Tuber PewDiePie, but I don't care. This review is now complete and goodbye.


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