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Since MGS 4 is coming soon, I thought let's make a Metal Gear list. Well this is a list of the characters of all the MGS. Who's the best character of em all.
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1 Solid Snake Solid Snake is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists of the video game series Metal Gear by Hideo Kojima. He is a legendary soldier cloned from Big Boss's DNA, who is sent to infiltrate and investigate the titular weapons in an effort to stop a potential war.

Big boss needs an army at his back at all times and constantly goes into comas. Sure, he's pulled off some great feats, but snake is simply better.

Snake took down the extremely advanced B/B corps as a diseased 80 year old man. He also single handedly stopped the Shadow Moses indecent. Not to mention HE DEFEATED BIG BOSS MULTIPLE TIMES. Also, snake defeated Liquid, his brother, in battle, despite the fact that Liquid had an army and all the superior genes.

Snake may have started out as a clone of big boss, but through his heroic escapades, he surpassed big boss in every way.

Solid Snake is just the best. I cared the most about his story mainly because I started the story with him. He also has the best support group with Otacon, Campbell, Mei Ling, Meryl, Naomi, Raiden and the list goes on. Big Boss has Miller in Peace Walker and Phantom Pain. His support group kinda sucks in Snake Eater. The only ones I cared about were Zero and Eva. Miller is his best supporter and he’s not even in 3. Huey is no comparison to Otacon. And Revolver being in Phantom Pain felt kind of weird. Solid Snake has also defeated Big Boss a couple times. Solid Snake is the best!

Solid snake is by far the best. He's a one man army who gets the job done no matter what. Nothing gets in his way. Solid has defeated his brother liquid snake. He's defeated Many bosses. And! etal gears. Plus big boss is a wimp he went into hiding and got a phantom to do his work. Called venom snake. Solid killed venom and defeated big boss. Solid is the true soldier. No one is better than him or harder than him.

Solid snake is the best. For one he's thought harder bosses. Big boss jas been through hell but so has solid snake. Solid snake has beaten big boss and his phantom venom snake which is a good victory. Snake beat his brother who had a full army. Come on snake took out a tank with grenades he's taken out so many metal gears. It tells you that solid is the best by far.

2 Big Boss

Got to give it to Big Boss, he's definitely the best. There's quite a few things that make him better than Solid Snake. For one he's a leader, Snake is a follower/mercenary, although he does later fight for a cause he believes in. Big Boss invented CQC, alongside the Boss, and he used it better than Snake ever could. Big Boss was much better at being stealthy, I mean Snake can see what everyone else sees, but he's still gotten found before. Big Boss had a much more sad and personnel story, and it really makes you feel. Overall I'd say he's much better than Snake, in fact, Snake isn't even my number 2

The greatest character in metal gear. With more substance and emotion than SS, he showed us all in MGS3 that there's more to the story than what we were lead to believe in the original MG games. BIG BOSS aka Naked Snake, aka Jack/John, aka the one eyed man, aka the legendary soldier aka Ishmael aka The Man Who Sold the World is the greatest soldier who ever lived and the greatest MG character. Without him none of what happened would've happened. You felt his Pain, Sorrow, Fear, and Fury in MGS3 and that solidified his status as the most important and best character in MG until the very End

Big boss is a good character. And his fighting skills are great. Big boss has been through loads but look he made his own clone so he could go into hiding. Solid snake never did that and he wouldn't. Overall big boss should be second. But he has a really good story line

I like big boss better because he just is and I like him better because think he is tougher than solid snake. He is better than snake in battle and I think his adventures are cooler. Oh and 1 more thing if big boss wasn't here there would not be a solid snake.

3 Revolver Ocelot

Possibly the best recognized villain in gaming, never mind this entire series.

Watch him gunspinning and you'll see why every argument is invalid.

Best bad guy ever
Best appearence is before he turned not liquid

The series revolves around him

4 The Boss

The Boss is/was the most legendary war hero and she truly expressed her beliefs when she died for a country she didn't completely trust. But that was the order; that was her mission. Big Boss would be nothing without The Boss, and Solid and Liquid would be nothing without either of them. It's also pretty cool that her dad was a founding member of the patriots. War hero, honor, sacrifice, love. Is that about enough?

Aside from Big Boss himself, The Boss has the best characterization in the entire franchise and the biggest influence on the 20th century. Her charismatic demeanor inspired loyalty to everyone that would listen to her, and her morals created a fervor so powerful, its misrepresentation (The Patriots) almost ruined the world.

Her story along with the big boss’s are my two all time favorites

5 Raiden Raiden (Formerly Jack) is a fictional character and a prominent protagonist in the Metal Gear series by Hideo Kojima, being the main hero of Metal Gear Solid II (as a Foxhound soldier) and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (As a modified cyborg).

Raiden is a very moral character, and this makes him one of the most likable characters in MGS. He was kind of lame in MGS2, but he redeemed himself in 4 and soared to new heights in Rising.

Charismatic and in the last MGR cyber-body upgrade has become by the far the strongest Metal Gear character ever.

Raiden went from looking like a girl to looking like a guy you don't wanna screw with

On par with Snake, one of the most badass characters in all of gaming

7 Liquid Snake

Best villain of the series. Hated to see him bite the dust and then fuse with Ocelot

The evil twin of Solid Snake, even feared by the patriots.

8 Steven Armstrong

He is the most funniest, badass yet surprising complex villain in the whole franchise.

9 Otacon

Where would snake be without Otacon reminding him what to do?

He is the best comic relief character ever.

Incredible companion and loyal friend

10 Psycho Mantis

Was somthing new at the time. 9/10

Best (Not main) Antagonist

He's the best

The Contenders
11 Sunny Emmerich
12 Venom Snake

He is also Big Boss. Venom Snake is pretty much an avatar player character. Through him you became our own Big Boss and forged your own legend.

Vote him because his good guy, his truly care about his soldiers, his one of the kind, his not suppose to be die as a (villain )...

Venom snake kept big boss legacy alive he is the real big boss

"I am Big Boss, and you are too; no he's the two of us"

13 Volgin

The most evil character in the series, he was very entertaining in my opinion

Best villain in the series, very entertaining and evil

14 Kazuhira Miller

I hate kaz, he's such a jerk in MGS5, he tortures people just because he doesn't like them or because he personally doesn't trust them, yet everyone else does. He is useless at doing anything and he seems to constantly question big boss' descisions. He just made me want to CQC him into a coma.

Kaz is awesome. In PW he was cool and in PP he became an ass, but in a really badass way. SPOILER FOR MGS1 Sadly he dies off-screen sometime before Shadow Moses instead of the battlefield

I Love Kaz, he's my first Mgs Crush. But Sorry kaz, I only can vote once and I vote BB

15 Paz
16 Grey Fox

HE was a great antihero, one minute he's trying to kill snake then he's saving him. Also his suit is way cooler than raiden's.

He's an invisible robot/ninja... enough said

Should be in top 5 easy!

"... but at least I always fought for what I believed in".

17 Solidus Snake

He shared a lot of similarities with Big Boss and he fought and died for what he believed in.

Wished he would have had more screen time

18 The Sorrow
19 Quiet
20 The End

The end is the best part of the game in Snake Eater.. the most intense sniper showdown...

Best Boss of the Series

the end was a legendary sniper. I agree he should be on the list because it can be the longest boss battle ever. and you also have to find him in a big forest called sokrovenno forest. the end is awesome

21 Meryl
22 Sniper Wolf
23 Jetstream Sam

Simply badass

24 Vamp

Vamp is an amazing character. I love his design, personality, vampire-like nature, voice actor, and his badass-ness

He's Romanian and a bona fide badass! Enough said!

25 Punished "Venom" Snake

Think about it: He's Big Boss, and then some. He fooled the entire world, and even the Patriots into thinking he was Big Boss, and he could probably even beat Big Boss in 1 on 1 combat. Also, if it weren't for his Diamond Dogs, Outer Heaven wouldn't have been as big as it was.

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