Metal Fans Need to Know How Underrated Friedman Is

Fellow Megadeth, Metallica and other metal fans to know how underrated Friedman is. I would write this on the Friedman option, but then no one would see it. So yeah sure, Dave was the main writer. But think about it, best Megadeth solo: Tornado of Souls. Who created it? Marty Friedman. Best solo from Dave: the last solo from Holy Wars. But think about this: Holy Wars is nowhere being top 100 solos. Tornado of Souls however, is top ten solo material. It is that good. Then again, don't forget Friedman's solos in Lucretia, Hangar 18, his own Holy Wars solos, Symphony of Destruction, Five Magics, and a ton of his other solos. Not to mention his own solo performances. I mean, if you want awesome shredding, listen to his album, Loudspeaker.

For what I'm about to say right now will earn me death threats from Megadeth fans, but Dave's leads are overrated. Before you rudely downgrade me, here's why. Dave plays the same kinds of solos, and his leads sound the same. Same 26th fret picking, same scales, same pentatonic box, etc, etc. Marty, on the other hand, is much more versatile, being able to shred at a a fast pace while infusing some really lyrical solo licks, and is all around a much more creative SOLOIST than Dave. Dave is very good with rhythm guitar parts and lyrics. Also, when Dave solos, it sounds a bit sloppy compared to Friedman. Also Broderick is more talented than Dave in terms of soloing, but Friedman is by far the best.

Real list:
Marty Friedman
Dimebag Darrell
Randy Rhoads
Tony Iommi (he plays even though he has no fingertips, need I say more? )
Jimmy Page
Joe Satriani
Alexi Laiho
Chris Broderick
Steve Vai
Adrian Smith

Also, what the heck are Slash and Eddie doing here? They aren't metal.


I agree that marty friedman is one of the best lead guitarists, in fact he's my favourite lead guitarist of all time, but in terms of rhythm playing and songwriting, dave mustaine is much better and more influential. He is responsible 95% percent of megadeth's material after all and is the center of the band. - visitor