Alexi Laiho

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This position is an outstanding one though he is really talented and should be 1st. Being lead vocalist and guitarist is really hard and takes real concentration and Alexi is issued in that state but he enjoys it and is clearly known to be a "crowd favorite". I also have to mention that some of his verses do not equalize with his vocals and that shows a great talent cause not only can he concentrate on his vocals but also his melodic guitar tunes. Thanks for reading this comment and I hope to have every other 14 year old children like myself to encourage themselves to pure music

Amazingly talented guitarist. To hear this guy play a solo it is amazing to me that anyone would not see how incredibly talented he is and a top 5 artist if not the absolute best.

Ironically one of his best solos and the one I recommend everyone hear to gauge his skill would be his side work on the Synergy project. Just listen to his solo on "I spit on your grave" and tell me who else could pull that off? It is VERY select company.

Are you kidding me? Alex laiho should be number 1. The only thing that let dave enter top 5 because he is a legend. But by odin's beard! Alex's guitars riffs, shreds and solos are unique, fast and unpredictable! Kirk even admitted that alex laiho is the best! Besides using guitars, he also serves as the main vocal and composer of the group which in his case, a very rare combination! Watch his solos. This guy is a GOD!

He is one of the best guitarist around. He is skilled and he knows how to put his skills to use. He writes amazing songs with melodic riffs and awesome solos. His way of playing and guitar sound is very distinct. He can play fast or slow or whatever.. And he can do vocals too while playing tough riffs.. And also he is a good performer on stage and he can play well live.

I think Alexi is one of the most innovative and technical guitarists I have ever heard not just at this time. I don't know whether it is his refreshing sense of melody and timed shreds or the fact he can manage to play it so damn fast and so effortlessly.. All I know is every time I hear new material from them I am honestly blown away by how beautiful his work is.. He is number 1 for sure

Definitely underrated here. Wow. People need to stop riding Metallica. Yes, theyre a great, great band but there is no way Kirk is better than Alexi at solos or even playing in general. I'd like to see Satch, Petrucci, Vai, and Buckethead way up here as well. Fail list.

Alexi really should be first. He's the most talented of all the guitarists here, being able to play fast, melodic guitar riffs, WHILE SINGING AT THE SAME TIME, takes an incredible amount of focus, and talent. I have a lot of respect for this man, and he deserves my vote, as well as anyone else's!

In January of 2005 Rolling Stones interviewed Kirk Hammett and the interviewer asked him "Who do you think is the best guitarist ever? " to which Hammett responded "That would be me! Nah, just kidding. I would say it's the one and only Joe Satriani or that kid Alexi! Oh what a power he has! "

It's alexi laiho. Shred god who can utilize full composition writing all by himself with theoretical classical techniques, alternate picking, clean shredding, harmonies, sweeping, tapping and just plain melodic awesomeness.
Yeh Dave mustaine is good, but not laiho good

Alexi is a great solo constructor he and Synyster are the best, though Alexi is better. He is so fast and I bet he can win any competition if he participated. He is the lead vocalist and guitarist plus makes awesome music. So he is number 1... The chosen 1

This guy has a strong and heavy musical talent, I think he have done everything to reach this level such as a guitarist and also with his vocals... But He is a talented songwriter... And a practiced guy also, He's got my vote!

A. Laiho is better than every other Guitarist who ever lived.
He kicks ass of all the guitarist by his solos.
Children Of Bodom is way better than Metallica and all other so called greatest metal bands.

Alexi is the fastest ever, I'm glad he is 6th but he should of been 2nd or 1st. I mean common, have you people no eyes when it comes to speed or shredding not to mention talent. OH YES, how can I forget that he taps like a champ

Alexi is a beast, amazing riffs and solos and he sings too. Great musical knowledge just all round guitar god. Even if, according to my mate he is only that fast because time is slower in Finland.

Alexi is able to play sweet guitar, classic guitar, blues guitar or true speed guitar. If we add his creativity and the melodic solos he is able to made, we have a genius.

Alexi is the best guitarist and should be NO. 1. He does vocal and guitar at the same time and awesome too. He has the melodic guitar skills and his licks are epic.

He is the No. 1 guitarist in metal music. He writes fast, melodic and unique solos. He has musical education and he is not easy to get his solos and music!

Alexi brings together meolody and thrash into one song over and over again, and there are very few guitarists who can do that! also he writes amazing songs. COB 4 eva!

Alexi is the best guitarist of my opinion.
His history, how he manages his riffs, and how he pleasures his fans,
It's amazing how he and his band put awesome riffs together.

My vote goes for Alexi Laiho, also because he's been my inspiration source all from the start when I started playing guitar

Alexi wildchild is the best.. HE makes the best melodies. Technically skilled.. Pure entertainer.. He's fast as well as melodic.. Alexi rocks

Very fast, accurate and melodic, not to mention his technique. He just deserves an higher place in that list! Just listen to Lake Bodom, he recorded that when HE WAS 18. Just saying'

Alexei laiho is one of the most fantastic guitarists. And I don't care about what people think about alexei laiho no one can be better than him!

When he plays a solo then wind of storm blows through his guitar... He is a hurricane... Alexi is far better than other metal guitarist... And this is not a list of rock guitarist...

Listen to every time I die, Needled 24/7, Sixpounder, Downfall, Angels Don't Kill, or watch COB playing live! He plays amazing guitar shreds, solos, riffs and sing at the same time!

Yes Alexie its the best he know all about create amazing solo! And he can make a solo with guitar and keyboard! Listen Everytime I die!