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David Scott "Dave" Mustaine (born September 13, 1961) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor and author. Mustaine is best known as a pioneer in Thrash Metal, being the former lead guitarist of Metallica before his dismissal in 1983, leading to finding and becoming the front man of his own ...read more.


Let me put it like this. All the solos in Kill Em All belongs to Dave and most of the riffs. Why? Because Kirk wasn't even a solo guitar player. And James was inexperienced too at the time. When Kirk he joined Metallica at the time of 1983. He had to go to Joe Satarini for guitar lessons. And yes he learned quickly to solo and added some solos to Kill Em All. But those solos Metallica never plays live almost. But the solos that ruled in Kill Em All "Hit the lights" "The Four horsemen" "Jump in the fire" and ofc "Phantom lord" kicked ass! Why didn't Kirk change them? Because they ruled! And every Kill Em All fan knows that. Dave can play any riff or solo that Kirk can. But try to put Kirk on Megadeths "The five magics" or any RIP song and lets see how good the nr1 guitar player really are!

I'm not say Kirk is a bad player, I love him! He is in fact a really good guitar player.

But he is very overrated. And better than ...more

WTF?! Hammet better than Mustaine?! That's a bunch of crap. Hammett is no longer Thrash, neither is Metallica. Their 4 first albums are the only Thrash. Mustaine took metal, sped it, and added the purest spark. He should be number one, not Hammett. I admit, Hammett is great, but not greater than Mustaine. Megadeth is my favorite band, and I have all their studio albums, an EP, and Mustaine's Side Project band MD. 45's only album. All show one man, shredding, and rocking like no other legend. Hammett, due respect, merely a fill in for Mustaine, and Dave left a huge hole in Metallica, and Hammett never did and never will fill it. "Four Horsemen" by Metallica. Great Mustaine Solo. "Holy Wars", "Symphony of Destruction, " and so on. He's even better than Kirk and James Hetfield if put together - thrashingfeliz34

What the? HAMMETT higher than MUSTAINE? This must be some cruel joke. Let's face the fact - Mustaine is both technically better and far more influential. He's inspired a generation of metal musicians - he invented thrash (which in turn spawned death metal and influenced many other subgenres - fast, loud and rude), doesn't have to abuse wah to sound brilliant, wrote like 90% of Megadeth's back catalog himself (and what has Kirk done? Written the riff for Enter Sandman, a bunch of crap riffs for Load AND frenched Lars Ulrich. Eww. ), and, to boot, never screws up his solos live. Anyone who knows two sts about metal should vote Mustaine.

Anybody who thinks that Synyster Gates is a better Guitarist than Dave Mustaine honestly knows jack about what makes a guitarist great. Not only did Dave have a massive part in creating the Thrash Metal scene he also has written some of the best Metal Riffs in History not just in Megadeth but in Metallica because severely of his Riffs were used in Metallica's early albums (Kill 'Em All & Ride the Lightning). The guy is so unbelievably good that being kicked out of the biggest band in the world did not slow him down one bit.

The album Rust in Peace is easily one of the greatest "guitar albums" of all time, with help from another great guitarist Marty Friedman they wrote one of the fastest, most technically impressive metal albums of all time with some of the best solo's of all time to match.

I used to hate Dave because of his personality but when I really thought about it. He is a real badass musically. Being a writer of some of metallicas heaviest songs I credit him higher than both hetfield and kirk. His biggest issue has been sobriety. But he puts on a better show every year. His stage precense isn't that of a dimebag or zakk. But still puts more effort into it than say tremonti, iommi, and petrucci.. Metallica fan boys will say hammet is better and all. But the factors they forget is. Mustaine us a better riffer, better on stage presence, better live, and to top it all, he does it while singing. Mustaine really deserves a higher ranking. But I am doing this from a phone and I've been making this list for 2 hours.

It was a really close call between Dave and Dimebag. They're both extraordinary guitarists. My vote goes to Dave for two reasons. The fact that he's been through copious amounts of adversity. People are incomprehensibly crude towards him. And although Dave and Dimebag have unmatched skill and similar unique qualities, Dave has had the sustained ability to perform and shred wicked solos for decades. Unfortunately, Dimebag's career was cut short. If that casualty wasn't to occur, I'd most likely be swayed to choose Dime, depending on if he could maintain his legendary skill. All in all, I believe Dave and Dime are equally talented and their legacy is past on to and through our generation.

WOW, yet another list that has Kirk at the top. People need to get off the band wagon and really listen to the music. And you can't say Kirk is amazing on Kill Em All, DAVE WROTE HALF THE ALBUM HIMSELF! Dave is Superior in every way, his rhythm and melodies are much better, more complicated, technical, what ever you want to call it, his solos are always better. DAVE for the win!

Synyster Gates?!?!? Seriously? He is probably the worst guitarist in metal. He can't even sweep pick. And again, the Metallica craze. When are you people gonna realize they're sellouts and plagiators? The only legitimate stuff they've made are their first four albums. Kirk is overrated so much, songwriting - mediocre, playing - nothing special. Metallica stole a lot of stuff from Dave, but they didn't steal only from him. Anyways, the guys playing abilities are insane! He invented the spider chord. He came up with the arguably best riffs in Thrash metal. Get over it, he rules. I'd vote for PG, but he's way too low on this silly list, so I gave it up.

He literally along with James Hetfield created thrash metal. His complex rhythm structure and thrash lead solos are definitely one of the 80's purest and influential work. If you are looking for original unique sound then he is the man not Kirk. Everybody wanted to play with him; legends like Dimebag Darrell, Kerry King, Slash are few of them. Back in the days the greatest concert was "The Clash of the Titans" and the promo picture featured Dave in the middle and the rest like Tom Araya, Scott Ian, Jeff Hanneman, Marty Friedman, Joey Belladonna, Dave Lombardo around him. This just shows his class.

Dave over Kirk and James any day of the week...better than Friedman? No, He's even stated in the past that Marty can play rings around him. Would Megadeth have had the success they have had now had Mustaine not have been a member of Metallica? YES. Would Metallica be the Juggernaut they are now had it not been for Dave? Not Necessarily so! Both great bands but Megadeth's material in the latter part of their career has easily usurped anything Metallica have released in the last 25 years. Metallica as much as I hate to say it are living on past achievements, whilst the Black Album is the most successful album they've released commercially, it is my opinion that they haven't released anything of real note since And Justice For All...Dave is the ultimate Riff Lord!

YES! Mustaine is forever the best! The man is GOD! Screw Hammett and Hetfield, their playing is child's play compared to Dave! The man invented Thrash for god's sake! He is not only better than both Het. and Hammet combined, but he is the next most influential person in metal next to Iommi! The only guitarists that deserve to be on stage with Dave are people like Dimebag Darrell (RIP), Zakk Wylde, John 5, Steve Vai, yngwie malmsteen, and maybe the guitarist from Children of Bodom, Alexi Laiho. They may be able to be on stage with Dave, but none can hold a candle to his raging fire. Megadeth forever!

Dave Mustaine is an extremely creative genius. Many people focus on his leads as if that's what being an amazing guitarist is all about. But his ability to actually write entire songs has my vote. No disrespect to kurt, I think he's a great guitarist, but Dave has more range. Additionally, he is more experimental and innovative. Again, I am a Metallica fan, but how many guitarists still create new techniques (Head Crusher) at the age of 48?

Their may be better solo players butt... Their is NO guitarists but mustaine who put together such mind blowing original riffs some that are really hard to play... And does it will singing! I don't know how he can sing and do some of those riffs at the same time. He plays real good solos, writes the songs... I mean come on he is not only the greratest guitarist but the greates metal figure. Who else does all that for one band? I mean he WAs in metalica and is in megadeth, both two of the best metal bands. People say freidman or broderick are better than him as a guitarist! That is crazy... They are better at solos which is 10 or 20 seconds of the songs. They leave and go back into being around... Who knows where? But megadeth goes because of one guy... The one who does all the work except for those guys 20 second solo. Mustaine is the man... The end.

I'm only clicking on the #1 position so everyone who reads this will go to YouTube to look up Tosin Abasi.

When you do, you will all feel foolish. You will all ask yourselves "what the hell was I thinking? "

If you are a fellow guitarist (of any kind), you will doubt yourself as a musician. I promise you, Dave Mustaine would know the same. He may not admit it openly but he would know in his heart.

These are all good to great guitarists but there's a new generation. Even the ego-maniacal Steve Vai has conceded to Abasi's greatness.

Definitely the best metal guitar player. The main creator of thrash metal guitar playing. He wrote some of the best songs in Metallica and some of the best songs in metal history with megadeth, his insanely fast, technical and aggressive guitar playing style spawned subgenres of metal such as death metal. Dave is definitely the most influential guitar playing in heavy metal, he does everything while singing and very few people can do that on this planet.

Best all-around metal guitarist? Soloing, riffing, and creating all taken into account, Dave Mustaine hands down.

To put it simply, no one else can do as much as he can, as well as he can. While others may surpass him specific areas, Dave's combination of versatility and skill is unmatched by any guitarist, past or present. His history speaks for itself: founding member of Metallica, frontman of Megadeth, pioneer of the thrash metal genre... He even re-taught himself to play after a nerve injury in 2002, coming back (with a vengeance) in 2004 with "The System has Failed." Dave is now in his mid 50's, but if 2016's "Dystopia" proves anything, it's that Dave is still insanely talented, and completely deserving of the number 1 spot.

It is undeniable that Mustaine is a living Metal God. And his guitar playing is out of this world, take the spider chord for example. When comparing him to the others it should be taken into consideration that Mustaine is a lead vocalist, lead songwriter, and then the lead guitarist. There may be someone out there as good as him in one thing, but there's no guitarist in the metal world as good as him in everything. Hands down to Dave Mustaine m/

For one, I love pretty much everything he has composed. After that, just so I can make Kirk's fanboys shut up, let me remind you that in "Kill'Em All", Kirk cound't pull off some of Dave's solos and they ended up using Dave's recordings from the "No Life 'till Leather" demo tape. Metallica also used some on his material on Ride The Lightning and Escape from "Ride The Lightning". And he also invented the spider chord.

Dave is an inventor of metal music... One of the greatest song writers of all time combined with his ability to create those epic riffs and solos... He took MEGADETH all the way up to the greats... He should definitely be inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of fame... MR. DAVE MUSTAINE thank you for giving us some great music... You truly are an inspiration for millions of metal maniacs... HELL YEAH! M/

WHAT? Dave mustaine on the second spot? This is gotta be kidding me? He doesn't even deserve to be in these top10s, whatever, he is way beyond the level of any guitarist out here... Kirk hammett number 1? I guess that's just because more people know him than mustaine, seriously... That doesn't make any difference at all in the real world where dave mustaine is a god and kirk is just a good guitar player who can't do nothing without wah wah..

No question about it, Dave can play. His technique has always been way more intricate and creative. Even Petrucci cannot match his ability to come up with the complex stuff Mustaine has. Plus, it is a lot easier to dissect something and duplicate, than it is to be innovating force that creates it. By way of comparison, if great guitarists have the ability to create fire with sticks... Mustaine has a flame thrower.

Dave Mustaine is one of the founders of Thrash Metal. He is a thousand times better than Kirk Hammett. Dave Mustaine for President!

Try playing the leads to Into The Lungs Of Hell. Plus add the fact that There is no other thrash album as technically/progressively complex as Rust In Peace. Apparently Metallica's first show reviews said that all the other players sucked except the lead guitar player. He also played with kerry and showed him a bunch of his style, which means that he has affected 3 bands out of the big 4.

Dave is more better than kirk. Metallica has more fan cause they play the music loved by all from children to old but megadeth is loved those who has got inspiration from them. Kirk is just an guitar player but dave is more than just a guitarist he compose music, lyrics which are from real life to death. Hail Megadeth Hail Dave Mustaine. Number 1