Dimebag Darrell

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Darrell Lance Abbott, also known as Diamond Darrell and Dimebag Darrell, was an American guitarist and songwriter best known as a founding member of two bands, Pantera and Damageplan, alongside his brother, Vinnie Paul. Abbott died in 2004 after he was shot by a mentally unstable fan.


I was shocked by seeing Kirk Hammett in the second position! Who is Kirk Hammett?! I have never seen him doing a shred once in a solo also! Never in my life! Really Who is Kirk Hammett? This man Dimebag DarreL is the GoD Of MeTaL! It is given dime at nos..5. Y? What is the reason that he is at number 5? No other guitarist can do what he can do! He is the best guitarist I have seen ever! And if anyone would tell dime to play whatever... Any song of Metallica, like - wherever I may roam or muster of puppets! What do all think? Could he play that? And I am sure that he would play far more better than Kirk the most over rated Guitarist ever!

Kirk is a guitarist who himself gets scared while playing any solo of his own song! LOLz! Each and every solo of his song he has done whami and his leg would be placed definitely in the processor! Sorry! If I have misspelled of my writing! Still m a kid of 14 years! I was born in 1999, 5th August. I started listening metal songs at the age 0f 8 ...more

Dimebag is simply the best metal guitarist ever. Pantera played bad ass, wicked, powerful metal, but it's not the only thing they did best. they also played melodic, rhythmic and creative metal like no one else. there was also a lot of musical drama in Pantera. there is an amazing variety of riffs, some of them simple, some of are sophisticated. and the solos, it wasn't just soloing over the chords of the chorus, but it's always a different section. the solos themselves are earth shattering. he had speed, tenderness, a sense of melody, he made the guitar squeal like a matha. Dime was the brain behind Pantera. he had a vision and together with vinnie, rex and phil, they gave life to his vision. he got a grammy for best solo (floods), although it's not only the solo that was breathtaking, it was the entire section. Pantera also broke billboard and charts records (look it up). to conclude: Pantera is the best metal band ever and Dimebag is the best metal guitarist ever.

Dimebag should be #1 I have been playing guitar for 20 years and know a lot of Pantera and Metallica. Whomever put Kirk at number one does not know a damn thing about guitar. Dimebag's rhythm guitar licks are more complicated than Kirk's solos. If Kirk Hammett did not play in a band called Metallica nobody except for his parents would know who the hell he was. At the age of 18 Dimebag was not allowed in any guitar competitions because he kept winning them all. Furthermore Dimebag's phrasing on guitar was out of this world. (for the guy who put Kirk Hammett at #1 I don't expect you know what phrasing on guitar means so Google it and start to learn about guitar before you embarrass Dimebag again for mentioning Kirk Hammett and him in the same sentence

How is Dimebag not number 1? Dave mustaine is one of my favourite guitarists don't get me wrong but chris poland and marty friedman were actually better than him and he chose them because of that fact. He always wanted the ultimate lineup. Come on Kirk hammet! He can't even play live properly anymore and he keeps hiding behind the wah pedal. However he makes good use of what skill he has. Dimebag is hugely influential and he was so good that pantera only needed one guitar player! No body can replicate his style and he is a legend. He was lost far too soon.

Not one Metallica, dragon force, megadeth, a7x, etc. Song could match the heaviness of mouth for war, primal concrete sledge, or 5 minutes alone.
Some bands have made better epics, but few have topped this love, cemetery gates, and floods.
Since he played with his brother he had a groove connection like he did in songs like shattered, primal concrete sledge, and use my third arm.
As far as live., nobody could play live like dimebag,. He rarely played parts that weren't on the record, but when he did it was a better part that he replaced it with. Also no one moved as much on stage like he did,. As far as cover tunes cat scratch fever was good but nothing special. And the legacy he left behind is rivaled by none. No one else can play a dean or Washburn without the first thought being "dimebag"

Dimebag Darrell is the best guitarist ever. He is the only guitarist who can be n1. No other guitarist can be like him. There are many guitarist who can be like him but never can't be the same. He is the "GOD OF SHREDDING". Number 1 like him can do shred like him. He is damn awesome. I was shocked and surprised by seeing these ranking give above. Metal guitarists - DIMEBAG DARRELL nos..5. This man should be at the first position here. He is the lord of heavy metal.

Dimebag is one of those guitarists that come once in every 100 years to show the world what stuff legends are made of. His ability to bring so much vibrato and emotion without losing any of its heaviness to every song is UNREAL. His creative genius is unparalleled to this day. Even though Dave and Kirk are amazing but if there's one guitarist who has the skill and the soul to set heaven on fire it's Dimebag Darrell.

RIP brother.

He's the most unique player metal has ever seen, low-key created his own genre, was lead guitarist on the heaviest album that ever debuted as number 1 on the Billboard 200 charts, has 3 solos in Rolling Stone's top 100 list and no big guitarist ever criticised anything he did. Above all that he was one of the most wholesome people in the metal community, with so many fans sharing great stories about meeting him. What more can I say.

Not my favorite overall guitarist by a long-shot, but as far as metal goes: he was one of the best. Top 3 examples: walk (heavy & angry), This Love (The beginning especially, feels kind of melancholy and apprehensive) & Cemetery Gates (BEST riff in metal, hands down. The use of harmonics through out the song is altogether brilliant. He may not have had a big of an impact as others metal guitarist, but he was definitely on of the best.


Should be #1, he had a unique sound and saved metal in general during the 90's. Also Dimebag has a lot more talent when it comes to playing guitar compared to Kirk Hammet and Dave Mustaine. I have a HUGE amount of respect for Kirk and Dave, but in all fairness, Darrell Lance Abbot (Dimebag Darrell) was more skilled than Dave Mustaine and Kirk Hammet put together!

no one, no one is a better metal guitarist than Dimebag Darrell, he had everything in a solo including speed, technique and emotion, if your a famous guitarist alll your solos have to have that, and he had more than that, way way more than that, and many people out there will agree he had the best riffs EVER!!!!

Dime was the new king stronger than all so good that e.vh buried him with the Van Halen 2 guitar. Check out his headstone, beautiful. Try to dig him up for that guitar and my dean vendetta 4.0 is going up your ass though! Number 1 til I get recognized in a few short yeArs. I learned from dime on his selfless tell all videos. Check them out too. Taught me from the tomb now my dreams are coming true... By far best lead and solo guitarist since Eddie. Imagine his skill level had he not been barraged by a broken military boy... He'd still be# 1 and make it hard for me to match. Watch his tutorials, you'll ball your eyes out but quantum learning kicks in. Rip dime the best frontman ever. Vinnie best heavy metal drummer ever. Check out (copyright) western metal alliance, and join if your top tier I need 7 members like me, frontmen with extensive recording,drums, bass, rhythm, violin, piano. I will donate a large percentage of the revenue to help shell shocked and injured vets that are ...more

Dime is number one in my book. To those talking about Dave Mustaine's "great" solos - Do you ever read the liner notes to see who is doing which solos? Marty Friedman played the "great" solos on rust in peace and countdown... Dave is a great player, but give credit where it's due. And again Dimebag is number one in my eyes... And ears.

Dimebag was a legend in his own time. To have Kirk Hammett ranked above him is a sin. When Kirk and Metallica decided to puss out and go mainstream, Dime stayed true to metal and wrote some of the most abrasive metal songs of all time on Far Beyond Driven. Dime will live on forever! No one will ever be able to touch his endless bag of riffs and blazing solos.

When Dimebag arrived on the scene, he would not have wanted the fans he inspired to be oblivious to the great guitarists that inspired him. Believe it or not, as great a guitarist as he was, there are flamenco guitarists out there who outplay everyone. But so far as metal goes, he was good.

No other competition... He is just the best.. Just hear I'm broken, floods, cemetery gates.. And you'll know what dimebag... What is synster gates and dave mustaine in 2 and 3 positions... And just because Metallica is a great band that doesn't mean that kirk.. Is no 1..

Y'all don't know this but Dime's actually number one on this list. He just gave way for the others to go through. We all know that Dime is the best metal guitarist. He's the reason I shred nonstop! M/

He was the best! Load better than Hammett, definitely better than Mustaine as well. Just because Pantera was not as big as Metallica or Megadeth he could not get that much popularity. But he was the best guitarist I have seen. He really kicked ass. He came to rock and rocked like no other.

The Jesus of metal. Without him, metal wouldn't exist today and would be forgotten. Metallica fell flat and iron Maiden had been getting old so then Pantera comes and kicks everyone ASS!

What a legend reli I have to say. He can play amazingly well and is reli influential and has influenced many of the guitarists of today like Syn and Matt Heafy and made it look like you could pick the guitar up and play with your eyes closed so he is the best with out a doubt RIP - SASTOMO

This is a joke right? No knock to the others.. but seriously? He was ahead of his own time. his level was far beyond anyone could ever compare. he's the original cowboy. he's the best metal guitar player who ever lived. he is THE best guitar player who ever lived. he's dime bag darrell!

Others may be able to compete with Dimebag on a purely technical level, but nobody has ever matched his natural talent and absolute genius for both riffs and solos. He didn't play the guitar; he picked it up and it just started singing in his hands.

He is more skilled than any guitarist on this list. Tony Iommi is great yet Dime has the cleanest sound and is very fast. A lot of people on this list have not even played a guitar or know what great is.

Dimebag is King. No one comes close. His riffs are electric, devastating and an absolute power monger. If you were forming a band, and you had to choose your guitarist, think about who the top guys are and can you build a better band without dimebag? Never.