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John Peter Petrucci is an American guitarist, composer and producer. He is best known as a founding member of the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Compared to his level of skill, John Petrucci is relatively unknown in the modern music industry.


In terms of sheer technique, Petrucci wins hands down. He is the most consistent of everybody on the list, especially when watching live performances, as most of these guitarists only can play their own parts so-so in live shows... but Petrucci always delivers. Even in videos where he is covering other bands, he always plays the guitar parts BETTER than the original guitarist (even when I don't want it to be so) and even mimics their style of playing. I really like most of the other guitarists on this list, but in a completely objective comparison of "who is the best guitarist", I think that Petrucci is by far at the top.

Petrucci is the most complete guitarist on here. He's also the most technically proficient, and, though I'm a Metallica fan as well, petrucci is just far superior to anything Metallica could throw at him. And someone who commented on slash said it: he is not a metal guitarist. Johnny should be at the top followed by Dave Mustaine and Randy Rhoads and Dimebag Darrell. I have a lot of respect for Synyster Gates and Alexi Laiho but they just can't line up with all of these legends.

I've heard all the metal guitarists out there and I must admit he is the best out there. Mind blowing technique, crazy song writing, his solos are just beautiful. He speaks through his guitar. He deserves no less than #1 spot. Kirk Hammett and synyster Gates on this list shows what's wrong. Its become more of a popularity contest it seems. If you don't believe me on john petrucci then go listen to The Best of Times or Glasgow kiss or Under a Glass Moon or Illumination Theory. There's no one quite like him. Listen to his works and then dare to tell me I'm wrong

6 degrees, and train of thought are the first albums that made me realize that petrucci could create something uber heavy.
The songs stream of consciousness, shows just how well he can create an epic. Hands down a top 3 shredder of all time, to me Paul Gilbert is #1 in that catagory, but since he hasn't put out anything heavy he is not included here. Instantly recognizable licks and tone. And spot on every live performance. It's also hard to play in a band with portnoy and mangini and not sound badass as a band.. His two most lacking sections the show he's not super interesting to watch unless you are watching just his hands. And overall heavy riffs. Bands like trivium and lamb of god create much heavier riffs. But all in all he deserves a top 5 spot regardless

Synester gates is a joke and so is anyone who thinks he should be ranked high on any guitar list, that just shows your level of ignorance when it comes to guitar playing. Petrucci or Mustaine are the clear winners. Both can write the meanest rhythm sections, but have incredible lead ability. It's one thing to play really fast and have technical skill, but it's another thing when you can use that skill to write brilliant solo's, rather than just doing typical shred. I just think Petrucci is more technical which is why he has my vote. Even though, Dave is one of the pioneers of metal.

The only reason he's not #1 ( with all respect to Sach) is because no one knows his name.. He writes a lot of Dream Theater, I mean "octivarium" is a
30min masterpiece. Petrucci carries all the quality a prog player needs. Very melodic, great chord structure, sound effects, very original sound and playing. Unbelievable speed---- rated #2 of all time by Jonn Iver (Sp)? He is no doubt the best player of the modern guitarist!

John Petrucci is head and shoulders above every guitarist on this list, and could easily win the argument for best guitarist in the world. In terms of pure speed, I have never seen anyone play faster besides may Michael Angelo Batio. His thorough knowledge of music theory and composition separates him even further. The quality that makes him untouchable is the fact that he rarely, if ever misses a note while playing live.

Petrucci's virtuosity is unparalleled, especially by any of the guitarists on this list.

He is just the greatest! Why are all the insanely overrated guitarists at the top?! Petrucci has a huge knowledge of theory and understands every single note that he plays! Just sad to see how many people base the choice on the artist popularity rather than there actually ability to not only write great music but play it too! P.S. Kirk Hammett, and Synyster Gates are terrible guitarist!

John Petrucci is a guitarist who can play anything. His extreme fast alternate picking technique and his much-too talented pinky takes him far beyond any other guitarist. On the G3 SIX times, he is definitely the best. And he makes everything he plays look so simple. He never even looks like he's under strain when he's playing his most difficult and unique solos. The best guitarist of this generation.

I thought we were talking about the actual best guitarist not the ones from our favourite bands or the most influential. John Petrucci has double the technical ability of any of these guitarists. Seriously, Kurt Hammet? Kurt is a part of metal history but he doesn't stand up to Petrucci in any way shape or form. Mustaine has ability but is all about the shred while Petrucci's is dynamic.

Really? Number 8? And Kirk as number 1? Seriously? I mean Kirk is good. But Petrucci is a legend. He should definitely be number 1. Petrucci is better than all of the above. He is a god in the metal scene. Petrucci for the win! Petrucci for number one! He's got everything it takes: talent, accuracy, speed, creativity.

Seriously? Synister Gates 4th?! Petrucci is below him?! HOW IN THE HELL! Petrucci is an amazing guitarist, and is also an awesome composer! I was going to vote for Steve Vai, but he's not Metal, so it's the second place my vote: Petrucci. Amazing riffs and solos, consistent playing in all songs. Listen to Images and Words album, and see what this amazing dude can do with a guitar!

He is a beast, he can play anything. People talk about how technical he is but that is only because he is so good with the guitar. The question is best guitarist so therefore I have to say Petrucci, maybe if the question was who is a good live performer then I might say Slash. Guitar playing... Hands down Petrucci.

Technically, John Petrucci is the guitarist of the Metal band Dream Theater which makes him a valid voting option ahead of the better guitarists such as Steve Vai, for an example. Since this is a Metal and list, hands down, no one is better than John Petrucci in terms of the technical marvel on the electric guitar.

It's retarded to say there is a better shredder out there. In terms of technique he is definitely the best. Many would argue however, that he lacks the emotional side in his solos, but that's utter rubbish. He covers all aspects in multiple of his songs. I'm not going to lie, his playing has literally brought me to tears on numerous occasions.

Ok, I will. Dave Mustaine - who is essentially a solo guitarist under the guise of a band - has officially been recognised as the greatest guitarist of all time. And though he's successful and relatively popular, the magazines and accolades are now beginning to acknowledge what us thrash fans already knew decades ago - he's the greatest. Yes, it's a top ten list, but Mustaine is acknowledged outside of popularity contests. PS: Herman Li destroys Petrucci.

This isn't about who plays in a more popular band is about who's a more skilled guitarist, and that is Petrucci hands down, both in terms of technicality and versatility. Most of the other guitarists on this list are either one-dimensional, play less technical music, or don't even play metal

John is The best in my opinion, His guitar solos are incredible such as "In The Name Of God" and "Stream Of Consciousness" solos, I think I never saw him miss one single note in all his live shows. So He deserves more Than being ranked after Synyster Gates who can't even play the same song live.

His name is Kirk Hammett fan boy, and composes thrash solos, as well as playing rhythm guitar on the most technical thrash albums of all time. He couldn't care less about prog rock - which, at his prime, he could play while explaining a cooking recipe to a cocker spaniel.

He is so much better than Kirk, Synyster Gates, Alexi, Slash, Herman Li and Rhandy Roads. The only competition in this list is Dave Mustaine.

Perhaps the most technically talented guitarist ever.

Absolutely incredible technical skills, the focus and experience that puts an artist like Kirk to shame, and a band of equal skill and composition to back him up, no less. John deserves the number one spot above everyone else on this list, pretty much.

It's not actually my favourite guitarist, but I listen to Dream Theater and Petrucci's works and I think that he is just a complete and awesome guitarist with more technique than I could never imagine some others doing

Petrucci is a true guitar god. I respect all the names here, Hammet, Mustaine, Laiho and of course Dimebag. But Petrucci trumps these guys in skill, speed and writing. No wonder people have uploaded spoof videos of him with a fake 'god-like' voice.

His works are just beyond description... Best of the best. From epic riffs to blazing solos. His solos are all rounded, not just speed but in emotion and everything else. Most experienced guitarist in my opinion. Deserves the top spot...

No doubt about it, Petrucci is one of the most skilled guitarists I have ever heard. His chords are impeccable, his solos will floor you. In his solo album "Animate-Inanimate" he demonstrates his technique exceptionally well.