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181 Casey Calvert
182 hide - X Japan

He should be in the top ten people vote for him. The reason you should vote for him because 1. He really is a badass guitarist 2. He has the fastest beats he can play really fast sometimes I can't keep up! And 3. He is also a very good songwriter and singer he is very talented so amazing he is the number1 guitarist in my book!

I'm surprised he was ranked so low!

Same with me and yes his is a badass guitarist so amazing and what is more amazingis... HE HAS PINK HAIR! Haha his pink hair is cute he is very cute! He is the kind that can look cute and innocent when he's not being so innocent hehe!

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183 Emppu Vuorinen Emppu Vuorinen

Well, he's not mainstream, but that doesn't mean he's not good. Best and most underrated guitarist. Haven't you seen him at The Poet an The Pendulum? Maybe at Last Ride of the Day? At Master Passion Greed? At any of his songs at all?

when he plays he don't hit the strings, he dances with em!

One of the most underrated guitar players ever exist. He plays metal riffs in the most interesting, evocative and yet melodic way.

Emppu... He's so tiny and cute, but when he start playing he just blow your mind! - CenturyChild

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184 Doug Aldrich Doug Aldrich Doug Aldrich, is a Los Angeles-based hard rock guitarist. He founded the band Burning Rain with Keith St.

the best

185 Don Donegan

Dan donegan, is one of the best guitarists ever and easily my favourite. Solos in songs such as Inside the fire, torn, the night, remnants, stricken, 3 and many more show is amazing skills. Amazing live as well. Disturbed are my favourite band and he would be the biggest reason why!

1st of all it's dan donegan not don donegan and second he's totally the best if you have ever seen him he looks like the biggest stud I've ever seen! He is my number 1 favorite guitarist and will always will b if I ever got to meet him I would die! - Cammybstud10

Fix his name ffs! And vote for Dan, I can't believe that he is so underrated! He gave us so much great music that he deserves to be within top 20.

186 Mick Mars Mick Mars

Not technically metal but for a glam rock guitarist his guitar solo's really were awesome!

Mick Mars is metal - glam metal - and I, a thrash die-hard love his work on the Too Fast For Love ep and Shout At The Devil.

187 Michael Paget Michael Paget Michael "Padge" Paget (Born September 12th 1978) is a Welsh musician, known for being the lead guitarist and a backing vocalist for the Heavy Metal/Metalcore band Bullet for My Valentine.

Great guitarist. Just nails every note perfectly and clearly. Solos are so memorable and with great taste. He's not the most technical guitarist, but is very creative with his leads and riffs. Dude is nasty!

The best one ever my band's lead guitarist is greatly inspired by this young man. I future him and bullet for my valentine will be the best they are improving rapidly and are coming up really great I wish he was there in the top 20s. Anyway he will soon make his way

HIS SOLOS ARE just awesome...

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188 Janick Gers Janick Gers Janick Robert Gers is an English musician, best known for being one of the three current guitarists in Iron Maiden, along with Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, as well as his earlier work with Gillan and White Spirit.

Janick Gers is one of the most skilled guitarists in general. He tops Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray by a long shot. He couldn't be better at what he does. He's also in Iron Maiden. The greatest band ever

Metallica are the greatest metal band ever, and Gers is in the 2nd greatest metal band ever, and Murray and Smith are approaching their 60's. Gers wouldn't even be in Iron Maiden if Murray and Smith were rocking it like they did in the late 70's to mid 90's.

Considering you've already got Smith and Murray in the list, Gers seems to naturally be the actual lead guitar who dominates the solos!

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189 Rory Gallagher Rory Gallagher William Rory Gallagher was an Irish blues and rock multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and bandleader.
190 Sugizo
191 Antti Kokko

How in the world Antti Kokko can be 100 spots below fat ass Jack Black is a testament to half you dolts not having a clue. Listen to Hades by Kalmah and apologize.

Best guitarist I've ever heard
i agree Dave and Kirk should be at the top (they are legends) but no one on this planet can play the guitar like this swamplord.
Solo of heroes to us speaks for itself

Most nderrated guitarist ever, one of the most skilled ever. His style varies so much, for intance listen to the solos on Swamplord and then 12 gauge and see for yourself.

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192 Ben Bruce
193 Tony Rombola
194 Tony MacAlpine
195 Vinnie Moore

Love this guitar - what feel and virtuosity

196 Enrik Garcia
197 Jack Owen
198 Dave Suzuki

This is talent, bass like thunder, solos like lightening, plays drums like a demon. Top 10 in this universe. Real metal god.

199 Steve Asheim

You need a drummer list. Start steve in #1. This cat hits 40 licks per second. Yeah, I am deicides #1 fan. Long live death.

200 Cameron Liddell
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