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221 Tim Skold
222 George Thorogood
223 Rony Janecek

Check out his video on YouTube. He's young & new but he is an amazing guitarist. He reminds me of Yngwie. He's not well know yet but he will be.

224 Tommy Victor
225 David T. Chastain
226 Jacky Vincent

Better than 179 definitely

227 Mark Heylmun
228 Sascha Paeth
229 Ronni Le Tekrø

Most people here don't know these amazing guitar player from Norway

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230 Phil Campbell
231 JB Brubaker

Oh come on come on guys - why is JB not in the top 20 let alone not on the list

232 Leda Ex-Deluhi

Awesome guitaris, you must listen song revolver blast, hybrid truth, the farthes etc

233 Nick Hipa
234 Phil Sgrosso
235 Adam Dutkiewicz Adam Dutkiewicz Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz is an American musician, recording engineer, songwriter, and music producer, best known as the lead guitarist and backup vocalist from Massachusetts metalcore bands Killswitch Engage, Aftershock, and Times of Grace.

Great rhythm guitarist, great composer, great producer, and is subtle in his beliefs, but brutal and textured in its delivery.

236 Mads Eriksen

The only Norwegian ever being on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine. Extraordinary skills so listen to his records and you are sold. he also has a blues album together with Hungry John that is seriously good. Today works together with former Manfred Mann singer but still makes his solo albums Go Mads Go.

237 Chris Poland

Lol, nobody recognizes the best player of all time, Peace sells but whos buying, is easily one of the best albums of all time and its practically a solo album of his, and what other really good album did megadeth release? Rust in Peace, Marty gets all the credit for it but a lot of that albums solos were written by Poland and then tinkered with by Marty... Also Dave the number 1 guitarist on this list admits that Poland could play circles around him, guy saying he isn't beter then Hammett or Mustaine is high as a kite

No, he's not better than Hammett or Mustaine. He was in their best line-up, wrote excellent solos, but there's more to being a great guitarist than just being a great guitarist.

What the hell?! Chris is way better than hammet and mustaine. He deserves at least synyster gates' place!

Lol this list is a joke. Chris Poland at #256? COME ON!

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238 Tara McLeod

This girl plays lead in the band "Kittie". I have seen the band twice in concert and she does some serious metal riffing.

239 Mark Reale

R.I.P... Just the best! Listen some true power metal (riot) and you are gonna see that this guy was and still the best!

240 Kurdt Vanderhoof

Yes. Metal Church's first two albums were so fantastic because of Vanderhoof. But I couldn't get past David Wayne leaving. If they stuck together, Metal Church would have been giants.

Great guitarist from Metal Church!

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