Randy Rhoads

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Randall William "Randy" Rhoads was an American heavy metal guitarist who played with Ozzy Osbourne and Quiet Riot.


I had no idea what metal or any other genre of music was when I heard Crazy Train at 12 years old, but I loved it! Randy ushered in the world of metal and was the Hendrix of the late 70's, early 80's - no one could hold his jock (or pick). I love Metallica, and as a group, none is comparable. Hetfield is a genius and Hammett is a great soloist, but not the best. If Cliff were still alive, Metallica would probably have ruled the world by now. But I digress. Randy = the metal Hendrix, period. These two were arguably the greatest guitarists ever! So sad both passed away at 27.

AH! Why is Randy Rhoads at the top of this list! I mean, Kirk Hammett is really good too, not being mean to him or anything because he's awesome too, but Randy Rhoads is like a GOD on guitar. And why on earth is Dave Mustaine 2nd? I like Megadeth and all, but there's so many that are better than him, including Randy Rhoads!

Weird that Kirk Hammet on top. Randy Rhoads is the guitarist who was a major influence for a lot of these guitarists and even though he only reached an age of 25 years, he is the most revolutionary guitarist here, because of his classical training, he combined the classical influences in a rock band. He influenced them all

How do those players even compare? Speed is not talent it is an ability that can be learned. There is an emotion that he played with that can not be taught it is inherent. Yngwie technically is untouchable. This is a popularity test not actual talent. Listen to to Revelation Mother Earth simply said it is perfection.

we really only got to see him play for three years, and what a three years it was listen to pretty much any of ozzy's songs off of blizzard or diary of a madman and you'll see just how incredibley talented this youngman was, just imagine what he could have done if he was still with us today

How are Kirk and Dave ahead of randy? I love metallica and megadeth, but randy is the greatest guitarist that ever lived. He was trained classic and used his amazing skills to convert to make metal. That makes him far superior than any other guitarist.. Kirk and Dave are great but no one is better than randy. RIP

Randy Rhoads is totally the best because his skill just kept increasing, which goes to show that he could have become even better if he had only lived longer. His guitar playing is so amazing I can hardly believe how much time and effort it took him to become like so. RIP Randy!

Randy Rhoads is the father of metal and played like a boss. Listen to the solos in crazy train and Mr. Crowley! His polka dot flying v is one of the sickest looking guitars of all time (just as a bonus). I guess Mustaine can stay at #1 because he's got so much metal up his ass but Randy should be #2

Randy, rest his soul, was one of the fastest guitar players in history. While he was only featured on 2 Ozzy albums, everyone was able to see why he was so great. He was just soulful enough to be truly great, while fast enough to melt even Medusa's face. Definitely the best metal guitarist.
1. Randy Rhodes (Ozzy Osbourne)
2. Kirk Hammet (Metallica)
3. Dimebag Darrel (Pantera)
4. Marty Friedman (NOT Dave Mustaine)
5. Chris Oliva (Savatage) - Hallowhat

Whilst Iommi was/is the most influential for metal guitarists, Rhoads to me is the best. In the time he was with us he made an enormous impact that influenced many of the same guitarists influenced by Iommi. Rhoads is one of the best, even if he is no longer with us.

Randy Rhoads was bigger than everything in Heavy Metal - Rock music on the ages he lived. In my opinion he is the best guitarist I ever heard before. He is an idol and he made great solos and song that our age is listening on the and stay cool.

He is quite simply the best. The solos' for Mr Crowley are so beautiful and imaginative, he used lots of different techniques and scales and was perfect at using all of them, unlike a lot of guitarists now that just use one and work at it

I came to vote for Adrian Smith but, I remember first picking up a guitar, and the reason I did so was because of Randy. He was just an amazing guitarist and inspires me more then just with music. He is without a doubt #1.

Dave mustaine is NOT number one. He's not even better then his lead guitarists. Ozzy always only had one guitar player and still sounded more powerful then two Megadeth guitar players. Megadeth is a over rated band with a lame fanbase - Sabbath

Randy Rhoads is the best! His music speaks it all and it still lives on.. The music he produced 30 years still cannot be replicated. 'Diary of madman' and Blizzard of Ozz' needs to be named the best albums of all time. RIP Randy.

RIP Randy Rhoads. The best guitarist ever! The band is wonderful and very talented. I listen to them every day just to hear Randy kick ass on his guitar. Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads were best friends... Rip

I love Randy Rhoads I think he's much better than Kirk Hammett... Randy and Uli Jon Roth are my favorite guitarists... Kirk Hammett loves Uli too and I think Randy and Uli are much better than Kirk.

I honestly believe that Randy should be number 1. His innovations (he invented neo -classical metal, as it is evident in songs like Revelation Mother earth and Diary of a Madman), his way of playing, everything about him was Godlike.
Dave Mustaine is VERY good, Kirk Hammett not so much, but Randall William "Randy" Rhoads is GOD.

Randy should be number considering he only released two albums in his short lived career. Both amazing, no garbage like some of the sell out Metallica and later megadeth. Randy for the win

No, you can be a great guitarist in a great band, a great guitarist in a poor band, or a great guitarist in no band. Great guitarist's are great guitarist's because they're great guitarists.

He invented a new style of metal! That's why he has a signature style. He loved classical music, so he fused classical with distortion and leaned it towards metal! He's such a genius!

Randy Rhoads is definitely the best... Go listen to what he did in this limited career... And you'll see... Just Mr. Crowley solo will do it for you...

P. S: What is Synyster Gates doing up there? - alexitahmid

Randy was a God... His performances at the 1981 Rochester show with Ozzy is what forced me to pick up a guitar. I can't imagine what the world would be like had that accident not happened. - benhos

Randy is a Metal guitar God! I have true respect for all on this list, but Randy was exotic, small time footprint in history, yet in that short of a time he left Metal never the same again. He was a perfectionist, a classical music background that was flawless with Ozzys gothic style it was stunning. Perfectionist on every level including laying down studio track, he was so anal about the sound that he even wanted to listen to his creations fart away, in another room or floor just to make sure every note is directly driven to every metal freaks brains. Mr Clowley, Crazy train are on of the best metal songs in existence

Randy did more in 2 years with ozzy than Kirk did in his whole career. Kirk is a piece of crap when it comes to writing his own stuff. RIP randy and dimebag