Synyster Gates

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Brian Elwin Haner, Jr., better known by his stage name Synyster Gates or simply Syn, is an American musician, best known for being the lead guitarist and backing vocalist of the band Avenged Sevenfold.


OK. let me get this through. HE IS NOT THE BEST METAL GUITARIST OF ALL TIME. Now that that's said :

In my opinion based on technique and skill he should be between 10-20. He is extremely talented and admittedly A7X make very good music. I hate it when people come and say "avenged sevenfold make average music" and stuff like that because really... They don't. Their stuff is" complex. I'm not saying their complex like Dream Theater, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest but they're complex. Also in my opinion not only does a metal guitarist have to have feel they also have to have the ability to Sweep at a very fast pace and that's one of syn's talents.

And all of that is coming from someone who learned to play "Dance Of Eternity" in 2 weeks. So belive me I know what I'm talking about.

Synyster Gates was only 17 and he could already destroy nearly every guitarist out there at the time with "To End The Rapture". But then came Second Heartbeat, Eternal Rest, And All Things Will End, Beast and the Harlot, Burn it Down, Bat Country, MIA, Critical Acclaim, Almost Easy, Scream, Afterlife, Lost, Crossroads, Nightmare, Welcome to the Family, Buried Alive, Natural Born Killer, God Hates Us, Save Me, Not Ready To Die, and Carry On. Truly a legend

Make this boy up the list my buddies... Dave Mustaine, Kirk and others may be legends but confined to their age. Just leave the fact that they started doing something in metal, but think how Syn started creating his own style of music, shredding like anything! My God, look at his control when he shreds, although sounds devilish kind of solos, who can create those kind of scales! If you are serious about the technique, who can play all those kirk and Dave's solos with a single hand with out tapping? My boys It's Synyster Gates!

Every album Avenged Sevenfold has ever put out has been reinvented and is always something new. This guy always has something new to introduce to the world of metal and has never failed to impress. Just listen to their new single "Hail to the King" and tell me that he is not one of the best metal guitarists of all time. He may not be the best ever, but he's the best modern heavy metal guitarist recording present day.

KIRK HAMMETT!? KIRK HAMMETT!? KIRK HAMMETT!? How is HE #1!?! HOW?!?!? He is no where NEAR the best! Randy Rhoads could kick his ass, Slash could kick his ass, even Tony Iommi! He will never be #1! NEVER! Hammett is good, but he will never be great. Gates could take Kirk to a guitar off and literally K.O. Hammett just by playing Afterlife in comparison to Master of Puppets. enough said.

I've never been one to rate guitarist but Synyster Gates? He is good but he is not that good. Some of the comments about him being the worlds greatest... Lets be real. I've also noticed a lot of comments about his ability to play Jazz. Just because he can play a few jazz lines doesn't make great and he's really not that good at it. Kenny Burrell and Grant Green, those were jazzmen. However, everyone is entitled to enjoy what they want.

Personally I believe Syn is the best guitarist on this list. Hammet is brilliant no doubt, but his solos are generally defined by a wah pedal. Mustaine in my opinion is hugely overrated, and Rhoads was of course brilliant. However, Syn can perform so many different techniques, such as sweep picking and slides at a blistering pace and the solos he comes up with are just insane, just listen to 'Afterlife' or 'Beast and the Harlot'. He is also far younger than any guitarists 'above' him. All round, he's just the best, both in ability and sound.

This kid is the next Kirk Hammett, Slash, or whatever guitarist you favor. His skills at this young of an age will make him the guitar god of his era, if not of them all. His clean picking, speed, and downright creativity with a guitar will mark him down in history as one of the best guitarists of all time, if not THE best. He hasn't gotten there yet. But he will.

He not only has speed and technicality, but is incredibly versatile and emotive. He is one of very few who can strike a balance between technical prowess and tasteful phrasing. He has his own distinctive sound and creative use of conventional techniques. His solo's always compliment the music, the style and the underlying harmony and are always memorable. Over 5 (6 including DITR) albums he has never written a bad solo. In short he is the complete package and an inspirational figure that represents all that a modern guitar player should be.

Synyster Gates is one of the most capable guitarists on the metal scene today. Be blends a variety of styles and techniques to craft beautiful, melodic solos. Unlike most guitarists, Synyster Gates shows restraint and writes solos that fit the song, where as most metal guitarists shred tunelessly, putting speed over melody. While he may not be the greatest guitarist alive, he is certainly the best of those mentioned on this list.

Very diverse guitarist. his solos are amazing! and his riffs are very unique. he is so differnt from anyone in the world.
Kirk Hammet is over rated! His solos drag on, and all of his riffs sound the same! people just don't get it, that metallica isn't that good.
1. Syn
2. Mustaine
3. Dime
- a7x

A lot of people try to argue that he's just another "guitarist who can sweep" but those people clearly haven't heard enough to get a full picture. Sidewinder, Seize the Day, So Far Away, The Stage, and his guitar work in Pinkly Smooth's songs are all really impressive and have more to them then just speed. And he's only getting better.

Should be #1 for sure. I can understand why he is at #3, and it's because Metallica and Megadeth are huge bands. But honestly, as metal has progress the drums have become MUCH more complex, as have guitar riffs/solo and bass lines. Think about it.

Synyster Gates is the best guitarist on the whole planet and the only other guitarist that can keep up with him is his partner in crime Zacky V. I love all you guys in Avenged Sevenfold! Good luck other bands, Avenged fans are pretty crazy awesome! A7X foREVer

He doesn't play that fast but the clarity of his solo can really hit you inside.. When kirk start doing some solo's people always says "wow! Fast notes" but I say "is the fast notes done? ".. Solo's aren't always about fast notes try listening to "buckethead's soothsayer" there you will hear a very beautiful, emotional solo...

AMAZING! Synyster Gates is by far one of my top 3 favorite guitarists EVER! Black veil brides Jake Pitts, and Slash are the other two... I'm in a heavy metal band called either Divine and Twisted or Perdition Pandemoniem, were still finding a name but those three are my INSPIRATION to any music I love and were not quite finished but were working on an album called Scream in Silence,... Cry with Smiles and try to get that selling. The members are Gage Wartenbe lead guitar and song writer which is me, Jake King our unbelievable drummer, singer and song writer, Adam McDonald our very talented rhythm guitarist and song writer and were finding a bass... But anyway... Those beasts of the six string are my favorite!

I try to play his riffs and find it much more difficult than those from other guitarists. Using a variety of chords to create depth, although creating an awesome sound, makes it hard to duplicate. Even when he uses single strings at a time, swaps back and forth at a rate that I find difficult to keep up with.

Anyone who doesn't agree with Synyster being number ill send you a copy of beast and the harlot, afterlife, unholy confessions, Danger Line, Scream and then lets see if you can say that Dave Mustaine and Kirk Hammett. Kirk Hammett doesn't even write his own solos. All of Synyster's solos are written by him and even better picked. Synyster NUMBER ONE

Awesome and a very talented guitarist, people think that the only thing that makes him don't deserve to be in this list is that he's too young and new in the industry than other guitarists on this list, but the good thing is with this so called "young and new" he's still able to make people doubt that he doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Simply the best guitarist ever! Everything he plays sound so perfect, all the solos gives you that chill in your spine you want to have when you hear a song or a solo. He is a god. Agrees with the comment that he will be at the first place one day, I personally think he should be there today. He is a god of his era, a god of guitarists, a god of the world.

Easily one of the best. He truly showed his skill in the City of Evil album. He was also very young when he recorded that record. (25 I believe) In their latest record, The Stage, His playing was very experimental and very emotional. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone who hasn't listened to Synyster Gates or Avenged Sevenfold!

Why? Why? Everyone in top ten has forties or fifties (without randy rhoads, but he died so there are only good memories about him) give him ten years and ten years later he'll be better than every rock guitarist (but isn't he know? ) Also with Zacky. You must know syn better.

He doesn't deserve fourth! He is one of the greatest guitarists to ever play a damn scale! Along side with Jake Pitts... a lot of people don't like Black Veil Brides but you have yo admit... Jake is the top ever. Look on YouTube and you'll understand why I say they're the top in the world if you search Synyster Gates vs. Jake Pitts! I love A7X! Later fellow metal lovers!

Syn plays some of the best wicked solos ever he can play acoustic, rock, and metal solos he's one of the best guitar players ever but zacky is pretty cool too and he's really good at playing the guitar with syn those two can play wicked guitars. A7X foREVer.

Synyster gates you rock your the reason I'm learning to playing guitars I want to be like you one day there's something wrong with this website because you're clearly the worlds best guitarist