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Anthony Frank "Tony" Iommi is an English guitarist, songwriter and producer. Best known as lead guitarist and founding member of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath, he has been the band's sole continual member and primary composer. At age 17, he accidentally lost the fingertips of his middle more.


Tony Iommi is one of the greatest guitarists ever. Black sabbath revolutionized rock and something new was born. They are the fathers of metal and without Iommi there wouldn't BE A TOP METAL GUITARISTS LIST! Iommi was a master of the riff. His solos were just as good. You can hear each beautiful note while in a good speed. His solos and his riffs are thought out and VERY creative. He is tony Iommi the greatest metal guitarist of all time!

He may should be higher up. As far as riffs, nobody wrote heavier riffs until dimebag Darrell came around in 1990 he single handedly made metal what it is today and his influence on the entire metal genre will never be denied, that being said. He was not a great lead player, and as far as the slowly building epics I have not heard any that really stuck out enough to crush me. Still iommi as a player and an influence brought him this high and possibly deserving of a higher spot above tremonti and wylde.

There are some awesome shredders here (*cough*-randy rhoads-*cough*) but it takes more than just a solo to make a guitarist and make a song - although god knows Iommi could solo better than nearly any guitarist. Name any trait necessary in a great guitarist and Tony's got them in spades: perseverance, musical knowledge and the ability to create riffs that could destroy mountains.

Tony Iommi basically invented metal. I think that puts him in the top 5 at least. Apparently it doesn't. Apparently if you invent a genre you get put at number 16 in a list of the best of that genre. He doesn't even have to coast on invention alone. His songwriting chops are good enough to have him in the top 5, genre invention aside.

Well, I wanted to vote Randy Rhoads or James Hetfield, but I didn't see Tony Iommi in the top ten. Result: instant rage. I guess people don't realize he invented a genre... True, that doesn't necessarily make him the best, but it easily makes him better than Synyster Gates. If that's not enough, then War Pigs should be.

Tony has the whole package: wicked twisting riffs, great blues influence ed solos with decent technique, but most importantly great rhythm, tone and feel. This is where he really set himself apart from many players who are technically more advanced. It takes more the just fast notes to make music. Best feel Sabbath song in my opinion: Into the Void!

The fact that Tony Iommi is not at the top of the list shows that the voters are a bunch on 10-year olds, he's the only one who's not widdly-diddly shred garbage. He came up with some of the coolest riffs, and solos around with two fingertips. Black Sabbath did not only invent heavy metal, they perfected it.

Tony is the riff master. If you listen to any Black Sabbath or Heaven and Hell song you will see what I mean. His solos are also very very underrated. Not to mention he is missing a couple of his fingertips, no big deal. Without this man their would be no heavy metal, it's as simple as that.

He's my favorite guitarist hands down. Forget the riffs. We already know he can't be matched. Now listen to the solos! His leads are why I'm voting Iommi number one. The body of work Tony has built over 40 years can't be denied. He is also the only guitarist who should be allowed to use a Wah pedal. Untouchable.

He may not be fast. He may not have the craziest guitar tricks or anything like that. But everything he does, is not making him being a show off. And without him, no Black Sabbath. Which means no metal. Come on, he needs to be number one. Not the jealous dave mustaine

this list is a crap tony iommi must be at the top why james hetfield is number 10 kirk hammet don't know the spirit of heavy metal search ariel lumanlan of chicosci he must be the golden hand of heavy metal

Definitely the best and the most original. He invented metal as it is and should be at least on the top 10.

Tony Iommi Easily should be #1

the guy created the metal sound and he plays some of the best guitar solos and guitar riffs as well

I think its a bunch of crap that Iommi is not even in the Top 10 - OzzyVanHalen

He single-handedly INVENTED heavy metal guitar! BY HIMSELF! What more needs to be said?!

BTW Slash is not a metal guitarist! What is he doing in the top ten, or even anywhere on this list?! Goddamn GNR fanboys...

The only people I can understand being ahead of Tony are John Petrucci, and Dave Mustaine. That being said Tony should be number 1 on influence alone, not to mention his amazing riffs. Followed by Mustaine and Petrucci.

dude freakin invented metal. and he only has two good freakin fingers! listen to "children of the grave", "ironman", and "Crazy Train" and vote AGAIN - bob12345678910

Black Sabbath was the first true metal band and Tony Iommi invented the style of guitar that metal is known for. He may not be the fastest, but he deserves to be on this as an originator and a man who knows what to play and when to play it. - reapersgale

People are giving too much credit do D.Darrell just because he died. I'm not saying he's bad guitarist, but he's not THAT good. Tony Iommi INVENTED the metal sound, the father and master of metal. Nobody can be compared with him. In the first 4 albums, there was like 4 awesome riffs in every song, although he's not that good anymore(after 45 years), he still writes amazing and original riffs. Listen to God is Dead? From their newest album. He's the ultimate king of metal and best guitarist ever.

Toni Iommi was literally the founder of metal, in the late sixties early seventies period when Black Sabbth's Iommi influenced heavy sound got widespread like a disease. I'm surprised the father of metal isn't first on the list. This is insane. His riffs were and style of play were mind blowing.. Iron man, Paranoid, Children of the grave, War Pigs.

Tony Iommi deserves to be ranked first because he deserves credits for almost all metal riffs used by metal artists today, and also great metal icons have almost listed Iommi as their main influence.

How is Tony not at number one?! He played left-handed and with eight fingers, and was still so good he invented a whole music genre! HE INVENTED METAL! PUT HIM AT NUMBER ONE!

Nice to see Dave Mustaine on top instead of the overrated Kirk Hammet. The only problem with this list is that Tony Iommi is only 9th. People tent to forget the best heavy metal band these days

Finally Tony is getting closer to where he belongs, Tony Iommi is truly God of heavy music and should be number 1

Without Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath, and the world of heavy metal would be drastically different. He is the grand wizard that defined metal with his guitar. - ybothermatt

Tony Iommi is not just the inventor of metal, he also never makes mistakes with his guitar notes and he has played some of the heaviest guitar riffs ever. He should be in the top 3.