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This is a list of compositions in which musicians try to express their thoughts and feelings of the language of music, not words. These songs are the benchmark of musical excellence for metal guitarists, bassist and drummers.

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1 Orion (Metallica)

A tough choice between this and The Call of Ktulu, but I like this song just a bit more. Both pieces are absolutely amazing. Incredible work by the great Cliff Burton. May his soul rest in piece. I would even go so far as to say it's the best song on the entire album if Master of Puppets wasn't on the album.

My favorite metal song.


Cliff Burton is the BEST!
This is the best instrumental metal/rock song of all time! No questions asked, no lies told, it's just the best one! - Kaustab

2 The Call of Ktulu (Metallica)

My favorite instrumental of all time. Suicide and redemption should not be on here though when you consider songs like musical death and hypnosis by testament, into the lungs of hell, dialectic chaos, and absolution by megadeth, and DEFINITELY pulling teeth.

Come On It is their Heaviest Instrumental and it has a creepy theme.

Don't get me wrong I love Orion, I just think The Call of Ktulu is better. RIP Cliff Burton - Kluuz

The screaming bass makes song perfect फिर me. It's like the screams of ktulu.

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3 Voice of the Soul (Death)

Hear.. Trust me you won, t regret for me it is better than orion.. But orion is still kick-ass song anyway - nooreldeen

If you think this song doesn't have any lyrics then you are listening to it wrong...

Orion is good but Voice Of The Soul is great

I don t know what people are talking about regarding the top songs.None are better or worse than the other.They all speak to you,whisper to you,scream to you and cry alongside you.A song is just like a book it's either bad or it s not,the rest only revolves around what you seek.But I digress.This song,this song is simply beautiful,i feel like death reached its zenith with this one.The soft acoustic and melodic electric guitar form a beauteous tandem.

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4 Black Star (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Some of the most amazing guitar playing that I have ever heard. Neo-classical guitar at its best. It just sounds dark and evil and just simply awesome. There is real emotion and incredible technicality in this song. Live version is even better.

5 To Live Is to Die (Metallica)
6 Musical Death (Testament)
7 Transylvania (Iron Maiden)
8 Stream of Consciousness (Dream Theater)

This is better than orion...

What the...? 8? really? whats wrong with you?

9 Suicide & Redemption (Metallica)

Very Underrated just because it's on Death Magnetic. I would place it at number 6. It's a beautiful song!


10 The Ultra-Violence (Death Angel)

Great pure aggressive thrash

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11 Eruption (Van Halen)
12 Frankenstein (Overkill)
13 Losfer Words (Big Orra) (Iron Maiden)
14 Dialogue With the Stars (In Flames)
15 Snowman (Rainbow)

This one is magical - as if it comes from a different world. - Metal_Treasure

16 The Dance of Eternity (Dream Theater)

Fun fact: this song has 108 time signature changes!

Simply kick ass song lisent to it man!

17 Genghis Khan (Iron Maiden)
18 Into the Lungs of Hell (Megadeth)

This is pretty underrated, - asdsees

19 Slania (folk medley) (Eluveitie)
20 From Red To Black (Caym)
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1. Black Star (Yngwie Malmsteen)
2. Voice of the Soul (Death)
3. From Red To Black (Caym)
1. Orion (Metallica)
2. Voice of the Soul (Death)
3. The Ultra-Violence (Death Angel)
1. Dialogue With the Stars (In Flames)
2. Transylvania (Iron Maiden)
3. Slania (folk medley) (Eluveitie)

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