Bullet for My Valentine

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Bullet for My Valentine are a Welsh metalcore/emo band from Bridgend, formed in 1998. The band is composed of Matthew Tuck (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Michael Paget (lead guitar, backing vocals), Michael Thomas (drums) and Jamie Mathias (bass guitar). Former members include Nick Crandle and Jason ...read more.


Bullet for my valentine is my favourite band... Bullet rules best guitar riffs, best vocal, best drumm parts and best albems all the time

Bullet for my Valentine is a great Band. I really like, how Bullet for my Valentine can sound often so calm and on the other side so aggressive (listen to 'Watching us die tonight' and 'No Way out'). Well... they have som great Albums but the worst one is Temper temper. In this Album there were litteraly almost no screams and many songs sound pretty much the same. But they did a really good Job with the latest Album Venom. Much screams and good solos can be heard in this album. I recommend this Band every Metalcore fan because they have a great sound, Can be heavy and calm at the same time and the solos are amazing.

Best metalcore band of all time... Every band member is talented!
I mean their songs has changed my life and made me a better person!
Matt's voice and solid riffs, Padget's insane solos, Jay's backing vocals and bass and moose's drumming! Everything is just perfect P.S. their meanings in each and every song it just makes me headbang everytime!
Bullet For My Valentine for life! M/

these guys are unbelievable!
every album is great and lets you moshpit even when you're alone!
the guitar is always great,
sometimes makes you headbang, but sometimes just calms you down, like in curses or say goodnight!

NO band can touch bullet for my valentine

I like all the metalcore bands, but bullet has a style, for which whenever I listen to there songs, it just keeps shaking in my head for a week. They have a quiet impressive vocals, and the selection of the best fry screaming I have ever seen, most impressive part is there consistency in every albums.

Bullet only needed to release The Poison to be named inside the top 5 on this list. Matt and Padge do brilliant stuff on guitar, creating mean solos and riffs, and making the hardest things seem easier. Jay is perfect on bass, and contributes to the screaming brilliantly, and them Moose tops everything off by being a brillaint drummer, who can do anything, and he ties it in with the guitars and bass to make Bullet the ultimate metalcore band.

Of course they're great. The teeny-bopping girls love Tuck the guys that swing that way love him and for those who go to Festivals to see a band mop the floor with almost every band preceding them, with poison, and fever, and temper, and venom, this band is where it's at.

I am really happy to see Bullet For My Valentine at a deserving position they are the king of metalcore bands... They are born to be the best band... Mathew tuck is amazing also the guitar and drums are awesome.. Really love this band please I have a request to Bullet For My Valentine that go for more tours so that the band can be famous in heavy metal also... Actually you desrve more than this!

Bullet For My Valentine have to be the best band in this list, most of the bands on this list are amazing but Bullet For My Valentine surpasses all of them, just look at their success in this industry,

- Best Live Band (2010)
- Best Single "Tears Don't Fall" (2006)
- Best British Band x5 (2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 x2
- Best British Newcomer x2 (2004, 2005)
- Headlined Kerrang! 's 25-year anniversary tour of the UK

Seriously they are outstanding!

They have produced 5 albums in 10 years! (As of 14/08/2015)

Every song is amazing and I love every song they have produced, which is a problem
With some bands because a lot of bands are inconsistent leaving many songs not like-able.

Bullet For My Valentine has to be the most consistent a band can get, also they are amazing live, which is another problem with a lot of bands (not being able to perform good live)
And I personally think that is a key ingredient in a band's success

I ...more

They are just awesome! They need no explanation... They just have 3 albums.. But have the finest songs and solos and vocal and everything! They are the best metalcore band according to me... And MATT TUCK is GOD

They are amazing, They combine heavy and thrash metal with metalcore. They such a great band, and the best metalcore band I ever heard. They are also one of my favourite Metal bands, all genres included. They are just amazing..

Best metalcore band I ever heard. Whoever don't know what metalcore genre is or don't like the genre, the just need to hear BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE once and thus will get the real taste of metalcore. Or else, just go to hell with your opinions.

What! This is THE BAND! There's the holy grail! No one can beat them. ALL is perfect, guitar riffs and solo, amazing drums, powerful bass! And... Ooh what a voice has Matthew! This is REALLY the best metalcore band of all!


How can Bullet not be one? They practically created modern metalcore. Matt Tuck is just amazing with both playing guitar (with some mean solo's), and then him singing and then some screaming as well. Jason James with more screaming is just amazing, and the Padge is just amazing, and then Moose with powerful fast drumbeats.

The best band ever.. The metallic vocals, the awesome screaming, the supreme guitar solos make them the best band in the genre.. As I Lay Dying is a close 2nd, but they're not better than BFMV..!

they will make you mad! every time I here them, my blood gets bubbled up! just listen to them and you definitely will feel the same! the are the best metalcore band BY FAR

Bullet For My Valentine best metalcore band ever.

Listen the Poison album. Tears Don't Fall, Hit the Floor, No Control, 4 Words to Choke Upon, The Poison, Seven Days and many more. - Nimbusman

This band's starting to slow down a bit, but nothing can compare to the impact they've made. still the heaviest on the market. nothing gets your blood boiling like some bullet for my valentine.

What can you say? THEY RULE! everytime I hear waking the demon I get goose bumps. Just everything together makes it so perfect to listen to. They have so many good songs!

Lots of haters, and lots of lovers. The bottom line, listen to tears don't fall or your betrayal and see if you like it. Metalcore in perfection.

awesome band! I love most of their songs, including Ashes of the Innocent, Waking the Demon, Hearts Burst into Fire, Alive, Scream Aim Fire, and many more..! - metal666slut

LOL -. - this should be number 1! Just Hear Your Betryal OR Tears Don, t Fall Or Waking The Demon or Hand Of BLood I, ll Never choose Another Band Forever!

They are the best metalcore band! No doubt! They are also my favorite band! I love their music, I never heard something more beautifull than one of their songs. Got awesome songs and they can be compared to great bands like Metallica, ozzy and others

Bullet For My Valentine is an awesome band! Matt Tuck's voice is so so epic.. best lead singer! They have great songs that no band can compare to. KEEP ROCKIN' YOU GUYS!