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341 Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate is incredible! Honestly, their screams are always perfect, recorded and live, and they aren't afraid to laugh either! Seriously, though, musically, they couldn't be much better! They create intense songs without using heavy breakdowns and metal crunches. The guitar work is incredible, and unlike most bands on this list, they use guitar solos, not just intense breakdowns. The drumming is great too, Robert's bass skills are great. And Craig Mabbitt... He has perfect clean vocals that match their music perfectly. And his high screams are perfectly pitched! Not many of the screamers on this list can create the shrill shrieks he can. And TJ Bell backing with lows blends perfectly. There's honestly nothing wrong with the music!

Escape The Fate is back in 2013 with AWESOME songs like Ungrateful, and Your Insane. Their sound has evolved so much since their lead singer Craig took over but in a good way. Check out Ungrateful. TJ Bell the former Motionless in white member is backing vocals and it sounds amazing!

BEST BAND EVER! They need to be top 10 at least. Catchy songs, great screams, AMAZING vocals and meaningful lyrics. This band has endless talent.

They should not be here they are a rock/metal band

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342 BlesstheFall

Blessthefall is coming ot with a new album soon called Hollow Bodies. The first single "You Wear A Crown, But Your No King" Shows these great musicians talents. They have a large fanbase and constantly have awesome live performances. Deserve to be in top 20 at least!

Whoa I clicked on this list really expecting to see them in the top 10 but 81?!?!?
I'm pretty certain most people who have heard of them know how great they are so I'm not going to rant on about how good they are but I will say they are amazing live, even better than Asking Alexandria!

They deserve more credit then what they receive, amazing band <3 not to mention they can perform great!

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343 The Agonist The Agonist The Agonist is a Canadian extreme metal band from Montreal, Quebec, formed in 2004. The current line up consists of guitarists Danny Marino and Pascal Jobin, bassist Chris Kells, drummer Simon Mckay, and vocalist Vicky Psarakis, who joined in March 2014 following the departure of vocalist and founding more.

This band is so awesome! They're vocalist is great because she can do intense screams and beautiful clean vocals. The guitar work is amazing and they have a kick ass drummer. - MetalFoREVer1228

Its more Deathcore than metalcore. Awesome band though!

Once I showed my friends "Panophobia", they didn't believe me that screamer and vocalist are the same person: "WHAT? THIS IS A GIRL? ", "HOLY SH-", "that voice". Well, I guess some stereotypes got broken on this day :D. - Flav

Is the great band from Canada..
And this band have a pretty vocal

344 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter

The other Bands are great, but this one is my favourite, and like 'RockRetard' says they are unique and have a good balance between scremaing, singing and just plain awesome songs.

Possibly the greatest metalcore band of all time. People tend to hate on them because of their Christianity and morals, but seriously, looking at their musical skill, they beat out bands like A7X, Bullet For My Valentine, and some bands on here aren't even metalcore! DH deserves to be in the top ten.

Most unique band that can combine singing, metal and screaming to awesome effect. - RockRetard

Why is Demon Hunter not higher on this list?

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345 Adept

I've been listening to Adept for a very long time now and their music is Amazing, they deserve a higher spot on this list. Songs like "Secrets", "Grow up, Peter pan" and "at least give me my dreams back, you negligent whore! " are just epic.

These guys are actually amazing and should be top 15!

346 Destruction of A King
347 Haste the Day

Oh come on! This band is great! I mean it is much better than some bands in the top 10. THIS BAND DESERVE TO BE IN THE TOP 10. Just listen to their song called "When Everything Falls" and you will fall in love with this band!

If you haven't heard of these guys, wow... I mean for shame! Just listen to the entire album "Dreamer" it is like your ears are having a major orgasm!

Sad to see some awesome bands this far down the list. - utahman1971

Original to the metal core game

348 For the Broken
349 Design the Skyline
350 Infant Annilator

Best band in the world! Should be #1 you know the lead singers vocals from anywhere

351 Underoath Underoath

This band get better with every album, they don't sound like all of the other bands out there and the mix is brilliant. They're meaningful and if you listen to their latest album, lost in the sound of seperation over a couple of times you'll find yourself completely hooked into their style

Easily the greatest band on this list. They created 2 almost deathcore albums early in their career and with lineup changes, made their way through their progression of slightly lighter old fashioned deathmetal all the way to their classic Indie Sounding classic Screamo sound that inspired countless other bands on this list. Plus creating the breakthrough album Define The Great Line. What a genius band!

Literally the greatest band ever. I'm not even religious and I still love their music. It's a shame that they're breaking up :/.

Another band that deserves more recognition. - utahman1971

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352 Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides Black Veil Brides is an American rock band currently consisting of Andy Biersack (vocals), Jinxx (guitar), Jake Pitts (guitar), Christian Coma (drums) and Ashley Purdy (bass), that formed in 2006 in Ohio. more.

At the moment they are definitely NOT metalcore, but if you consider their music back from 2007-2012... they should definitely be at leas in top 50!

THEY ARE NOT METALCORE! Jake Pitts is awesome, as is every other member, but they don't deserve to be on the metalcore list.

Possibly the best band ever

Black Veil Brides are my favorite band and in my opinion, should be in the top 10
I love them so much and think that they deserve to be with Asking Alexandria or at least Falling In Reverse

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