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61 Our Last Night

These dudes got signed to Epitaph at like 13 years old! Tremendous amount of talent they have been blessed with.

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62 Jamie's Elsewhere

Jamies Else where is one of the best even though they are not well know they are amazing they should be too 10

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63 Oh, Sleeper Oh, Sleeper Oh, Sleeper is an American Christian metalcore band from Fort Worth, Texas. Previously signed to Solid State Records they are currently operating independently.

These guys are amazing! It is really sad to know that they aren't as well know though. Even though everyone of their songs rock!

Meaningful lyrics, great singing as we as great drums/guitar/bass. They use their emotions and what bugs them and they channel it into their songs. Give them a listen. Hush Yael is an extremely good song.

This band is just sick that's all I have to say and that is one of my favorite bands ever

They should be way up in the list!

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64 Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping With Sirens Sleeping with Sirens is an American Rock band from Orlando Florida. The band formed in 2009. SWS lead singer is Kellin Quinn

They're unique, they have some electronic elements without sounding too dance-ish. Kellin has a high voice that's amazing, and all the band members are extremely talented. Plus, they're really awesome people and they can be complete goofballs. I'm obsessed with them!

Not really Metalcore at all, but still one of the best bands out there. They make amazing music and are one of my top 10 favorites. People should really check them out.

Metalcore was their old style, now they are completely post-hardcore, I like them either way though

Great band but not really metalcore.

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65 Sea of Treachery
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67 I Killed the Prom Queen

Alongside Parkway Drive, I Killed the Prom Queen are the best metalcore band to come out of Australia.

These guys at least deserve to be in the top 20. Their music is amazing and they're the first metalcore band I listened to.

Prom Queen deliver on all fronts. Parkway will always be renowned as the greatest Aussie metalcore band. However Prom Queen on a technical & diversity scale, prove to be clearly a better band. they maintain a heavy, intensity with unpredictable tempos between brutal power breaks & chaotic punk changes of pace. the vocals (s) have unique trend of blending within the music, emphasising individual sounds and becoming a percussion like hum. the chorus's are melodically superb, once again blending into the entire sound where so much metal can have a tendency to stack sounds on top of sounds, which can have an ugly tone overall. the guitars are sharp and once again diverse.
Prom queen reflect metalcore, deathcore, thrash, alternative, early punk, death, swedish goth & even a classical flavour that rushs with building momentum thought each song. prom queen never get old brava use there's so much intricacy to appreciate. ,

Beloved is so good

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68 Shai Hulud
69 Arcite
70 Architects

This is a fantastic METALCORE band. Slipknot, Pierce the Veil, Falling in Reverse and Sleeping with Sirens are NOT metalcore.
Anyways, Architects definitely deserve to be much further up the list, not only because they are actually metalcore, but because of interesting use of time signatures combined with complex guitar parts that do more than 0-0-0 make them stand out from many of those that are ranked higher. Also, Sam Carter's meaningful lyrics and soulful vocals cannot just be overlooked...

Absolutely absurd for Architects to be this low. They should be in the top five without any doubt. I personally would place them in the number one spot, but that's primarily because of my personal preference. Subjectivity aside, they are some of the most talented musicians anywhere on this list, and Sam Carter's lyrical abilities are second only to those of Keith Buckley from ETID.

76? Are you kidding? Architects is one of the most talented bands making music right now. It's beyond my understanding why they're below some of these bands.

This one should be In top 10

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71 Oceans Ate Alaska

Their debut album is technically brilliant and quite mature considering the average age of the band members. Chris Turner is also the best drummer I have ever witnessed in any genre of music and from any era. Really weird to say that but I personally have not seen anyone better than him. These guys are the future of metalcore. If you were disappointed with the new direction Bring Me the Horizon took, fret not because Oceans Ate Alaska are here to pick up the slack.

The only reason they aren't top 10 is because of how new they are, because this band blows all the others away: jaw dropping drumming, innovative guitar work, and some seriously vicious screams. Check them out if you haven't already

One of the most technically skilled album I've ever heard. Lost Isles will go down as one of the defining. They push the genre boundary. You could even label them Mathcore since they have the oddest time changes. Their album is the reason I lift so damn hard in the gym

Not really metalcore, maybe more Deathcore like Suicide Silence and Chelsea Grin. Excellent band though!

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72 Between The Buried And Me Between The Buried And Me Between the Buried and Me is an American progressive metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Formed in 2000, the band consists of Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr.

These guys are amazing. Every instrument is on point, nice growling and clean vocals. Insane technical skill, and they can pull it all off live. They also incorporate many different genres into the metal, and it leaves me in awe how smoothly they can transition in between them.

Jesus Christ. This list has made me lose faith in humanity. A bunch of third-string wranglers from a terrible metalcore subgenre, that its fans mistake for metalcore itself, taking space away from good bands like BtBaM. And why are they so far down anyway? I thought they had actual popularity.

Not Metalcore anymore or have been for a while, but they destroy 99% of the bands below, and still did back when they had a metalcore sound

This the band should be #1 - Derrick_Fox

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73 War of Ages

They are great! They should be higher position

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74 Fit for a King

This band should be WAY higher on this list

Unique and downright amazing! Should def be in the top 10

def top 10

Everything about this band is so honest and aggressive. Yes, it's just breakdown insanity, but it's pulled off in a way where it's too catchy to resist and the clean choruses were made for singing to.

Recommended tracks: Hollow king, destruction, slave to nothing, the final thoughts of a dying man, pissed off.

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75 Enter Shikari

The first metalcore band I've ever herd, like them a lot, great innovating style, huge masterpieces, my favourite song is Sssnakepit, love it

More of a Post-Hardcore band than a Metalcore band, but still utterly amazing...

I <3 Enter Shikari but they aren't metalcore laugh out loud

76 Falling In Reverse Falling In Reverse Falling in Reverse is an American post hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2008, signed to Epitaph Records.

Radke is an ass. they don't even sing about anything good. like tragic magic? That's a joke. get off this list. 70 is too high for them.

Great Band
People should listen to the actual music and hear Ronnie's talent- not judge his band's music by what he may or may have not done

Ronnie Radke's the king of the music scene. His self written lyrics along with the talents of Jacky Vincent on the guitar make you wanna check to see if your still breathing.
The band would be nothing without drummer Ryan Seman, rythym guitar Derek Jones, and base shredder Ronnie Ficarro. Together they bring the heat and are an amazing band.
Many haters make false accusations about the band so if you hear a rumor confirm it before you look stpid.

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77 Attila Attila Attila is an American metalcore band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in 2005. Frontman Chris Fronzak started the band in high school and, not wanting to use typical death metal terms, adopted the name from Attila the Hun, which he came across in a book.

These guys may not have the best lyricism, but they're fun to listen to and the music itself is (for me at least) very pleasing to the ear. Their breakdowns are awesome! Plus they're crazy live! Definitely in my top 3 favourite bands, metalcore or otherwise

Guys, This band may be ruling in deathcore, but when it comes to metalcore with other bands, they don't get that far

Attila belong in the top 10!

Definitely a top 10 band

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78 Demon Hunter Demon Hunter

The other Bands are great, but this one is my favourite, and like 'RockRetard' says they are unique and have a good balance between scremaing, singing and just plain awesome songs.

Possibly the greatest metalcore band of all time. People tend to hate on them because of their Christianity and morals, but seriously, looking at their musical skill, they beat out bands like A7X, Bullet For My Valentine, and some bands on here aren't even metalcore! DH deserves to be in the top ten.

Most unique band that can combine singing, metal and screaming to awesome effect. - RockRetard

Why is Demon Hunter not higher on this list?

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79 Darkest Hour Darkest Hour Darkest Hour is an American melodic death metal band from Washington, D.C., formed in 1995. Though failing to break early in their career, the band has received acclaim for their albums Undoing Ruin, Deliver Us, and The Eternal Return.

Darkest Hour aren't just thrash and in your face but also can play beautiful acoustically. Songs such as Pathos show the incredible dexterity or the guitarists as they intertwine their melodies to make beautiful music. Darkest Hour's a very talented and underrated band, their best songs are Demon (s) and Convalescence. Demon (s) has absolutely amazing guitar riffs and brutal shredding which makes you want to madly headbang and has a ridiculously catchy chorus. Either way, Darkest Hour will always have a place in my heart for introducing me to metalcore.

These guys need to be at least 50 spots higher than this. They are pretty much responsible for over half of the metalcore bands' influences today, not to mention capturing the perfect harmony of thrash metal, death metal and hardcore. Terribly, terribly underrated.

These guys deserve so much more popularity, such an amazing band.

It's a shame to all of the people who are voting here to put Darkest Hour in such a low spot. It seems most people don't know them. It makes it good for me because I like to listen to more underground stuff, but it is a shame to those excellent musicians, who they really are. For me they are #1 on this list close to Killswitch. For me they even made the best song on earth veritas aequitas...
If you have never listened to them get this song put it on your mp3 player and listen to it in a situation you are alone and not disturbed and then you get a first impression of them and then move on to the stuff where they are singing. Darkest Hour is one of the greatest bands I know. It is special kind of music, but it is Metalcore as it best, maybe it is just too much Metalcore for some here...
But that's another story.

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