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121 In This Moment

Maria Brink is amazing!

Marie Brink is amazing and sexy as hell

Easily one of the best Metalcore bands out there. Maria Brink's voice is easily one of the best in the genre, and the guitarwork is amazing. - roarktenjouin

119... What the hell?

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122 Axewound

Technically they are metalcore leaning more towards groove metal with a touch of thrash by far not my favorite but had to add them since it is matt tucks side project from Bullet For My Valentine I still think its cool to see all these bands coming together

Technically metalcore not my favorite but thought it was cool yhat matt tuck from Bullet For My Valentine and liam cormier from Cancer Bats where collaborating if you haven't heard them yet check out my favorite song Destroy or Exorchrist

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123 Capture the Crown

Because they have a unique blend of vocal, techno n breakdowns

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124 Tasters

They're an awesome band from Italy! They worked hard on their latest album and it's amazing!

125 Hopes Die Last

This is what I call "great post-hardcore" If you don't know them, please try them out. You won't be disappointed.

126 Protest The Hero

Great band out of Ontario, Canada. Can almost hit the same notes as Freddie Mercury, and growl with the best of them. Amazing talent across the board with these guys!

So these guys are Metalcore? I love them, but I have no idea what genre they belong to. 'Volition' is a pleasure though, no question.

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127 Catherine
128 Emmure Emmure Emmure is an American metalcore band formed in 2003. Originally based in New Fairfield, Connecticut, but now residing in Queens, New York, the group has a total of seven releases, with their first public release being a 2006 EP entitled The Complete Guide to Needlework.

They were amazing in Ireland at the Mosh pit tour

129 Upon This Dawning

Their gonna be huge I liked their first album but maybe top 50 not top 10 but a good band not 127th on this list

Their 2014 album is the best metal album I've heard in over 3 years.

This band definitely should be on the list.

130 Mudvayne Mudvayne Mudvayne was an American heavy metal band from Peoria, Illinois formed in 1996. Originally from Bloomington, Illinois, they are known for their sonic experimentation, innovative album art, face and body paint, masks and uniforms.

Yes, excellent band that were ahead of their time.

131 Chimaira Chimaira Chimaira was an American heavy metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 1998, the group was a notable member of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal scene.
132 Stigmata

Best metalcore band form Russia.

133 Alesana

Good band

134 Eskimo Callboy

Definitely a great band, that many people are unaware. Listen to them, they are great!

This band is Way to unknown

135 Make Them Suffer
136 More Than a Thousand

Just check out their last album, Volume IV: Make Friends and Enemies (2010). They're better than most from the top 10.

137 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

Just listen to the song Restart its like a perfect blend of ADTR and Four Year Strong.

138 Sleeping Giant
139 Myka, Relocate
140 This or the Apocalypse
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