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161 This Runs Through
162 Elitist Elitist
163 Silent Civilian
164 Skies of December
165 The Afterimage
166 Integrity V 1 Comment
167 Hogan's Heroes
168 ERRA

Please give these guys a listen. They are one of the most complete bands I've ever heard, and deserve far more recognition than they've gotten. In just two albums they absolutely shattered my conception of what I considered a good band to be. These guys are the future of the genre. Check out "White Noise", "The Architect", "Alpha Seed", "Dreamwalkers", "Hybrid Earth", "Rebirth", "Warrior", and "Lights City".

They are gonna get big. They are 322th now, just to know for you who see them in top 10 in the future - this is how they started. - Mixer

My favorite Metalcore band. It is truly amazing and deserves more than what they have.

Yep, so many of these bands are way down there that should be higher. - utahman1971

169 Butcher Babies
170 Slapshock
171 Devil You Know

Howard Jones's new band, I was blown away by their sound.

So underrated

172 Crossfaith V 2 Comments
173 Times of Grace

I don't know if Adam D's and J, Leech's masterpiece is up here, but it's Metalcore at its very best. 10/10 listening.

174 Coldrain

Love this band.

175 Vanna

Finally, a screaming vocalist in which every word can be deciphered. I love this band to no end. They swapped their line-up for the better, each member bringing something incredible to the table. Joel's smooth vocals, Sean's rolling basslines, and don't let me forget about the drums. Vanna is onto something truly special, with their latest album "All Hell" already making its way onto billboard charts. - Dorito

In my opinion, Vanna has the grittiest metalcore sound and sounds like no other band.

176 Slayer Slayer more.
177 Deception of a Ghost
178 Make Me Famous
179 My Eyes Never Shut
180 Fear From the Hate
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