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Trivium is an American Heavy Metal band from Orlando, Florida, formed in 1999. Their frontman, Matt Heafy, lead guitarist Corey Beaulieu and Bassist Paulo Gregoletto are the band's most consistent members and have appeared in every album since. more.


Trivium is metalcore, thrash metal and heavy metal - trivium - combined. They are sometimes melodic, sometimes heavy, and all the time they are complex. I'm glad to see Trivium above A7X at least, and surprised to see Bullet For My Valentine above it. Honorable mentions are: Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains. But TRIVIUM will always remain the best metalcore band ever! - DesL42

This band is by FAR the best. In fact, I'd hardly call them entirely metalcore. More like straight up metal. Many of their songs have thrash metal and even melodic death metal elements. But, nonetheless, they make truly amazing MUSIC, and that's what really matters. Their guitarists are absolutely incredible. Matt heavy has a powerful voice. Their album Shogun is one of my favorite metal albums ever, and I loved their straight up thrash metal on the Crusade. They're like a modern version of Metallica mixed with Iron Maiden. This metal band will go down in history for their raw talent. Trivium rules! m/

Even though metalcore is one of my least favorite sub genres of metal, Trivium stands out as an amazing metal band in general, not just metalcore. Asking Alexandria would be a close second and Killswitch Engage is a close third, but Trivium tops them.

Trivium third? Should be first. Their albums have every range of metalcore you'd ever need. Shogun is a work of art. Ascendancy is a scream-along album. Same with In Waves. The Crusade, I'll admit isn't the greatest, but there are good songs on it like Ognition, Detonation, Tread The Floods, Contempt Breeds Contamination. And Vengance Falls is a album where you can sing along and really shows us Matt's amazing singing voice.

Trivium are one of the bands out there that are making proper music and writing stuff from the heart and soul... Unlike bands like Bring Me The Horizon. Why are they on this list.

They keep getting better and better. They started out as an amazing metalcore band, but are constantly evolving into something much more than a specific genre. They are just pure METAL!

All of these bands are great, and I think that some bands might have potentially better songs than Trivium. But I choose these guys because a lot of bands have really good songs whereas the rest of their songs aren't that strong. Trivium doesn't have a single dull song (that I've heard, and I've heard quite a bit)

This Band deserves to be top 5 on this list. I'm so glad to finally see them here. Ascendancy is such an underrated piece of art. Metal will not get any better then Trivium. Simply one of the most talented band and song writers to stay around this decade.

Trivium are simply amazing, every album I own from them is just brilliant from beginning to end. The heavy riffs and powerful drumming just carry every song so perfectly, and in my opinion Heafy has one of the best growls I've heard (and I've heard plenty), but also his clean vocals are just as amazing.
I am glad to see them up this end of the list, as there are many other great metalcore bands here

Obliviously the best metalcore band of ever! Bullet For My Valentine's songs are nothing compared to "Ascendancy" or "Like Light to Flies"!

Master of puppets was my favorite song for last 20 years of my life until I have listened Pull harder recently. At last there is one more group playing good metal.

What the hell? This should be on the top. No other band in this list comes even close to it. Nobody sings like this. Perfect mix of harsh and soothing vocals. And guitars? Do I really need to tell everyone that they play pure art? Well, go ahead, listen to the album "Shogun". If you don't like it, just wank off...

Best band ever. As I Lay Dying is a close second, but this band has an amazing way of making their songs grow on you with each listen. Complex and amazing. The best weight lifting music ever created.

Trivium was my introduction to the metal genre as a whole. As my taste evolved my like for them never degenerated as it did with Avenged Sevenfold, Killswitch Engaged, and All That Remains.

Awesome! I love them! Especially matt heafy... Their songs sound perfect... And represent heavy metal... VOTE FOR TRIVIUM!

Trivium should definitely rank higher. There's hardly any metalcore band that has reached their level of sophistication, originality and maturity.

All of these bands are great but none can gain an ascendancy to the level of Trivium! They are forever the metalcore Shoguns!

Matt Heafy may have the best metal voice in a generation. He can scream and growl with the best and still sing clean without sounding like a punk singer joined a metal band.

Trivium introduced me to metalcore and it's probably the best metalcore band out there. If you don't believe me just listen to Rain from Ascendancy it's metalcore classic.

No band that's as creative as trivium, killer vocals amazing screams and growls from corey and matt and then great cleans from matt and paolo creative guitar riffs and solos they put their influences in metalcore band ever the best thing about them is that they aren't generic

best metalcore band ever... they have brought me into the metal genre and do it better than any other band.

Probably best metal band in my opinion, and severely slaughters the rest of the bands here, because for some reason I hate metalcore, but I love Trivium.

Ascendancy and Shogun are just all-time classics of that Metalcore/thrash style. No band on this list did a better album than Ascendancy in my opinion.

The band that make me fall in love with metal music for first time. I hear their song like light to the flies on the sims2 game. thanks trivium

Seriously...i don't like metalcore...but only I listen to Trivium...because they are the best metalcore band in earth!

Great band, one of my favorites, matt heafy is a great singer, and the bassist's backing vocal is so cool. One of the best modern bands..