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41 68 - Haste the Day
42 I Won't See You Tonight - Avenged Sevenfold
43 Ex's and Oh's - Atreyu
44 Crucify Me - Bring Me the Horizon
45 Cleansation - Chimaira
46 A Prophecy - Asking Alexandria

Listen to the lyrics carefully, they're meaningful as hell! From the powerful intro to the brutal breakdown at the end, this song is a metal core enthusiast's dream! AA is the best metalcore band ever, vote this number 1 and check them out!

How is this not higher on the list? This song is iconic and not to mention; one of the most beautiful metalcore song ever!

Best Metalcore song, at least in the top 10! what why so low. Such a powerful song

Should be at least on top 10 what happened

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47 Scream Aim Fire - Bullet for My Valentine

Best metalcore band by far I love this song its great

To me, this song is more like thrash than metalcore

Best METALCORE band by far.

Ome on this one shouldbe number1! Very awesome screams and epic vocals!

48 Ravenous - Atreyu
49 Father of Lies - Whitechapel

Why is this here when possession or I, dementia should be in it's place?

50 The Flame - Chimaira

my brother showed me this song and I can't get enough of it - sudburyboy13

51 Shadow Moses - Bring Me the Horizon
52 Chelsea Smile - Bring Me the Horizons
53 Gravedigger - Architects
54 Johnny's Rebellion - Crown the Empire
55 Snake Eyes - Sworn In
56 Demons with Ryu - Emmure
57 Closure - Asking Alexandria

This song is purely amazing - Jado1234

58 After Lifeless Years - Sylosis
59 Daddy's Falling Angel - In This Moment
60 Suffocating Sight - Trivium
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